What To Wear To A House Party

what to wear to a party

Ever had the question ‘What should I wear for a house party?’ enter your mind? We can help. Of course not all house parties have the same vibe or theme. Some can be rowdier than others, and some can be downright fancy. We like to make your weekends as stress-free as possible, so here are some of our house party outfit ideas to suit a range of occasions. 

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What to Wear to a House Party

They’re a few different types of house parties and obviously a whole load of ways you can dress for each one. No party is ever the same, so why should your outfits be? If you’re wondering what to wear to house parties in the summer or any season really, or just looking for party wear ideas for men, we’ve got you covered. 

Wild House Party

Sorry if that heading made you cringe, but this is really just a section for the standard house parties. The ones that are supposed to just be small gatherings, but inevitably grow into crazed parties where you’re one step away from setting up a slide from your roof to your paddling pool. Those ones. And those ones require clothing that looks good, but is easy to run around in. Throwing on some black jeans, a relaxed black jacket and some brown shoes, to alleviate a little of the dark tone, will create an easy, stylish look.

house party outfit


Summer BBQ

The BBQ – it’s an obsession for some, a chore for others, and a well-established part of summer. If you’re wondering what to wear to an outdoor party in the summer, you’ll need an outfit that will protect you from the sun, keep you cool and fits in with the whole ‘men’s party attire’ vibe. Keep the fit and the layering as simple as possible, opting for something like a button up shirt in a check design, paired with some jeans and lightweight boots. It’s a casual party outfit that’s perfect for keeping you cool and ready to enjoy some slightly burnt food.

summer bbq


Winter BBQ

What should you wear to a party in the winter? Obviously, a coat is necessary, but how are you supposed to look like you’re actually at a party rather than just hanging out, cold, in someone’s garden? Something like a colourful camo jacket can really give a basic outfit a statement push, ensuring you can dress up in some basic warm weather gear without looking dull.

winter party outfit


Dinner Party

Unless you’re forced to wear a full suit for work, there aren’t a lot of occasions where you can wear one around the house. A dinner party is kind of the perfect time to slip one on, and whether you’re a host or a guest, men’s party attire doesn’t really get better than a good suit. If you want to go for a classic look, a house party shirt that’s great for a whole load of looks would be a timeless white dress shirt paired with a sleek black suit. 

formal dinner party



For a party like this, you want to be wearing something that you can get into a club or bar wearing, while not feeling too restricted in someone’s living room. A good outfit to wear to a party is something simple, but with a statement piece to give it a boost. A sturdy leather jacket always looks good, and to be honest you could pair one with a whole load of pieces. However, a graphic tee, black jeans, and some sleek boots will give you an alternative edge while remaining versatile and flattering.

leather jacket look men


What to Wear to a House Party

There’s no perfect outfit for a party, but you can easily cater your look to suit the general vibe of the event. Casual party outfits should focus on fit and comfort, garden events can be catered towards showing off your outerwear, and more formal events can be complemented with a classic suit.

On That Note

So, hopefully, this has helped anyone who’s been wondering what shoes to wear to a house party, or if a statement jacket is too much for a BBQ, or any of the small details that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but seem to be a big deal on a Friday night.

The best party wears for men involve clothes that are comfortable, simple and that, in short terms, you feel good in. So basically, keep things simple, don’t overlayer, stay comfortable and keep any jewellery or watches that might fly into people’s faces or get broken to a minimum.


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Ever had the question ‘What should I wear for a house party?’ enter your mind? We can help. Of course not all house parties have the...
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