How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

how to wear jordans with jeans

In little over thirty years Nike Air Jordan have transformed from specialised basketball shoes to an indispensable fashion staple. Named after the icon Michael Jordan the shoe has a rich history and importance, and in this simple yet extensive guide, we’ll detail how to pair these legendary kicks with simple jeans.

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How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

It can be hard to know what jeans to wear with Jordans, especially if you’re trying to showcase your kicks while complementing your figure. basketball shoes and jeans are a classic combination, but, with the shoes distinctive shape, it can hard to know exactly what jeans to work with. Luckily, depending on your style, you can fit your kicks with a range of fits to complement your shape and size.

Keep your Jeans Slim

Whilst baggy trousers may have worked for MC Hammer, straight cut or slim jeans will work better for you, creating the perfect balance between the foot and the leg. The answer to how to wear Jordans with skinny jeans is to keep things sleek, but not too binding. Any jeans that are too tight can create a strong contrast that doesn’t help to complement the Jordans.

Make Your Jordans the Centrepiece

Jordans are probably going to be the most expensive item in your outfit. With that being the case, don’t be afraid to show them off. That’s kinda what they are about. Go crazy and choose bright colours, odd designs and patterns. They key is to keep the rest of the outfit low-key, which not only ensures that you strike the right palette balance, but that the Jordans remain the focus of everyone’s attention.

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Colour Co-ordinate

As the last point demonstrated, Jordans are known for their variety of off-kilter colour patterns. However, the numerous colour options on offer does make colour coordination a little tricky at times. To keep things clean, avoid pieces that are the same colour as your Jordans and instead opt for simple, versatile colours.

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Outfits to Wear With Jordans

Ok now that you have your chosen Jordans and your ideal pair of jeans, all you need to do now is know how to style them. Style, like most fashion, is a matter of preference. Jordans are some of the best basketball shoes to wear with jeans but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy with styling them.

Best Jordans to Wear With Jeans

Air Jordans 1 with Jeans

The one that started everything off. Not only did the first incarnation of the Jordan brand go on to inspire Nike to develop their immensely popular Air brand, but it also proved to be the inspiration for the design of Marty McFly’s shoes in the 1989 film, Back to the Future II.

The reason the Air Jordan 1 is still so popular to this day is due to its classic look, nostalgic twist and its compatibility with a great number of jeans. Whether you go for the classic colour way of bred or an evolved, modern one, Air Jordans with jeans is always a look that works perfectly, regardless of your style.

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Air Jordans III with Jeans

These were the Jordan’s that turned the brand from regular sports shoes to desirable fashion items. The III introduced a number of firsts to the Jordan brand; from being the first to place the Jumpman logo on the tongue to being the first mid-top basketball shoe, this model really does prove that sometimes, three really is the magic number.

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Air Jordans XI with Jeans

The XI was not just another great addition to the Jordan range, but more importantly, for many the XI was, and is still considered, THE definitive Jordan shoe. Little surprise that Sole Collector magazine voted these Jordans, the greatest trainers of all time.

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Who’s Doing it Well

If Jordan’s mainstream popularity wasn’t enough, the shoes are a known favourite for many of the world’s A-listers. Justin Timberlake, Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg, to name a few, have all been spotted with a pair of Jumpmen, so for a bit of style inspiration, we’ve chosen three of the most prominent Jordan fans and deconstructed their style.

Kanye West

Yeezus is probably the most well-known lover of Jordans, and styles his kicks in a range of ways, from red-carpet looks to high street vibes. Despite some questionable looks with leather trousers, Kayne can keep things on the simpler side with some distressed denim and versatile tees when working with his Jordans.

Kanye west in jordans
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Drake is another Hip-Hop megastar who is a fan of the Jordan shoe. The Canadian rapper is often seen court-side rocking a pair of the famous basketball kicks, as well as other Jordan branded clothing. Drake usually teams his Jordans with sportier outfits for more casual looks, and to accentuate the relaxed yet sleek look of the trainers.

Drake wearing Jordans
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Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart is not just famed for his quick wit but also, his impeccable style. The funny man is one of the few fashion conscious comics on the circuit and it’s no surprise that he’s often seen rocking the latest trends.

Hart is not afraid to experiment. As we can see, the American uses his Jordans as a means of adding a splash of colour to his outfits. Not only that but the considerable heel on Jordans give the diminutive performer an increased sense of height, which is handy for all you similarly shorter guys.

kevin hart wearing jordans


Brief History of Jordans

Named after 6 time NBA championship winner and basketball hall-of-famer, Michael Jordan, the brand has always been under pressure to live up to the greatness of the man himself. Despite this, Jordan’s durability and popularity has kept it a footwear legacy that permeates to this day.

Having sold over 100 million units, the brand can now sit comfortably alongside the likes of Chuck Taylor and Vans as an icon of footwear. Much of the Jumpman’s success can be attributed to mastermind designer, Tinker Hatfield, who throughout the years has taken style inspiration from cars, fighter jets and even wild animals.

How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

  • No matter what Jordans you pick remember to keep your jeans slim, and avoid any baggy styles.
  • Use your Jordans to create a clean splash of colour to your outfit.
  • Keep your Jordans the centre of attention.
  • Jordans are a streetwear shoe, so finish it off with pieces like bomber or leather jackets to keep things casual.
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On That Note

We’ve reached the fourth quarter which signals the end of the match. Hopefully this guide has given you a better idea of how Jordans should sit with your jeans, ultimately giving you the ability to look flawless every time you decide to rock these legendary kicks.


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