How to Wear Dr. Martens

Dr Martens First and Forever

Boots are an everyday essential and are a must for the modern man, but do you want to try a style that’s more individual and unique? Here at Idle HQ, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide on how to wear Dr. Martens.

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So you’ve made the purchase of one of the coolest boots on the market, Dr. Martens, but now you’re thinking how to wear them? Have no fear, we’re here to help. Whatever your style, whether punk, casual or sleek, you can pull off a Dr. Martens with these simple styling tricks.

How to Wear Dr. Martens

What to Wear with the Dr. Martens Boot

Most obviously, the Dr. Martens boot is designed for the workforce. However, recently workwear inspired dressing has become one of the most prevalent trends in menswear. So whether you’re in a boot wearing profession or not, there are some simple, and acceptable, ways to achieve the look regardless. Wearing khaki trousers and/or a bomber jacket gives off an instant military edge, while loose fitting blue denim jeans will add a cool laid-back vibe to your look. We suggest turning up your hems to show off the full boot in all its glory.

Top tip: Matching your jacket to your boot colour is a stylish way to tie your whole look together.

black Dr Martens Boot out fit grid
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What to Wear with the Dr. Martens Creeper

The creeper is the ultimate kick back and relax shoe, while maintaining a sartorially exciting edge. Stick with the chilled theme and pair your Dr. Marten creepers with loose fitting trousers, and an open shirt with a T-Shirt underneath, for the ultimate British workwear-inspired look.

Top tip: Try rocking a leather jacket instead of a shirt, to add a more rugged aspect to your outfit.

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What to Wear with the Dr. Martens Brogue

Brogues give just the right mix of smart and casual. Team your Dr. Marten brogues with some slim fitting chinos or a pair of dark skinny jeans. A short sleeved shirt and tie will smarten up your outfit – perfect for the professional workplace. Or maybe it’s a swanky bar you’re heading to? In this case, stick with the shirt and jeans, but this time lose the tie. Undo a couple of buttons for a more relaxed but sophisticated evening look.

Top  Tip: These look super stylish when paired with an all black outfit and teamed with Wayfarer Ray-ban’s

dr martens brogue combo
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What to Wear with the Dr. Martens Dress Shoe

The Dr. Martens dress shoe is perfect for any formal occasion, from an interview to a wedding, to a night out on the town. Dress shoes can usually only mean one thing – a suit, or some variation of it.

Wear your dress shoes with a slick jacket, trouser, tux, tie or of course a bow tie if you’re after something a bit quirky and unique (like your Dr. Martens). If a full suit isn’t your thing, don a suave jacket with a pair of slim fitting cigarette trousers. Classic colours such as black, navy, brown or grey are the safest, more traditional choices.

Top Tip: Try a deep burgundy suit or jacket for a more contemporary feel.

Dr Martens Dress Shoe outft grid
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How to Wear Coloured Dr. Martens

Let your coloured Dr. Martens be the focus point of your outfit. Make them stand out by wearing them with neural colours. You can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

Top Tip: For a more eccentric look, and to be ultra stylish, wear printed Dr. Martens instead – clashing ones work best. Why not try the classic spots and stripes combo?

Coloured Dr Martens grid
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Dr. Martens Sizing Guide

Wondering if your Dr. Martens are the right size for you? When you’re paying for a decent pair of boots, and spending time making sure they are the perfect style for you, the last thing you want to do is to get the size wrong. This will lead to an uncomfortable fit, and the inevitable will happen – they’ll be thrown back into the dark depths of your wardrobe never to be seen again.

Regardless of whether you’re buying a Dr. Martens shoe or boot, you should aim to try them on in the afternoon. This is because feet tend to swell up throughout the day and you need to get the fit correct so they fit your foot’s largest form.

Your Dr. Martens should feel snug, but not too tight. There should always be room for one finger to fit behind the heel, and it’s often nice to have a little wiggle room for your toes, just make sure there’s not too much. Typically, most men’s feet are slightly different in size, so always remember to try on both boots.

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How to Take Care of Your Dr. Martens

Looking at the amount of serious hard graft that goes into creating Dr. Marten shoes, you’d think taking care of your new boots would be a bit of an effort, but don’t worry lads, caring for your Dr. Martens is fairly easy and fuss free, and done right, they’ll last for years to come.

What You Need to Do:

  • First off, if you have any dirt or stains on your Dr. Martens, try to remove these with a damp cloth and leave them to dry.
  • Get yourself some leather care product, such as Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, and apply a small amount to the leather in an even layer, preferably using a sponge. Also, don’t forget to work the product into the seams.
  • Leave the leather care product to absorb into your Dr. Martens for around five minutes.
  • Finally, remove any excess product with a cloth, and you’re done!

This procedure should ideally be carried out every three months. However, if your shoes or boots become very dirty, wet or soiled, you should aim to clean them as soon as possible.

It is best to place the Dr. Martens on newspaper or a towel when cleaning, to avoid any damage to surfaces, and you should always allow your Dr. Martens to dry naturally as to not damage the leather.

Dr. Martens are notorious for being hand crafted and for being of excellent quality. Of course, descending from a work boot, they are naturally strong and durable – perfect for every season. Dr. Martens were originally made to be resilient to substances such as oil, fat and petrol, so worry about spillages no more.

Tough but never compromising on comfort. That’s who we were – that’s who we are.

– Dr. Martens Official.

How to Wear Dr. Martens

  • Find the right style for you. Think about what you usually wear and which style you will get the most from.
  • Keep them polished. Even if you’re going for the vintage look, a bit of shoe polish doesn’t go a miss to amp up an outfit.

On That Note

Here at The Idle Man, we believe that fashion is everything. Yes, Dr. Martens are a strong, sturdy, durable boot, but as we’ve proven in this guide, that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t make a fashion statement.

Without a doubt, without music, Dr. Martens would’ve remained a work boot. So if you’re into your music, no matter the genre, and you are an avid festival goer, try out a pair of infamous Dr. Martens.

We admit, their mass popularity may have been at times inconsistent, but one thing will always stay the same – Dr. Marten wearers are free spirits, they are authentic, and most of all, they are proud of their roots and of who they are.


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