Why A Navy Jumper Will Keep You In The Style Stakes


As the winter winds its way in, the need for a good selection of jumpers becomes more important. Often a forgotten about wardrobe staple, the navy jumper isn’t as boring as it can sometimes appear. This is why we are here, to show you some of the best ways to pull off the humble navy jumper. 

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So, first things first, what kind of navy jumper do you want? Seems like a stupid question right? And the most obvious answer is ‘one that’s navy’, but different factors like the neckline, material and texture can make a difference to how your jumper looks. We’re not saying that the wrong neckline can completely ruin your outfit, but it’s worth keeping little things like this in mind before you invest in a piece. After all, you want to look stylish.

There aren’t many outfits that a navy jumper can’t be worked into. You’re working with a versatile colour and a range of fits, meaning you can easily change things up depending on what vibe you want to go for. Casual looks can easily be achieved with simple necklines and chunkier knits. Whereas formal outfits can work well with slimmer fitted jumper made from soft, thin materials. There’s a variety of outfits and looks you can go for, created with just one navy jumper, but if you’re not great at experimenting, even the simplest outfit will work if you’ve got the right knitwear. Here’s how we would style it.

The Navy Crew Neck Jumper

The crew neck jumper, along with the V-neck, is one of the most common necklines you can get, and it’s mainly because it’s so flattering. There’s not really anyone who doesn’t look good wearing this simple style, and you can easily work it into both casual or formal outfits. So let’s start with a simple formal look. Generally, if you want to go for a sleek, clean look it’s best to stick to a jumper that’s got minimal texture and is fairly slim fit. Big chunky knits are great but they tend to give off a more laid back, comfortable vibe, which isn’t always great for a smart look.

You don’t have to go over the top with your outfit, as a simple white shirt layered underneath your crew neck can be enough to create a sleek, smart look that’s ideal for the office. A navy cashmere jumper would work perfectly in this outfit, helping maintain that trim, tailored look. One to thing to remember with an outfit like this, is that you will instantly look like you’re back at school if you have your shirt collar untucked. No one wants to look like they’re on their way to geography class, so keep the collar of your shirt comfortably underneath your jumper.

A navy jumper over a shirt gives a good formal look

A shirt and jumper combination doesn’t always have to equal formality. We mentioned how texture can play a big part in an outfit, and taking a good heavy knit jumper and pulling it over a simple shirt can create a clean, yet casual look. The chunkiness of the style doesn’t appear as formal so you can easily pull this off on a day to day casual basis. The good thing about navy is its ability to complement so many other colours. Despite its dark shade, it can work well with a range of lighter tones as well as darker ones. Pairing your jumper with something light and casual, like a pair of beige chinos, can help to balance out the somewhat muted colour and give it a more laid back overall look.

It’s easy to work in a few different pieces to help change up the general vibe of the outfit and complement the navy jumper. You could match a white or blue shirt with the navy jumper to create a smart casual look, or just throw on a T-shirt underneath to keep things more relaxed. It’s a fairly adaptable look so you can really change it up to suit you.

The Navy V-neck Jumper

Some people can be a little wary of V-neck jumpers, and V-neck tops in general, and that’s usually because sometimes the V can get a little extreme. You really don’t want anything that’s going to show off too much of your collarbone, or really any of it if you can help it. If you’re showing off your chest hair, then you need to stop. And ASAP. You want something that’s going to give some shape to your body, not put everything on show. Still, a good navy blue V-neck jumper (or navy polo neck jumper as they’re sometimes called) can work well in a lot of different outfits. It might not be as practical as a crew neck, but it can give a more stylised look.

You can create a pretty conventional look with a classic V-neck jumper, pairing it with a simple white shirt, blazer and chinos. Match it with some brogues or leather penny loafers for a traditional, formal look, or play around with the vibe by wearing some plain white trainers instead. It’s not always easy to fit something so traditionally formal into a casual look. V-neck jumpers stem back to school uniform days, and even if you didn’t have to wear the dreaded pull ons, you’ve definitely seen your share of other people wearing them.

A navy V-neck can be worn with jeans for a casual look

So, another question on V-necks, how can you fit something so smart-casual into an everyday outfit? Well, the easiest option is to keep things simple and relaxed. Yes, you may think loose fits work best for casual looks, but if you’re working the structured shape of a V-neck then you need to keep it fairly fitted and slim, otherwise it’s just going to appear out of place.

It’s better to keep things sleek and slim fit, so matching your jumper with dark coloured jeans or chinos, making sure they’re either in a slim or skinny fit is the best idea. A leather jacket will give a casual boost to an outfit, but as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes you should throw on a fairly fitted one so it draws the look together. Keep your shoes simple and your accessories clean and striking, helping to create a look that’s both classic and stylish. With this look, you can easily wear it to Sunday lunch or even Saturday night at the pub.

The Navy Roll Neck Jumper

Roll neck jumpers are having a moment and it’s safe to say, here at The Idle Man we’re big fans. However, the roll neck isn’t always everyone’s favourite. A bit like Marmite, some love them and some don’t. But never the less, we’ve got a lot of love for the humble roll neck, and even though it’s made some mistakes in the past, it’s also been able to create a range of varied, stylish outfits. So, before you reject this style, saying it’s for other people or that it just wouldn’t suit you, let’s look over some of the ways you can wear a navy one in a few different looks.

If we’re going for a smart look, the classic mix of a roll neck and a blazer is something that’s always going to work. The blend of the V neckline of the blazer and the high neck of the roll neck sweater creates a clean balance that keeps things looking neat and tailored. The reason that this combination doesn’t always work is really down to the sometimes striking colour combinations people use. Anything too eye-catching is going to bring you back to the bad side of 70s fashion, and that’s something that should be avoided at all cost. Going for a classic, subdued mix of colours like a navy and grey, or navy and black will still show off the clean lines while not overdoing it on the colours. Finish off with some matching slim fit chinos and formal shoes like brogues or leather loafers.

A navy roll neck can be a casual alternative to the crew neck

If you really can’t stand the blazer and roll neck combination, or you just want something a little more casual, then they’re other ways you can wear the design. A fail-safe way to create a more casual look is to keep things less streamlined, so that means getting heavier with your knits and going for a chunkier finish. A navy cable knit jumper can work surprisingly well as a roll neck, and because of its thicker design you don’t have to layer it up as much to keep warm.

A combination that’s a basic and classic option, it’s easy to style. Simply pair your navy roll neck with a slim fit pair of jeans and finish off with some sturdy boots and a jacket of your choice. Most jackets will work well with the slim shape of the jumper, so you can go for anything from a standard black leather jacket to a lighter looking denim shearling one. The overall look will be a simplistic one, but with the introduction of more casual elements like the jacket and jeans as well as the heavier knit of the jumper, there won’t be any risk of you looking too formal.

How to Wear a Navy Jumper

  • A thicker, chunky knit jumper will easily go with more casual outfits, especially if it has a little texture to it, while a slimmer fit jumper in a sleeker material like cashmere will work in formal outfits.
  • Navy crew neck jumpers have a complementary shape and classic colour so can be mixed with a wide range of outfits, from a simple shirt and chinos combination to a jeans and a T-shirt look.
  • V-neck jumpers have a more stylised look than crew necks. For a casual outfit, it’s best to keep a clean balance of smart and relaxed pieces.
  • Pair a navy roll neck jumper with a similar coloured blazer for a sleek, slim line look or merge it into a more simple, casual look with some jeans and boots.
The navy jumper can go with an array of pieces and outfits
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On That Note

Navy is one of those colours that’s often seen as boring and not worth putting much effort into. But a good navy blue jumper can actually be one of the more versatile pieces in your wardrobe and can give you a lighter, toned down look than a black one. Whether you’re working with a classic crew neck, or a winter ready roll neck, a navy jumper can be teamed with so many more outfits than you’d think.


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As the winter winds its way in, the need for a good selection of jumpers becomes more important. Often a forgotten about wardrobe staple,...
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