The Idle Man Talks Style with Bobby Hicks aka This Fellow

It’s difficult not to love, Bobby Hicks‘ blog. Since it’s not a victim of the usual blogging labels, it’s gained a growing following over the last few years as he blogs about anything and everything he likes. A seemingly genuine guy, Bobby’s blog brings back the old school element of blogging centered around content and interests, while at the same time showcasing his own personal style.

His ability to wear any kind of style – formal, American or heritage – is always lined with a rugged edge and This Fellow has shown that style isn’t necessarily always about following trends. We grabbed five minutes with him to find out more his wardrobe essentials, shopping on a budget and more.

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I could never live without my…

Coach products. I’m not really big on high-end, expensive fashion clothing and accessories, but every single product that I have of theirs has returned more than the dollar spent. Luggage, Jackets, shoes, etc.

You can’t go wrong with wearing…

Slim-leg Jeans, a simple white V-neck and Chuck Taylor’s. It’s easily my favorite day-to-day look, and it has a classic aesthetic that can easily modify to become dressed up or down even more.


The biggest fashion faux-pas men make are…

Too many pieces worn at one time. I’ve been guilty of this, too! But it takes time and reserve to wear an outfit of minimal dressing and make it look good. You don’t need suspenders, arm garters, a loud tie with a crazy knot, tie bars, shirt stays and every other trending style. One piece speaks, too many leave you guessing what they’re saying.

My thoughts on jewellery for men…

I’m ambivalent towards jewelry. I don’t personally wear much of anything because I’ve never been fond of it, but some people wear it well. To each his own!

My tips for shopping on a budget…

Men have an upper hand in fashion that women don’t: We only need a few staple pieces. If you are smart, thrifty and willing to hunt, you can find the few key items for your wardrobe that can be worn again and again. You don’t need to take out a second mortgage to look great; just find great jackets, some good shoes and a few nice ties. The rest you can get at H&M and nobody will be the wiser.


The 5 basic items every man should have in his wardrobe are…

A black tie

A grey or black vest

A pair of shoes to be proud of that can work with multiple outfits

A good pair of exercise shoes.

I think every man should invest in a proper pair of suspenders that button onto the slacks – it takes twenty minutes to sew some buttons into a couple pairs of pants, so turn on Law and Order SVU and get busy.

There’s a confidence that you develop as you begin to take the time to dress nicely. You feel great about how you look, feel better about yourself and want to maintain that. It’s important to keep yourself healthy with regular exercise, otherwise you won’t truly feel and maintain the confidence you want to from dressing up!

My style icon is…

Every guy that is proud of who he is, how he looks and humble in ego.


The Fashion List

Jeans: H&M (I’m a simple guy)

Trainers: Brooks or Reebok

Shoes: Coach Double Monk Straps

Suit: The Ludlow Suit from JCrew

Bag: Coach Explorer Bag

Underwear: Under Armour

Cologne: Burberry Touch

All images courtesy of This Fellow

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It’s difficult not to love, Bobby Hicks‘ blog. Since it’s not a victim of the usual blogging labels, it’s gained a growing following over the...
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