How to Wear a Coat over a Suit

men coat over suit

It might seem simple but wearing the wrong coat over a suit can ruin your whole look. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this guide on how to wear a coat over a suit.

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How to Wear a Coat over a Suit

It’s hardly an age old question but it’s one that some men do find it difficult to answer. When you get it right hardly anyone will notice, get it wrong and you’ll be regretting it all day. The wrong type of coat over a suit can undo all your hard work buying and styling a new suit. The best outfits will be complimented by a smart coat. If you’re going to be wearing a tie, it’s a great opportunity to inject some colour into your outfit.

The outfit below shows how easy it is to put a coat on top of your suit and look effortlessly good. Adding a scarf or some gloves are a simple way to compliment your look. The Idle Man long overcoat below is a perfect addition to a smarter look and doesn’t take up too much room.

mens coats over suits
Men’s Overcoat


What Kind of Coat to Wear Over a Suit

Thinking about what sort of coat you’re going to wear all depends on the suit that’s underneath. Let’s take a look at some of the suits that you could consider. As with any kind of outfit, it will work best if it fits well. If you end up walking around with a baggy coat that doesn’t suit you, you won’t look good.

Try out a few different men’s coat styles and see what works best on you. You should also chat with friends that have decent coats to see what sort of fit or brand they’ve got on. If you’re particularly confident and you see someone on the street wearing something you love, ask them where they got it from. Everybody loves a compliment. Different coats will look better on certain suits and some colour combinations should be avoided.


Remember if you’re just getting one coat to put on top of your suits you should think about whether it will go with the outfits you’re going to be wearing over the winter. Darker colours are always better here. They’ll match a lot of your suits and can wear them casually. Check out the outfit below to get a good idea of how a suit can work well with a navy coat.

duffle coat over suit men
PHOTO CREDIT: He Spoke Style


Coats to Wear with Suits

Men’s smart coats are everywhere but it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. It can depend on the kind of outfit you’re wearing. If you’re going to be heading into work during the winter you’re going to want a business coat. Some coats are easily added to any outfit. If you’re going for something that’s a little harder to style make sure the suit you have that goes with it beforehand or you might end up with a coat stuck in your cupboard that you can’t wear with anything.

vito camel coat men streetstyle
Men’s Formal Coats


Trench Coat over a Suit

The Trench is a classic of Men’s fashion. It looks great in a smarter outfit and compliments most builds. If you can’t find a trench coat that suits you, there are a few more options available. A classic colour is beige but the coat doesn’t have to be as dull as beige’s reputation.

smart casual men trench coat


Pea Coat over a Suit

Ideal office and weekend attire, the Peacoat will go well with both your casual and tailored outfits. The Peacoat is a jacket with a long history. Originally worn by sailors, the double breasted design is perfect for keeping out the cold.

Once made of harsh wool it’s now a lot more comfortable on your skin. The standard Peacoat fits slightly above the waist and well around your shoulders. The double breasted design can compliment bigger builds.

peacoat over suit men street-style


Double Breasted Overcoat

It can be referred to as a suit coat. The classic double breasted overcoat has to be the pea coat. Double breasted coats work well on big builds and often slim you down if that’s what you want. They’re broader design also means they can look very impressive when worn properly

A classic double breasted overcoat has to be the trench coat. Another coat with a long history in Britain. The history of the Trenchcoat dates back to the 1850s with a design from Burberry being put forward for the British Army in 1901. There’s no denying it’s a classic look and today you can pick up Trench coats in a range of colours. There’s a reason why this style’s been donned by men for over a century and it’s because it simply looks good.

over coat over a suit men


We all want a coat that compliments us and a Trench is definitely one of these. It’s also ideal in the winter for keeping warm. They’re often a lot longer that your standard coat which is perfect for chilly days when the wind feels like it’s piercing through your clothes.

Jackets to Wear Over a Suit

What jackets work best over a suit? There are quite a few options available. You’re often limited because of the size of the suit jacket. It means you can’t always put on the jacket you might like when you wear it with a T-Shirt because it simply won’t fit over your shoulders when you’ve got a suit jacket on.

You might be considering a bomber jacket, this could only work if you take the jacket off first. If you’re looking for something you can wear with a shirt if gives you a few more options when thinking about what kind of jacket you can get.

Take a look at some of the jackets below. They would work well in a smart suit look. Dickies have a well-fitted black jacket that is perfect with a shirt and tie as much as it is on top of a T-Shirt and skinny jeans. Alpha Industries make iconic bombers and their black bomber is complimented by their classic red tag on the arm.


Overcoat Vs Pea Coat

It all depends on the kind of look you’re trying to create. Overcoats are great on almost everything and can make a lot of outfits look instantly smarter. Both coats need to be well fitted to make the most out of their design. A striking overcoat colour has to be grey. It’s a design that is timeless and can be worn on top of so many outfits. On a suit it only makes you look even smarter.

Thinking about the kind of fabric used, wool is perfect for overcoats. It also looks very impressive when you wear an overcoat with almost everything. It doesn’t have to be one or the other as both coats have their upsides but if you’re only going to get either a Peacoat or an Overcoat then it depends on what you’re going to wear it with. Overcoats will go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe but Pea coats although slightly harder to match are also incredibly easy to work into your look.


How to Wear a Coat Over a Suit

  • Fit: Find a coat that fits you well and will sit comfortably over the suit jacket.
  • Style: Check out a few styles before you decide to buy a coat.
  • Peacoat: This coat’s double-breasted design works well with a suit.
  • Colours: Consider buying something in a darker shade as it will match your clothes more easily.
  • Trenchcoat:  This looks great on top of a suit. They come in a range of thickness and styles that can work with any build or outfit.
  • Casual Jackets: For a smart casual look, try out a bomber or a Harrington jacket.
how to wear a coat over a suit for men
PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | Rob Crawford

On That Note

Wearing a suit is a daily occurrence for a lot of men, so you’re going to want to pair it with a coat that looks good. Whatever coat you decide on will need to suit you and your outfit. If you’re not feeling too confident and want a coat that’ll go with near enough every coloured suit, go for a darker colour like navy, black or dark grey. Some guys may find it difficult to make a decision about a coat but it shouldn’t be tough. Remember you can always look for style advice in the real world. If one of your colleagues has a coat you like or you see someone looking good don’t be embarrassed about where they got their coat from. It’s all about learning from your mistakes and getting the right look in the end.


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It might seem simple but wearing the wrong coat over a suit can ruin your whole look. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this...
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