The Quiet Coolness of Olive Green

No man’s wardrobe should be without a touch of olive green, and by a ‘touch’ we mean a whole lot of olive green. Within the last few seasons, the muted colour has quickly rose to being a solidified staple in contemporary and effortless style. Read our style guide below on how to pull off olive green on these warm Summer days, and how to transition into night.

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Olive green is a fairly easy colour to embed into your everyday wardrobe. It’s not too loud and not too quiet – hence making it new the staple of contemporary dress. The cool tonal element of olive green allows it to be paired with navy’s, blacks and whites without looking out of sync.

Olive Green Trouser Outfits

Olive Chinos

Understanding Colour Theory is key when it comes to pairing olive green with other colours, shades, and tones. Sounds scary, but really it’s just knowing what cool and warm tones to pair it with. Always start with a base, this is where the olive green chinos come in. As far as men’s olive pants go, the olive chinos are definitely up there with some of the most stylish and easy to wear staple. Fortunately, green chinos for men aren’t very bright. In fact, they’re more of a khaki colour than they are a bright lime green. So, this darker shade of green makes them a lot easier to combine with other colours.

What to Wear with Green Pants

The increase in popularity for men’s contemporary fashion is the simple re-imagination of workwear inspired by Japan and Scandinavia.  A pair of men’s green pants look great when teamed with some old school plimsolls, think Novesta’s or Van’s, and a casual breezy cotton or linen t-shirt. Less is more when it comes to this look, and you kind of want that when it comes to dressing for these warm days. Olive green is a great way to bring some extra detail to your outfit without making it too loud – people will know you care, but in an effortless way that doesn’t need to try too hard (but make sure your sock game isn’t slacking).

Olive green trousers paired with light socks, then a lighter shade of shoe is the goal.


What to Wear with Olive Green Shorts for Men

Out of all the olive green clothes your could wear, shorts are probably going to be the one you may be apprehensive about. Following on from the principles with the olive green trouser, with the shorts it’s more about the fit. A word of advice would be to tend to go for the looser fit cargo-look short – just above the knee length is the ideal fit when it comes to the casualness of the olive green short.

If you’re feeling brave, go for a military-inspired camouflage print but then strip back the rest of your pieces to premium basics. White tends to go best with a strong print, and even better when it’s in shades of olive green. With the transition into nightfall, simple layering will compliment your outfit and not throw it out of sync. A light cool-toned shirt on top of your t-shirt is normally best, but if you want to look more laid-back then a oversized jersey sweater or hoodie in a similar colour palette will have you looking like you know your stuff.

Take notes of the mixture of textures, tones, and balance.


What to Wear with a Green Shirt

When wearing a green shirt, it’s a good idea to try and keep the rest of your outfit pretty neutral and light, especially when you’re going for a more casual vibe. This allows the green of your shirt to do all the talking, and also means that your outfit doesn’t become overpowered with lots of different green colours. When you do wear an olive green shirt, and want to wear a similar coloured pair of trousers or shorts, break up the look by wearing a white T-shirt underneath. Keep the shirt open and casual, as it usually looks better and will compliment each other.

Outfits with Green Shirts On Colder Days

Try wearing an olive green over shirt with a pair of cream or white chinos. Layer your look with a T-shirt and cuff your chinos to get a great casual summer outfit. Finish the look off with a pair of white high top trainers like Converse All Stars.

The white trainers will match the colour of your chinos and contrast nicely with the dark green shirt. The best thing about this outfit is that it’s extremely versatile. You could wear this to the pub, a house party or just down the shops.

Denim and workwear related pieces work best with olive green.


What Colours go With Green Trousers?

Colour combinations are extremely important when it comes to wearing more contemporary shades like olive green. As green isn’t a primary colour it is generally slightly trickier to combine with outfits that involve bits of colour. However, as long as you take the time and effort to get it right, it’s not that hard. For instance, keeping your outfit monochrome and dark is an easy way to style green. Blacks, dark navy’s and white are good colours to pair with your green ensemble. Don’t just think you have to stick to bright shades, you can opt for cooler shades of olive green and grey’s on cooler days.

Mix it up with lighter contemporary shades.

On That Note

Wearing olive green doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. The darker tone means you can wear this colour with a whole number of smart and casual outfits. Although you have to be careful with trend pieces, they are great for staying stylish, even if it is only for one season. We prefer the cool contemporary look with mixing up palettes, tones, shapes, and textures.



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No man’s wardrobe should be without a touch of olive green, and by a ‘touch’ we mean a whole lot of olive green. Within...
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