What Shirts to Wear with a Grey Suit

Unlike a simple black suit, which pretty much goes with anything, a grey option can be a little trickier to match correctly. Worry not, however, as we’ve put together a complete list of all the shirts that’ll sit well alongside your grey suit so you can look the part – every time.

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Outfit Inspiration: What Shirt to Wear with a Grey Suit

Wondering what exactly you can and can’t match with your grey suit? Check out our complete list of suit & shirt combinations that’ll look smart, stylish and never out of place.

Grey Suit / White Shirt

An age-old combination, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to pairing a white shirt with your grey suit. Classic, clean and smart; the colour combination can work through a variety of situations, from smarter to the more laid back by simply removing your suit jacket.

There’s not really much guidance to be given here, as any suit – ranging from light grey to charcoal, will lend itself well to the simplistic stylings of a white shirt. Below, we’ve selected a variation in styles from standard to slim fit and, finally, a grandad collar option – there’s something for every possible style scenario!

mens grey pinstripe suit blue tie
A man wearing a grey pinstriped suit with a navy knitted tie


Grey Suit / Blue Shirt

If a white shirt isn’t really up your alley and you’d rather go for something with a little more ‘pizzazz’, then light blue will give a clean, bright look that’s perfect for both the office and social events. Needless to say, a blue shirt paired with a grey suit makes for a nonchalantly stylish outfit that’ll see you looking the part – without seeming overly particular.

Worth noting, however, as with all lighter colours – blue will show up any undesirable ‘lumps and bumps’ in your figure more so than its darker counterparts, so fit is even more so important here. As with the white shirts, we’ve selected a couple of different styles from the regular Oxford shirt, to slim fit and grandad collar options.

daniel craig mens style
Daniel Craig wears a grey suit with a blue shirt in James Bond


Grey Suit / Navy Blue Shirt

If your grey suit is veering closer to the charcoal end of the colour spectrum and you don’t particularly want the same level of contrast as with a light blue shirt, why not compromise with a navy blue dress shirt? Even though it’s a little harder to come across a perfect match with this combination, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go.

We’ve selected a few options for you below, from a short sleeved option (should you find yourself suited and booted in the summer months), alongside the traditional Oxford shirt styles in a regular and marginally more spacious fit.

mens grey suit blazer style
A man wearing a grey three-piece suit with a blue shirt


Grey Suit / Black Shirt

Wearing a black shirt with your grey suit is a little more unusual than the aforementioned colours, but no less stylish. While some may argue that a black shirt has no place being paired with a suit – if it’s going to work with anything, it’s grey. The shirt will draw the look together and help intensify the tone of the grey, giving you a neat contrast that’s not overwhelming.

As always, we’ve included a few options below from the traditional Oxford fits alongside a slimmer style more suited to slender guys who run the risk of being drowned out by larger fits.

mens grey blazer black shirt style
A man wearing a grey suit with a black shirt and tie


Grey Suit / Pink Shirt

This might not sound like the best combination, and a few of you might feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of wearing pink; However, the clean, light colour actually works well at adding a little sartorial flourish to your suit – and what woman doesn’t like a man in pink?!

As per, we’ve selected a few different options below with a traditional oxford fit, a slim fit and a short sleeve option for warmer weather. Go on… be brave, wear pink!

pink shirt grey suit look men david beckham
What Colour Shirt and Tie with Grey Suit


What Shoes to Wear With a Grey Suit?

Most traditional fashion rules would tell you not to wear grey suits with brown shoes. But we think the combination can look pretty great if they’re tonally appropriate. Pairing some brown shoes with a light-medium grey suit is a perfectly acceptable combination, as below – the shoes can add another layer of interest to an otherwise relatively subdued ensemble.

grey suit brown shoes men look david gandy
What Colour Shirt with Light Grey Suit


What Tie to Wear with a Grey Suit?

  • Grey Suit Black Tie: One of the easiest shirt and tie combinations with a grey suit – effortlessly timeless.
  • Grey Suit Red Tie: A little more daring than black, can add a little personality to a monochrome ensemble.
  • Grey Suit Blue Tie: One of the safest bets for the office, a blue tie gives an air of authority and sophistication.
  • Grey Suit Pink Tie: A perfect shirt and tie combo for the man looking to push the sartorial boat out a little.
  • Grey Suit Green Tie: Not just for Patrick’s day, a green tie can look incredibly smart – particularly on blondes.
  • Grey Suit Navy Tie: Similarly to the blue tie, a great option for the workplace. Great option if you’re going for a light blue shirt also to add further contrast.
mens tie choices with grey suit
Grey Suit Combinations

What Shirts to Wear With a Grey Suit

When it comes to finding the perfect shirt to match your grey suit, luckily, there’s little in terms of restrictions. For the workplace, we’d suggest a blue shirt and black tie combination. Something a little less formal? How about pairing yours with a white shirt and red tie for a little extra sartorial flair!

grey suit red tie mens street style
A man wearing a grey suit jacket with a purple tie


On That Note

Like we said before, there are many different tones of grey, and although this can sometimes mean it’s hard to find a shade you like, it also means there’s going to be one that suits your skin tone and shape perfectly.

Although there are some basic ‘rules’ on what shirts to match with various shades, there’s still a lot more choice on what you can pair with a grey suit than say a black or navy suit. If you’re looking for something versatile, flattering and effortlessly sleek, why not swap out your black suit for a grey one instead, and see what combinations you can achieve.


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Unlike a simple black suit, which pretty much goes with anything, a grey option can be a little trickier to match correctly. Worry not, however, as...
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