Learn How to Get Adam Gallagher’s Style

adam gallagher brown suit mens street style

Blogger and social media influencer, Adam Gallagher, is known for his impeccable style and online presence; have you ever wondered how to crack your styling just like his? Then read on and this guide will tell you all you need to know. 

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Meet Adam Gallagher the man behind I am Galla. With over 1 million followers on Instagram and a popular blog, Adam is a prominent figure in men’s fashion, becoming one of the top ten most sought out bloggers in the industry. Gallagher stands out because of his ability to blend his native Californian west coast style with a slick New York approach.

But also because of his faultless sense of style, which anyone can recreate. Here are a few looks for inspiration. Follow Adam Gallagher on his Blog / Instagram and you can find out more about him on Adam Gallagher wikipedia.

The Casual Shirt

When you don’t know what to wear, this is your go-to look. All these basic items should be available to you in your wardrobe: a casual shirt, jeans or trousers and a good pair of shoes. The great thing about a casual shirt is that it can be teamed with a multitude of other pieces such as a suit jacket or a jumper over the top. For a more Summery look, take your white shirt and pair it with some light trousers and a casual shoe, throw on a pair of sunglasses and you’ll be good to go.

adam gallagher white shirt mens street style


 The Navy Blazer

As we head towards spring, most of your winter gear can be put away. The key piece of this outfit is the blazer, invest in a casual blazer in navy  as it will go with most of your clothes and add dapperness to a casual look or heighten a formal look with ease. As for colours, make sure your clothes compliment the colour of your blazer, don’t go as far as wearing a bright red shirt under a navy blazer.

adam gallagher navy suit mens streets style
PHOTO CREDIT: Adam Gallagher


The Leather Jacket

Now’s the time to get your leather out and if you don’t have one, invest in one. Make sure to check out our tips on how to buy the right leather jacket for you. There is nothing complicated about building this look, it all comes down to your leather jacket.

You can simply wear a plain t-shirt underneath the jacket with some jeans and trainers, just be smart about colour choice. For more of a grungy approach, get some skinny jeans on with some boots and you’ll be sure to get some double takes.

adam gallagher leather jacket mens street style


The Denim Shirt

A great item to take you through any season, the denim shirt can both be dressed up and down. It can be worn as a shirt only, or thrown on over a plain tee, like Adam does. If you are going for the double denim look, keep the shades different. Or team with a pair of sand chinos like Adam Gallagher. This will keep the outfit smart-casual ready, taking you from day to night.

adam gallagher denim shirt mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Syndicate Details


The Shorts

It comes around to that time of year where it’s acceptable to show some leg, but you need to make sure it’s the right type for the right place. This chino pair are great for smart-casual events, such as a date or an evening get-together.

The great thing about this style is its versatility. It can easily be teamed with a crisp white shirt and loafers to finish off with a formal vibe, or a casual tee and slip on trainers for a casual look. There’s also a wide variety of colour options and short lengths, so there’s undoubtedly one to suit every man’s style.

adam gallagher green shorts white shirt mens street style


The Technical Outerwear

For those rainy days than are too warm for a coat, or a breezy day, the technical outwear is a must for all guys. With such a variety of colours and textures, there’s one to suit every style and men’s taste. Opt for a mid length to make the most of showing off the rest of your look. Adam Gallagher keeps the rest of his outfit neutral to really show off his outwear.  Finish off with a beanie to show off your Winter and Autumn style.

adam gallagher technical jacket mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Adam Gallagher


Key Accessories

Adam Gallagher’s looks wouldn’t be complete without his additional accessories. Here’s his top picks.

  • Bag: From a satchel to a duffle to a backpack, Adam’s never without a bag.
  • Sunglasses: He’s got these covered. Aviators, wayfarers, there’s a pair to finish off every look.
  • Watch: Most people associate the timepiece with an older generation, but watches have had a revamp. They can take your look from shabby to chic effortlessly. Particularly silver and gold styles. They don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either.
  • Belt: They’re not just there to hold up your trousers. Add an extra layer to your outfit. Just tuck in your shirt and leave the belt on show for an added formal edge.

How to Get Adam Gallagher’s Style

  • Keep it simple but not boring.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look, Adam is known to mix up his style depending on how he’s feeling.
  • Invest in classic staples and build your wardrobe around these.
  • Always have your grooming on point.
adam gallagher casual shirt jeans mens street style


On That Note

It’s now wonder why Adam Gallagher has gained such a following. His effortless, approachable style is great for inspiration, from days out to formal attire. The best part? The looks are so easy to recreate and incorporate in your everyday life.


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Blogger and social media influencer, Adam Gallagher, is known for his impeccable style and online presence; have you ever wondered how to crack your...
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