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Just landed your dream job and need some new job style inspiration? Then look no further, this guide will show you all you need to know.

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We’ve all been there, started a new job and you have no clue on what to wear. Is it formal or informal? Who knows! But there are a few tricks to getting the job style right, as you don’t want to come across too scruffy or too smart for the environment, but you do want to dress appropriately for your new role.

For the Corporate World

If you’re one of those men who work in the skyscrapers in Canary Wharf then your wardrobe will probably be a little different than mine. I think people in my office would give me a few looks if I rocked up in a three piece, pinstripe suit. All jokes aside, you’ll need to look smart to tackle the corporate world, I’m not suggesting you go all out and wear a three piece suit (don’t get me wrong, if you want to go for it), but something smart so you can impress your boss.

It’s important to not go too overboard with your look as you can easily look far too overdressed and unprofessional. So, the key is to keep it simple but smart. Try a plain black suit with a white button down shirt, this one from The Idle Man will work for anyone and can easily slot into your wardrobe and be mixed up with different pieces.

Because the suit is plain, you can really play around with colour and texture when it comes to accessorising. Having a tie in a bolder colour or even a different material, other than silk or satin, will really lift your look. Or, if you’re not feeling a tie, try a pocket square, again, play around with the texture as it as it can really add detail to your everyday workwear.

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Navy is also a great option when it comes to suiting, again it’s a toned down option for those of you who aren’t ready to go all out. With navy you can really experiment with the colour (black is pretty standard across the board), as there are variations of the tone available. Personally, I’d go for a darker shade, just from personal preference, but you can go lighter if you want to.

Team your navy suit with a shirt other than white, again, as white is a pretty bog standard colour, you’ll want to stand out a little more when you’re doing the filing. Try a pink or even a pale blue shirt, just so it contrasts with the colour of the suit.

If you’re wearing a navy suit, your shoes should be brown, as black and navy together can be a bit muddled up and get lost within each other. You can’t go wrong with a pair of brown brogues, a classic staple that will go with any look, both for the office and casually.

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A More Laid Back Office

If you’re lucky enough to work in an office where you can pretty much wear what you want then good for you! You can wear something that is a little more creative and within your own personal job style. You still want to look smart though, as every office has that one person who doesn’t know the line between scruffy and smart (no-one at Idle HQ though of course!).

You can still wear a shirt and trousers, but you’ll want to make it less formal. Try a printed shirt to add a bit of detail to your look. This bandana printed shirt from yours truly is spot on, bang on trend with the 70s vibe and smart enough to work in the office. Worn with a pair of wide legged trousers (again right on trend for this season), a leather biker jacket and a pair of loafers and you’ll be office ready, stylish and smart at the same time.

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If you really do want to keep it casual, yet still look smart, then you can’t go wrong with a plain white tee. A classic in its own right, the plain white tee has become a wardrobe staple and I can’t see it going anywhere for a long time to come.

This tee from The Hundreds is ideal. Its loose shape makes it that bit more comfortable when you’re sitting around the office. Team it with a pair of medium wash denim jeans, brown boots and a grey peacoat (it is autumn after all). The great thing about this look is that you can go straight from the office to the pub afterwards without having to wear all your finery.

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Just landed your dream job and need some new job style inspiration? Then look no further, this guide will show you all you need...
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