The 7 Best Underwear Brands For Men

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You could be the best dressed man in the world, but if you’re not wearing great comfortable underwear, have you really got your life together? Probably not. Underwear is such an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, whether it’s boxers, briefs or pants. Read on to find out the best underwear for men.

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Calvin Klein

Arguably one of the biggest names in fashion is Calvin Klein. Founded in 1968, by the designer of the same name Calvin Klein originated as a coat shop in New York City. Since then, the company has hit milestone after milestone to get where it is today. Branching off into different areas, Klein went on to produce mainline fashion for both males and females, a fragrance line, and of course what it is now most known for, underwear and lingerie collections.

Calvin Klein Models
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This was a massive move for the brand, as they launched their first men’s underwear collection in the early 1980’s. Before this, underwear was something that men had little to no care about, it was simply a necessity. CK turned this everyday product into something that men cared about and wanted to look good. This had never been done before, it was revolutionary.

Calvin Klein Image 1
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Fast forward to present day, and Calvin Klein underwear is pretty much a staple for most men, everyone knows about it. Trunks, Briefs and Boxers are their 3 most successful designs. Boxers give a loose, baggy fit, allowing a lot of comfort and flexibility, however some people complain about the lack of support. That’s where trunks come in, almost a perfect halfway point between boxers and briefs, trunks still allow freedom and have the length of a boxer, but they give the wearer a lot more support and keep everything in it’s place. Finally comes briefs, perhaps the most old school design featured here, briefs are often associated with “old man pants” but that stigma is changing very quickly, as they are actually great for everyday use and popular with a lot of men.



Another huge fashion house, Italy’s finest Emporio Armani are a big favourite when it comes to underwear for men. Men’s designer boxers are a massive part of Armani’s business, closely rivalling CK. Huge names have been a part of Armani’s advertising campaigns throughout the years, such as David Beckham pictured above, and other notable names such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal. Seeing such big names wear Armani products on television or in print can have a massive impact on men, they are more likely to want to buy something if their sporting hero has been seen wearing it.

David Beckham in Armani Underwear

Ralph Lauren

Once again, a brand synonymous with popular menswear fashion worldwide, we have Ralph Lauren. Known best for their Polo collection, Ralph Lauren originated in NYC. Situated around the same price point as Armani and CK, they aim for a quality yet affordable product. They carry a range of men’s boxers, men’s briefs and trunks, and come in many different colours and styles unlike some of their competitors. Ralph Lauren are probably the best men’s underwear brand for comfort, although I would argue otherwise that they are suitable for active wear and other similar activities. An important factor to consider when you’re buying underwear is whether you want briefs or boxers, the two have very different functions.
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Under Armour

Definitely the best men’s underpants for athletes and anyone taking part in sporting activities are Under Armour. The American brand is fairly new on the scene, being founded in 1996, however it took off fast and is now stocked worldwide in sports shops everywhere. Under Armour is unique due to the moisture absorbing fabrics used on all it’s products, a feature that is ever popular with sports people for obvious reasons. Under Armour was actually the first company to use this fabric ever, a feature that is now used by sportswear giants such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok regularly.

Under Armour Underwear
PHOTO CREDIT: Under Armour


A new underwear brand on the scene, MeUndies are focusing on comfort more than anything, they believe it’s the most important factor to consider when buying underwear, an argument we’d happily side with. Everything they release is made from 100% Lenzing modal fabric, a special fibre technology that has the ability to keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. They also claim that everything that they use is environmentally friendly and sustainable, as well as their material being 3x softer than cotton. Their men’s boxer shorts retail at a very affordable price, significantly below the other designers we’ve mentioned, so if you’re looking for a low-key affordable basic option, these could be the best boxers for you.

MeUndies Product Shot

Derek Rose

Calling themselves a “Heritage Brand”, Derek Rose originate in London and are still a family run business after operating since the the 1920’s. They specialise in underwear and pyjamas for both men and women. They are in the higher price bracket of men’s underwear brands, a single pair will set you back around £35. However they use the finest fabrics consisting of cashmere, silk, wool and the finest cottons available, so you’re going to get a premium rate product for your money.



Extremely well-known for their basic staple blank t shirts and jumpers, Hanes also produce boxer shorts for men. Much like their t-shirts, they are literally blank, affordable product sold more on the basis of simplicity than anything else. You know you’re not buying a premium rate product so you don’t expect one. However, you also know you’re not going to receive a bad product, you’re just going to get something that does what it claims to do. This is exactly how we feel about Hanes boxers for men. You can pick up a pack of 7 for under £15, which to be frank is exceptional value for money. If you’re looking to bulk buy briefs for men, I’d head straight for Hanes because they will not let you down.

Hanes Boxers

On That Note

This guide will hopefully have helped you on your quest to find the best men’s underwear. We’ve listed a whole array of different brands offering different products aimed at different markets. Make sure you’ve read our summaries on the products well and assessed what brand and style will be right for you, at the end of the day everybody’s needs are different.




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