How to Wear Prints This Winter

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Prints can be a massive part of your winter wardrobe, and whether you’re looking for subtle outfits or more extravagant styles, there are various ways to pull off the classic look.

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Printed and patterned clothing doesn’t automatically have to equate to ghastly 80s Hawaiian shirts, or even reindeer patterned jumpers for Christmas. There are subtle ones that can be brought into any man’s wardrobe for the winter months. So ditch the reindeer jumper for something a little more stylish and classic to wear this season.


A checked shirt is a must have in a winter wardrobe, with its subtle print introducing colour to your look and instantly elevating a dull outfit. Good colours for the winter are reds, greens, dark blues and mustard yellows. Finding shirts like this will be so easy to pair with jeans, chinos, a denim jacket or a parka and is great for layering up for warmer looks.

You can easily grab a flattering checked shirt, opting for a bright statement colour, or a more versatile muted colour, and incorporate this into a number of looks. Try wearing it buttoned up with a jumper or jacket, or hung loosely over a white T-shirt if it is not too cold outside.

This is great for casual looks, and they’re so many ways to pull off a basic checked shirt that you’re never constricted to just one outfit. However, just throwing on a checked shirt, a pair of jeans and some sturdy lace-up boots is a fail-safe outfit.

You don’t have to stick to casual outfits though, and you can easily pull off a smart casual, office appropriate look with a subtle checked shirt. It’s best to stick to a dark toned shirt in order to keep things subtle and versatile, and you can keep things rooted in a smart casual look by pairing it with a pair of navy or black slim fit jeans. The jeans will keep things fairly laid back and not clash with the casual look of the shirt, but the dark colour will add some formal definition.

Checked shirt street style


Knitted Jumpers

Firstly, stay away from the cheesy Christmas-themed knitted jumpers, and if you really wish to wear one, only bring it out on Christmas Day. Having said that, winter patterns can be a nice addition to your wardrobe, and as long as they feature an intricate pattern rather than a row of snowmen, they’re great at giving a simple outfit a colourful boost.

The great thing about these jumpers is they can actually be dressed up or down. There’s a good range of patterned knitted sweatshirts that can go great with a plain shirt paired underneath, creating a simple, clean look. You can complement the colours in the jumper with a muted pair of jeans, or try a neater look with a pair of slim fit chinos.

The key really is to tone down the vibrancy of a patterned jumper with the rest of your outfit, sticking to plain block colours to keep things balanced.

knitted jumper street style



If checked shirts seem a little too lumberjack heavy, and a patterned jumper is just too much like a Christmas jumper, you can always keep things simple with stripes. It’s best to work with just two colours, with something like navy and white working well as complementary colours. If you go for a darker mix of colours, such as black and white, or black and grey, you can create simple, minimalist outfits by mixing up different shapes and neutral colours.

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The print that comes and goes and is constantly being re-invented in various ways. Originally just an army staple, the camo print is something that’s now a big part of everyday fashion, and can easily be mixed into a winter wardrobe. You can wear camo in various ways, from printed chinos to hoodies, to less obvious bags, but a good camo jacket is one of those pieces that can really help to create a striking, yet balanced outfit.

If you’re working something like a camo jacket into your wardrobe, try to keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple. You don’t want too many patterns working against each other, so something like a white or black T-shirt paired with some plain jeans and combat boots will work perfectly.

camo street style
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How to Wear Prints This Winter

  • Something as simple as a checked shirt can be matched up with a variety of looks, from casual jeans and T-shirt combos. Go for one in a darker colour to keep it versatile, and if you feel it’s still too bright, tone it down with neutral coloured pieces like black jeans or a navy coat.
  • To avoid a winter jumper looking too much like a Christmas one, avoid too many heavy patterns and stick to simple, striking designs in around three or four colours. This ensures it isn’t too overloaded with a mix of colours.
  • If you’re unsure about checks or prints you can go for the more versatile, simplistic stripes, which can be worked into a number of clothing pieces.
mens street style tyler the creator blue printed shirt white t shirt green cap
Loud prints, oversized shirts and hats all play a vital part in Tyler the Creator’s look

On That Note

Prints don’t have to be awkward, Christmas themed, colour clashing pieces that don’t go with anything, and if you do them right they can actually be a great part of your winter wardrobe. Checked shirts, printed jumpers and striped tops can easily be worked into a number of outfits, from smart casual numbers to laid back, everyday looks. If you want to keep things simple, opt for more muted colours and keep the rest of your clothing plain, letting the prints be the main feature of the look.


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Prints can be a massive part of your winter wardrobe, and whether you’re looking for subtle outfits or more extravagant styles, there are various...
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