What to Wear on New Years Eve


Where has the year gone? The good news is you’ve made it and it’s now time to celebrate in style, literally. You need to enter the New Year as you mean to go on, and that’s looking good and feeling good. To help you figure out what you should wear to get you ready for the new year, here’s our handy little guide.

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New Years eve can be quite a divisive night. You’re either the sort of person that likes to go all out and celebrate in full or you see it as an over-hyped night that can never quite live up to the expectations. Whatever your stand point on the subject, you’re gonna want to look your best, even if you don’t see the point in it. So, whatever you end up doing, you can see the New Year in style.

Black Tie

If you’re off to a dinner and drinks situation in a fancy place then the dress code is more than likely to be fairly formal. You won’t be able to rock up in jeans and a shirt, so you may as well go all out and put on your best dress suit. Black and grey are classic favourites – keep the shirt colour simple with no pattern and a basic white or black, and make sure your shoes match. Sometimes the first thing people notice are your shoes, so you need to get them right. Black is a safe option and will make every outfit look smart. If you do go for a navy suit, black’s okay, but a brown colour will smooth the tones and work well.

All black is always a good option


If you’re heading to your local for a night of singalongs, drinks and the big countdown, it’s all about a smart-casual outfit. You don’t have to go all out for the pub (unless you want to of course), so keep things fairly casual. To get the best mix of smart casual, it’s best to go for some penny loafers, black jeans, and an Oxford shirt. The shirt adds the evening touch and the jeans keep it pub appropriate. If loafers aren’t your thing then a pair of brogues or Dr Martens will work well.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to wear such a formal shirt because your pub’s a little on the more casual side of things, an overshirt can be its replacement. Corduroy has been a big fabric this season and and it’s sure to be even better next year. So get yourself a corduroy overshirt to wear over a simple T-shirt and jeans. If your pub allows trainers, go for a white, clean pair. If not, a simple pair of formal shoes will do the trick.

The Idle Man have a great selection of corduroy overshirts


For those of you set up for a 10pm – 6am rave, it’s all about keeping it casual and comfortable because you’re in it for the long haul. You need to make sure your outfit will go from day to morning. Go for a printed sweater and bomber or denim jacket for the journey there, layered over a plain crew neck tee. For the bottom half, opt for black jeans in your preferred fitting and some ankle supporting trainers. To make things a bit more exciting, a logo sweater or patterned overshirt will complete the rave outfit.

Don’t be affraid to wear some pattern

House Party

House parties on New Years Eve are probably some of the most fun. You can crash whereever and you don’t have to worry about not getting a cab home (most of the time). So depending how messy you’re expecting the party to get, you may not want to wear your best clobber for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort though. Go for a checked shirt, some dark rinse jeans and a pair of trainers or boots with a bomber over the top of it all. This will bring a smart but slightly alternative look to your outfit – great for party situations.

A blue flannel shirt and jeans are an easy casual look

Staying In

Many people see New Years Eve as a great opportunity to spend time with the family. Now, although you’ll be sitting in, it’s still good to make effort – it is still a celebration after all. For this, we’d suggest going for some crisp mid-wash jeans, a plain crew neck T-Shirt and a nice bit of knitwear over the top. As you’ll be at home, there’s no need to put proper shoes on so put on some comfy socks and dance around the living room to Auld Lang Syne.

mens red jumper shirt glasses trousers
A comfy jumper and shirt is always ideal

What to Wear on New Years Eve

  • If you’re going to a fancy place, dress up smart and enjoy it. Black tie events or a formal party, make sure your shoes match your suit.
  • For the pub or a house party, keep it casual. An overshirt or a shirt and jumper combination will work well.
  • A New Years rave will need to be planned down to a tee, so make sure your outfit will be comfortable for the entire night.
  • If a cosy night in with family and friends is on the cards, a festive jumper and jeans will be the ultimate casual attire.
Smart everyday coat, jeans and shirt
Smart everyday coat, jeans and shirt

On That Note

Staying in or heading out, either way you should enter the New Year in style. It’s going to be cold, so wherever you are, make sure to wrap up warm with all the best layers. If you have the layering technique nailed, all you need to do now is grab a beer and enjoy the New Year celebrations.


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Where has the year gone? The good news is you’ve made it and it’s now time to celebrate in style, literally. You need to...
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