9 Ways to Wear Dickies Chinos this Season

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Dickies clothing have been making workwear for almost 100 years, which means they seriously know what they’re doing when it comes to today’s menswear staples. So if you want a pair of these classics in your wardrobe, here’s how to style their most iconic fits.

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Dickies Chinos

Beginning life in the USA back in 1922 as the William Dickinson Manufacturing Company, Dickies (as the brand is more commonly known) has gone from workwear essentials to wardrobe necessities. Long gone are the days when you’d purely find a pair of Dickies chinos in a working factory. Thanks to an array of different subcultures, from skateboarding to Hip Hop and Punk to B-boys, Dickies have seen a huge surge in popularity since the 1990s.

Today the brand’s signature chinos remain one of the most popular choices amongst men and women, especially on the streetwear circuit. Most likely due to their versatility, the chino style has been worn by many faces in their time. Seen in men’s catwalk shows during fashion week and out and about for plenty of street style looks, you’ll be able to spot a pair a mile off. Some of the biggest designers such as Stüssy and Liam Hodges have even collaborated with the workwear label, meaning the brand has maintained its popularity all this time.

With four main fits, the 872, 873, 874 and 803, Dickies have got you sorted. If you’re not sure whether a slim fit or skinny fit is going to work you best then this handy little guide will break it all down. If you’re toying between what fit to get, what colour to go for or even what you should wear with your Dickies then we’re here to help. How to style Dickies is an easy task once you know the differences between each fit so if you’re wondering what on earth 874 vs 873 could mean? We’ve got you covered. Below are the main styles of Dickies chinos and how best to style them.

Dickies were adopted by the streetwear and skating community.


Dickies 872

The Dickies 872 trouser takes the classic chino silhouette and gives it a modern reworking. The slim straight style is slightly more tailored than the original and has a subtly tapered leg. Constructed in a blend of cotton and polyester and a 8.5oz twill, the work pants combine the typical Dickies durability with a contemporary fit.

The 872 sits midway between the 873 and the 803 – not quite as loose as the former, but not as tight as the latter. Wear with a tucked in T-shirt and a pair of loafers for a sleeker look than you’d get with the skater-favoured 874 (more on that shortly).

Dickies 873

Again a reworking on the traditional Dickies workwear fit, the 873 chino is looser than the 872 style, but still more structured than the original Dickies trousers you would’ve found in factories across America.

The notable feature of the 873 is the rise between the crotch and the waist-line, which is lower than the 872 – this means the belt line actually sits lower and so the trousers aren’t as baggy as styles such as the 874 (the baggiest of all Dickies fits). Using the same polyester/cotton blend as the 872, the slim fit Dickies 873 are a smarter take on the classic style. These are the Dickies that will look best with a smart shirt.

Dickies 874 vs. 873

There isn’t huge differences between these two fits, so you might be stuck on which pair to go for. As we mentioned earlier, the main difference between the two is that the 873 is slightly less baggy and more cropped, so these will look better if you’re going for a relatively smart outfit (but still fairly casual) like a shirt and converse combo.

white shirt black dickies converse-min
The 873 can be worn with a smart white shirt as they fit skinnier than other models


Dickies 874

The Dickies 874 skate trouser is the one style you’re most likely to see in today’s society due to a rise in the interest in how skaters dress. The trousers are rich in heritage and thanks to their durability and hardwearing construction, the 874 have been a favourite amongst skaters for some time and now this has reached the masses – mainly due to a rise in looser fits on catwalks and on the high street alike.

Encompassing all the classic traits of the Dickies work pant, the 874 style is stain and crease resistant, meaning skaters everywhere have favoured them because of the way that they have been engineered to move. As opposed to the 872 and 873 styles, the 874 has a wider rise and a lower drop crotch, allowing for a lot more movement than the tapered and slimmer fits. With a wider leg, pair with some Converse All Stars for a retro-inspired skate look.

Dickies 803

Perhaps the biggest step away from Dickies’ original purpose of factory workwear, the 803 is the most revolutionary Dickies style out there. Reworking the classic style for a twenty first century taste, the 803 sits below the waist with the lowest rise. These are 98% constructed in cotton with a touch of spandex (2%) for extra stretch, making them the skinniest and most fitted Dickies style to date.

The 803 is the fit that will easily slot right into your wardrobe due to its modern silhouette. Plus a pair in black will go a long way if you’re after something that’ll last. Pair these with a shirt for a smarter look, or with a T-shirt for an everyday outfit. A notable feature of the 803 fit is the tunnel belt loop detail which veers away from the tough traditional Dickies belt loops. The 803 is for the man who prefers skinny jeans to wider legs. One more note, Dickies slim straight 803s will probably suit the shorter man best – wider styles will only make you look shorter.

How to Style Dickies Chinos

  • Start with a black pair then invest in lighter styles.
  • Pair Dickies’ wider leg fits with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors for a retro skater style.
  • Grab a pair of the Dickies 873 chinos for smarter look – perfect for any occasion.
  • If you have short legs opt for a pair of 803s. Wider legs will exaggerate shorter legs.
Dickies’ stain resistant cotton blend means you can even wear white trousers without worrying.

On That Note

You might be thinking that picking out a pair of chinos is a simple task, but it’s sometimes very much not. Nobody has the same shape and Dickies understand that – slimmer fits for some men, wider legs for others. That said each pair of Dickies comes with quality assurance and almost 100 years of successful manufacturing behind them. So with all the tips and details above you’ll be able to pick out the Dickies chino that works for you.


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