How to Wear The Idle Man Jeans


Jeans are a men’s wardrobe staple and after introducing The Idle Man’s very own new range of slim fit jeans, it’s finally time for a quick style guide on how to wear them. Read on to find out how to get the best out of our stretch denim jeans. 

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The Idle Man Men’s Slim Fit Jeans

The most difficult thing about buying clothes online is getting the size right, but with The Idle Man jeans you won’t have to worry about that. Each pair has been specifically created with that concern in mind and that’s why they fit to your true size, even when purchasing online. This slim fit silhouette is the most versatile style of them all as it’s accessible to any body type, especially those of you men with larger thighs. As the jeans get narrower at the bottom, they’ll keep you looking sharp and structured so you can wear them in many situations.

Made from stretch denim fabric, The Idle Man jeans feature a slim thigh design that are a longer rise and tapered to the hem. This means that your slim fit jeans are the perfect balance of the skinny and straight shapes and are great for smart and casual outfits alike. The best style of jeans are those that fit the contours of your body well, so a slim fit design can show off the shape of your legs as well as the pieces you pair them with.

The Idle Man Black Slim Fit Jeans

The Idle Man denim jeans come in both blue and black variations but if you’re after a pair that can transition into a casual evening style, then black is a good option to go for. You want to keep things casual with a sophisticated touch, so wear your black slim fit jeans with a light wash denim jacket and a pair of brogues or trainers, depending on how formal or casual you want to go. This look is really a combination of both smart and casual looks as the shoes you choose will allow you to put any twist on the whole look. Black jeans are also so easy to style due to the colour not clashing with anything you already own, so investing in a pair of Idle Man Black Slim Fit’s will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The Idle Man Blue Slim Fit Jeans

When it comes to blue, The Idle Man clothing options offer more of a casual style so you can wear these for every casual appearance you make. The light wash blue has that urban 90s look that works well when dressed with other denim pieces. You can either go full on and do blue on blue denim, or if you want something more subtle, mix your blue with a black denim jacket. It may sound obvious, but denim really does go with an array of pieces, so dressing the slim fit style shouldn’t be a problem.

the idle man black slim fit jeans denim jacket and brogues for men
Men’s black slim fit jeans


Rinse/Raw Slim Fit Jeans

This look is an absolute classic in men’s fashion. The nature of the rinse/raw hem jeans may make them feel thick and stiff, not like some stretch denim fabric that’s on offer, but this just means you’ll need to wear them in a bit more. Raw denim jeans give an authentic vibe to any outfit without you having to try too hard to achieve it. Therefore the raw denim works with all sorts of looks from leather jackets and coach jackets, to trainers or even a pair of Dr Martens. This casual, urban style of jean allows you to experiment with styles like the mod look or even the rocker look which became popular in the 1960s. So whatever your style, you’ll be able to pair your Idle Man slim fit jeans with something that you already own.

Stone Wash Slim Fit Jeans

Stonewash jeans make a great alternative to darker shades of jeans, especially when you’re after something that fits a casual dress code. The Idle Man stonewash jeans have that tapered fit that keep the legs looking slim but not too skinny. They also have a slight stretch in the fabric which allows for movement and ease when wearing them. You can complete the stonewash jean look with a pair of trainers as the style is so casual and relaxed. However, if you want to smarten them up, you can go for a pair of Chelsea boots and white shirt. This mixes smart and casual and is perfect for a summer evening in the pub.

Men’s Slim Fit Jeans with Raw Hem

Men’s raw hem denim is one of the centrepieces of our spring/summer 18 collection. The unfinished, raw hem is a good way to give a classic pair of jeans a bit more personality. Wear them with a lightweight coach jacket and white denim jacket to really layer up the look (especially good for winter) like we have in The Idle Man lookbook. With a pair of complementary plimsolls you’ll have a look that is both suitable for the day and evening.

the idle man raw hem slim fit jeans for men with black jacket and white shirt
The Idle Man raw hem jeans are a style must-have

The Idle Man Dad Fit Jeans

Dad fit jeans have come into fashion once again and The Idle Man are going for the ultimate 90s look with this cut. Still having that slim fit, the Dad jeans are slightly bulkier around the bottom of the leg. A tapered hem, button fly and stretch fabric adds to the design of this style and creates the looseness and ease of how these sit on the body. The longer rise works well in both black and blue so you are able to chose the preference that suits you best. The Idle Man denim can be styled with other Idle products so you can create a whole new, stylish look without having to break the bank.

The Idle Man Straight Fit Jeans

A straight cut is very similar to the slim fitting versions we’ve been talking about. The main difference is that the straight cut has slightly more room at the bottom as, like it says in the name, the cut is straight so there’s less tapering around the body. It still however does have a slim design, so the area around your thighs is kept narrow and in line with the tapered hem. Straight leg jeans for men are better suited to guys that have bigger legs, so if you’ve been working hard on leg day these are the jeans you should try and go for. Pair the straight cut with a fairly fitted top, either one of The Idle Man’s embroidered T-shirts or a shirt for your evening attire. These pieces will finish off the look in a stylish yet simple way.

Straight cut jeans are a great alternative to any skinny jeans for men as you look more manly and masculine when you’re not squeezing into a pair of jeans that look like they’re going to cut off the circulation around your body. Therefore a good pair of slim jeans for men allows for movement, especially when The Idle Man offers a stretch fabric in all of the jeans we produce.

How To Wear The Idle Man Jeans

  • The Idle Man’s slim fit jeans have a sleek and carefully thought about design so choosing ones that’ll fit you perfectly has become an easy task.
  • Our favourite pairs of jeans are offered in both blue and black, you can therefore chose the one that works best for you. Or go for both!
  • Design elements like a raw hem or stonewash effect make The Idle Man jeans different from your standard pair, so you can therefore easily add some personality to your look.
  • Dad fit or a straight cut will create some variation when it comes to your jeans. Whatever your style, The Idle Man will have a pair to suit you and how you dress.
Dressing up your dad jeans is easy and stylish

On That Note

So, there you have it, the best jeans for men. These are, of course, only a few of our simple styling suggestions to get you started in the world of denim. So, feel free to experiment with your jeans and wardrobe choices and mix up your shoe options to vary the formality of the look. You can create just about any look with a good pair of jeans as, after all, slim fit jeans go with just about anything. There’s very little room for mistakes!


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Jeans are a men’s wardrobe staple and after introducing The Idle Man’s very own new range of slim fit jeans, it’s finally time for...
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