What to Wear to a Bar

Knowing how to dress for a bar with confidence is an essential skill. You might want to check ahead for a dress code if you’re going to a club or lounge bar, or keeping it casual down the pub. Whatever you decide, the options are almost limitless. For that reason, we’ve put together a handy style guide to give you some easy and fashionable ideas. 

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What to Wear to a Bar for Men

It definitely depends on the season, if you’re deep in winter you’re going to want to wrap up warm for the walk but make sure the layers are easy to take off once you get inside. Try throwing on a scarf and thick coat before you get there and then wear a simple shirt.

How to Dress at a Bar

When at a bar there’s no issue with looking smart. A polo or well-fitted T-shirt are definitely easy options to look good without too much effort. However, popping to a bar is often an after work event. If you’re heading out after a day in the office you should ditch the tie and undo your top button.

Although it’s a good idea to wear darker colours as the lighting will compliment your look. Wearing a black suit to a bar is a bit too much so try a blue or navy suit instead. Don’t forget to top everything off with a good pair of formal shoes.

what to wear to a bar men
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Men’s Bar Attire

Gone are the days when jeans weren’t allowed in bars. And if you’re worried about your outfit being too casual, go for a classic pair of black jeans. Putting together a smart-casual outfit that could easily work for the office as well as a bar is actually pretty simple. Team up your black jeans with a blue mandarin collar shirt and a classic pair of penny loafers. Pop over a mac and you’re good to go.

smart casual bar outfit men
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What to Wear to a Lounge Bar

When it comes to casual scenarios it’s all about comfort and effortless looks. A leather jacket, skinny light wash jeans and a pair of crisp white trainers will never fail in that department. Whether you choose to wear a T-shirt or a jumper underneath your jacket, your outfit will be spot on no matter what.

what to wear to a bar casual men outfit
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Night Out Outfit Ideas

The night out doesn’t need to take a lot of planning, it’s quite simple for men. If you’re worried you should think ahead and buy a couple of shirts to prepare. It all depends on where you’re going and if you think a shirt would be best, keep it simple and understated. Dark colours work well and look for something that that fits. This doesn’t just have to be a slim fitted shirt but just something that suits your shape.

All nights out are different, if you know where you’re going to be it’s easier to get a few ideas in your head beforehand. Try and dress for the night, if you’re going for a few drinks and maybe heading to a club after, wear something smart but comfortable.

Classic Oxford shirts and T-shirts are the ideal choice for a night out. Add a pair of jeans and you’re in for a versatile and effective combo. Take a look at a few options below to get some inspiration.


Best Bar Outfits

The best bar outfits are the ones that look effortless. There’s no need for you to have a specific set of men’s going out clothes, try mixing more casual items with something smarter to spruce up your going out attire. Trainers in the club are ideal if you’re out all night. When thinking about if trainers would work for you, it all depends on the club and how smart you’d need to be.

Below we’ve put together a few examples of shoes styles you can play around with. When it comes to casual night out outfits, we couldn’t possibly leave trainers out. You could opt for the smart all white Garment Project leather trainers, something more colourful or a simple pair of black Vans that work well with most outfits. However, if you need to be a bit more dressed more dressed up we recommend loafers, boots, or formal shoes.

white trainers detail men
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Men’s Bar Shirts

Avoid the dreaded ‘going out shirt’, the shirt you put on because you feel you have to. It doesn’t look good and you could look a lot smarter in a decent tee than an old beat up shirt you’ve worn every Saturday for the last few weeks. Here’s a selection of go-to bar shirts that will serve you well.


What to Wear to a Bar

  • Plan ahead and have a couple of outfits ready for the night.
  • Smart casual can mean trainers, a pair of crisp white leather trainers is perfect.
  • Try out some colour in your look and avoid all black in a bar.
  • Oxford shirts look great in any bar or club.
what to wear to a bar men
PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | Rob Crawford

On That Note

When thinking about what to wear out to a bar,  you want to strike a balance between casual and smart. No matter what the dress code or occasion, you can always find something that suits you. If you want something smarter an Oxford shirt is a go-to option. In the winter you’re going to want accessories that keep you warm, just make sure you’ve got something decent on underneath when the coat comes off. Whether it’s a lounge bar or a club, you won’t be running out of going out clothes ideas any time soon.