Six of the Best Style Icons in February

Conor McGregor suit
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We list our best style icons of the month as we cover the guys who we expect to make headlines in the coming month.

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We are already 31 days into the new year and that means we’re into month two of 2016. Even though it’s a leap year, it’s still the shortest month of the year, but it’s probably one of the most eventful. To name a few things that’s taking place is London Fashion week and the Oscars.

We choose our six of the best style icons in February.

Conor McGregor

He is the pound-for-pound king and the face that runs the place in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Conor McGregor’s rise to power in the combat sport has seen him transcend his rivals and fully immerse himself into popular culture. With his next fight being in the first week of March, you are certain to see a lot more of his face on pre-fight and as long as he wins, post-fight.

You would think that a man who risks his life by stepping into the ring would be a lot more uptight, but McGregor has a deep belief in his ability and work ethic that enables him to be the flamboyant man that he is. Flashy in dress sense too, as he looks to stand out from the crowd with all of his recent outfits suggesting extremely high confidence levels. Some outfits work but some don’t, but when he gets his outfit right, he stands alone from his competitors.

The Irish born champion has a style that best resembles that of Brad Pitt from Fight Club. He sometimes goes with loud colours but at other times he keeps it minimal. This is very much the Tyler Durden way.

The most impressive thing about his outfits is his excellent tailoring, as they always fit perfectly on his physique. When you add the vest he wears also, McGregor is an icon of stylish tailoring.

Six of the Best Style Icons in February – Conor McGregor Outfit Grid
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Kanye West

Another year, another range, more style recognition, same Kanye. He probably focuses just as much time on his style and clothing range as he does on his music, but he continues to make progress on what he fully desires form his fashion exploits. Also, with a new album finally on the way, we would fully expect Kanye to remain in the public eye throughout the year.

You can be assured that fashion weeks across the world will be graced with his presence and the album charts will be too. So with London Fashion Week immanent, along with the rumour that he plans a secret performance at the prestigious event, we thought we would include him into the list.

Six of the Best Style Icons in February – Kanye West Outfit Grid
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Jacob Banks

The Birmingham born, singer songwriter has a style that is clean with a slight feeling of retro. This could be attributed to the trilby style hat he wears, the granddad shirt he wears or the denim jacket. Not everybody will be able to pull off a hat like Jacob Banks does, as the retro look doesn’t work for all.

He has been around for a while now with collaborations with some of the UK’s most popular hip-hop artists, as well as touring with music powerhouse Alicia Keys. But now as he is reaping the rewards of his second EP, we expect his retro style will be seen a whole lot more at music events across the country.

Six of the Best Style Icons in February - Jacob Banks Outfit Grid
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Michael Fassbender

Oscar season is in full effect and while everybody is putting together their acceptance speeches as well as their best tuxedo, it is easy to overlook who is Hollywood’s most stylish.

Everybody wants to know how and why Leo hasn’t won an Oscar yet and at the same time hoping that this year is his year. Well, if you watched ‘12 Years a Slave’ and also ‘Shame’ –for the latter he wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar – then you’ll be asking why Fassbender hasn’t won an Oscar. It’s going to be interesting to see Leo and Fass go head to head.

But to digress, Fassenbender has a great style as he has an extremely tidy style in a suit as well as a great sense of style for casual times. Leather jacket, white t- shirt and blue jeans may seem simple, but when added with a pair of Oakley sunglasses then you have added another dimension to that look.

Six of the Best Style Icons in February – Michael Fassbender Outfit Grid
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Eddie Redmayne

He is widely considered one of the best-dressed men on the planet. Not because of any kind of creativity but because his outfit always look perfect on him.

Redmayne, is another on this who is nominated for an Oscar for his starring role in ‘The Danish Girl’. His outfits don’t tend to stray too far from the formal, so chances are, what he’s going to wear on the red carpet, is something he would look extremely comfortable in.

An important aspect to his style is his impeccable colour choice. Which is made even more incredible as he had admitted that he is colour blind.

Six of the Best Style Icons in February – Eddie Redmayne Outfit Grid
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Chris Robshaw

You may not be familiar with who he is or what he does, but he has made top 50 best style lists for 2015.

Chris Robshaw was the captain of the England Rugby Union team during the Rugby World Cup, but now he is a former captain. With the Six Nations tournament starting on 5th February, he has been named in the starting line up, so Robshaw has a big month coming up, as he’s out to prove he is still at the top of his game.

One thing is certain, when he has been in the public eye, he has maintained high standards of leadership and style. It’s not always easy to dress well as a near 18 stone man, but his tailoring has always been excellent whether he’s on the red carpet at fashion events or in the royal box at the Wimbledon final. We suspect if England wins the tournament, Chris Robshaw will be the best dressed at the celebration party.

Six of the Best Style Icons in February – Chris Robshaw Outfit Grid
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We list our best style icons of the month as we cover the guys who we expect to make headlines in the coming month....
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