Statement Clothing Any Man Can Wear

statement clothing

Statement clothing is something that every man can wear, whether it’s to work or for casual days out. This style guide will show you how to pull off this trend. 

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It’s easy to go through the weeks wearing clothes that you feel okay in, but that you secretly might find kind of boring. There’s no reason to stick to the safe option all the time, and there’s plenty of ways to bring out a little interest, whether it’s through colour, pattern, or shape. Sometimes simplicity is best, but that doesn’t mean dressing dull, and there are loads of statement clothing pieces that can liven up an outfit without looking like your crazy uncle on Christmas Day.

With everything from longline T-shirts to patterned suits, there are so many ways you can make your everyday outfit a little less ordinary. Personalise it to match with your style, going as subtle or extreme as you like, and working with pieces that work best for you.

Statement Clothing

Although the image that usually comes to mind when you say ‘statement clothing’ usually verges on the..uncomfortably colourful, there’s no reason that statement has to be anywhere close to eye watering. You can create an outfit that makes a statement simply by subverting classic looks, so even playing with a formal look and adding a pair of joggers instead of some slim line trousers is a statement in itself. It’s not a crazy look, it won’t get you stares in the street, but it’s not boring, and it’s something a little different.

This is great if you’re not all that comfortable with ‘statement fashion’ but you still want to break the mold a little. Add in some vibrancy by incorporating some more colour into the look. Try out a tan jacket, a patterned or coloured shirt, or some lighter toned joggers. Changing one piece can make things a little more interesting without going overboard, and you can easily do it without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

statement clothing look bomber jacket
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Admittedly though, this is a pretty minor portrayal of statement clothing, and if you’re willing to go a little more out there with your outfit, we say go for it. How you put clothes together can vary depending on personal style, your environment as well as basic changes like the weather. Key statement pieces can be merged into simple look to add an element of interest, while being toned down by the rest of the outfit.

Statement Clothes

So what exactly constitutes as statement clothing? Can you just put on a red T-shirt and be done with it? Well, obviously what’s seen as statement changes from person to person, and a pink Oxford shirt might be a shocking piece to some, while being a staple to others. However we’ll just touch on the basics, and you can skip over any that seen a little too out there, or not out there enough.

Statement T-shirts

A simple way of adding some texture, pattern and colour to your outfit, and something that can vary depending on what style you go for. You can grab a graphic tee from pretty much any brand that offers modern looks, and go for something that’s heavy with patterns and has a busy vibe, or maintains a more subtle vibe with classic imagery.

T-shirts are an easy way to add some colour to your outfit, and you can pair them with pretty much anything, from joggers to shorts to a simple pair of jeans. Whatever style you’re going for, a good graphic T-shirt can be thrown on in the morning, so it’s a good start if you’re looking for a simple way to make a statement.

statement clothing graphic t-shirt
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Graphic and printed T-shirts are great for a casual, relaxed look and to some people this might be the perfect way to add a little dimension to their outfit. However even something as simple as changing up the shape of a classic design can add a statement twist to a look. Longline T-shirts only really offer a small change, and yet the whole outfit can be transformed because of it. You can go for a plain white design, or add some pattern in for a busier look. Whatever you do don’t try and tuck your longline shirt into your trousers – you want to show off the unconventional length, not hide it.

statement t-shirts longline
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Statement Jackets

While a T-shirt is an easy way to add some statement style to your outfit, it’s still a fairly subtle one, and if you want to go for a powerful look, a bolder piece like a jacket might be a better way of achieving it. There are various styles you can go for depending on what kind of vibe you want to go for, and even something like a white denim jacket can add a striking look to an outfit.

If you want a statement jacket that you can wear with a wide range of looks it’s best to avoid any heavy pattern and just go for a simple coloured jacket. This instantly adds a bold, statement vibe, and enables you to boost the look of plainer outfits with ease. If however you want to create a busy, less uniformed look then various patterns can be a way of creating a statement while adding a touch of unconventional style.

statement jackets
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Camo and stripes are easy, flattering styles that never really go out of fashion, so they’re good to try out if you’re looking for something a little more out there. Match them with plain shirts and pieces for a more subdued look, or clash them with opposing patterns to create a unrestricted finish.

Statement Suits

Every man has to wear a suit at least once in his life, whether it’s for work, for a wedding, or just for some generic fancy affair where a suit is a necessity. Most of the time it’s safe to go for a black or navy number, as they’re classic, flattering colours that can go with a whole range of shirts and shoes, and they’re not difficult to accessorise. However we’re not here to talk about classic suits here, and a statement piece really can help you stand out from the crowd in a stylish, unique way.

So, there are a few different statement suits you can go for, and on the whole the most popular choice when people are trying to make an impact is to go for a bold print or colour. Prints in a neutral black and white colour are perfect, as they easily bring a vivid, eye catching look to an outfit, but can still be matched with a variety of shirts and shoes.

statement suits clothing look
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Try a bold, yet easy to style, combination with a navy and white striped suit, paired with a white Oxford shirt and some dark brown tassel loafers. The bold print of the suit is balanced out with the neutral colours and style of the shirt and shoes, and this creates a put together, yet creative outfit.

Prints aren’t the only way to create a statement look however, and you can go for a stand out look by playing around with shapes and fits. A summer style you could try out would be to keep the traditional look of the suit jacket, but instead of pairing it with the classic suit trousers, go for some shorts instead. Keeping the materials the same will actually add to the statement look, giving an unconventional twist to the unified look.

Statement Accessories

Sometimes clothes are great at giving the right kind of statement, and other times they can be a little too heavy handed. If you’re hoping to add some extra interest to your outfit, sometimes a few well chosen accessories can easily do the job. Sunglasses are the most obvious choice, especially for summer, and can easily blend into a mix of outfits.

Instead of going for the classic black wayfarers, try some more colourful designs, playing around with lenses and frames, or experimenting with shapes and finishes. Even something as simple as a clean, round lense and a striking gold frame can bring out an interesting and unique vibe to your overall outfit.

statement sunglasses
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Bags aren’t the most common way to add some statement style to a look, but the right one can really bring out some dimension to an outfit, and give a boost to a plain outfit. You can go for a simple yet striking match of colours, while keeping the overall look streamlined and versatile, or go for a punchier pattern or colour, playing around with texture and finish. Whatever your personal style is you can make a impact with your bag, and it’s a great option if you want to go for statement look you can easily change up.

statement bags
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For a subtle statement touch that you can wear everyday, there’s really nothing better than a good watch. Although minimalist watches are great to match with a range of looks, sometimes something a little bolder can do the job. The obvious choice is to go for a colourful design, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

From bright blues to pastels, there’s a number of colours that can act as a striking contrast to the rest of your outfit, and draw attention to your overall look. However if that’s not for you you can still gain a statement look with the classic gold and silver designs. Choose an all gold design for intense look, or silver for a striking, cool tone design.

statement watches
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Your Quick Guide to Statement Clothing

  • Sometimes converting norms can be enough to make a statement, such as replacing trousers with tailored shorts for a suit, or going for a longline T-shirt rather than a regular style.
  • Try mixing different pieces together to create a mix of styles, such as joggers with blazers to mix casual and formal looks together.
  • Accessories can make a big difference to your overall look and bring out some statement style. Choosing bags, glasses and watches in striking designs and colours is a quick way to boost the look of your outfit, and can easily be added and removed to change up the vibe.
  • Mixing colours and prints together will create a busy, vibrant look, but working with just a bright colour or a bold print can be enough to add some statement style, without going overboard.

On That Note

There are different statement looks for different people, and sometimes a simple graphic tee can be enough to add some interest to a look. Other times you want to go for something more striking. Playing around with patterns, colours and shapes can really help to bring out a unconventional look, and even something as simple as a bold accessory can make a statement. Clothing doesn’t have to be creative and vibrant all the time, but there’s no reason to push the boat out occasionally and go for a stand out look that makes an impact.


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Statement clothing is something that every man can wear, whether it’s to work or for casual days out. This style guide will show you...
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