Get the Look: Men’s Streetwear

mens pink coach jacket white t shirt blue jeans

If you’re one for keeping a firm eye on trends, then make sure you’ve checked out this one. Concrete Junglist is your go-to style this upcoming season, covering all of your urban needs. 

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Trends change incredibly fast but there’s one that seems to be sticking around – the urban look. It’s laid-back street vibe has hit the fashion world incredibly hard and has made an appearance in everyone’s wardrobe, no matter what your style is.

From bomber jackets, to joggers, to trainers mixed with shirts, the look is incredibly easy to pull off and one that can take you from day to night. It’s an alternative style that doesn’t take a lot to pull off. So here’s everything you need to know about this versatile, urban style – the Concrete Junglist.

The Trend

The trend itself is pretty self explanatory. It’s solely focused around street style and the urban look, and here at Idle HQ, we love a bit of urban style. Hitting both designer and the high street, high end brands like Astrid Andersen have paved the way for streetwear style in men’s fashion. But nobody does it better than the high street, with everyday street style playing a huge part in the influence of it.

mens short and t-shirt streetstyle


Key Elements

This trend can easily be achieved by sticking to the main pieces associated with an urban style. By picking them out, there’ll mix and match into any of your chosen outfits and looks. Streetwear fashion is an easy trend to pick up but a hard trend to get right. You can pick up pieces for your wardrobe relatively cheaply which is one of the best thins about it. Cheap streetwear has never been so cool, right?

Streetwear Tops

To keep with the urban aesthetic, you can incorporate a number of items on top. Opt for sweatshirts, white or black oxford shirts, hoodies and plain tees as this mix and match with each other giving you more options with your outfits.It may sound silly but plain clothes usually work better when you’re trying to be the pinnacle of men’s UK streetwear. All of these piece have a sports luxe vibe to them making them Concrete Junglist material.


Streetwear Hoodies

Hoodies need to play a vital role in your wardrobe if you’re trying to nail streetwear. A hoodie is one of the most important parts of streetwear and, if worn correctly, can bring it to life. We recommend a relaxed fit, not skinny fit, so that you have some room to breathe when you’re moving around. Your hoodie makes a great accompaniment to your jacket and will also lift. Soulland, Wood Wood and The Idle Man provide a great choice so you don’t need to look far.


Street Style Footwear

It terms of streetwear shoes, stick with trainers. Which is kind of up to you – high tops or chunky soles, the possibilities are endless. Stick to block colours, mostly black and white to make the most out of them as you can pop them into any outfit with ease. The key to keeping with the Concrete Junglist trend, is to make sure that they emulate street. Chunky trainers are great at this, particularly Asics, but other brands such as Vans and Converse can give a great edge.

asics gel lyte iii white white mens fashion


Streetwear Bottoms

When styling the bottom half of your outfit, stick to tapered, slim or skinny fit raw denim jeans, as these give your outfit an edge that only urban styles can pull off. Roll up your hems to show off your socks and shoes for a bit more customisation. Another great choice are joggers. Now seen as smart casual attire, opt for slim fit, cuffed joggers and team with the other staple pieces to master this look.



Accessories are a must in your Concrete Junglist look. Incorporate hats, from beanies to bucket hats, and caps into your look. Match them to your shoes or sweatshirt for a more considered look. Showing off your white socks or patterned socks is also a great idea for giving your look a point of difference, as your rolled up jeans will show these bad boys off.

Mens Streetwear Jacket

The Printed Jacket

The printed jacket may seem like a difficult piece to pull off, but due to the neutral shades in this number, it’s an item that be incorporated into most outfits and take you through the spring summer months with ease.

The jacket speaks for itself, so keep everything else low key and basic. Pair your printed jacket with a plain white sweatshirt, dark wash jeans with rolled cuffs for an added edge, and clean white trainers. Accessories your look with more white with a block colour cap. The printed jacket breaks up the white and adds an edge.

HUF mens kingston jacket in camo


The Blue Jacket

England is known for its constant showers, so stay dry with this essential trend in mind. This blue North Face mountain jacket is everything you need. It’ll add a pop of colour to your look, and due to the features such as the high rise pockets and slim fit, it looks incredibly street.

Keep the rest of the look minimal as the jacket is bright enough that you don’t need anymore colours. Team with black slim fit or skinny jeans, again roll up the cuff for the ultimate urban look. Finish off your look with slick black trainers, white socks that you can see from the rolled up jean cuffs, and a navy bucket hat to keep with the blue theme.

north face blue jacket


The Black Jacket

This is probably one of the easiest looks to pull off, particularly if you’re reluctant to try the trend. You can pop any piece in and still follow the trend. This Wood Wood jacket is a staple for any concrete junglist’s wardrobe. Due it’s colour, it’s incredibly versatile and can be teamed with a number of looks and pieces you already own. It also has ‘Unfollow’ on the back, setting you apart from others on the street, again making it a stand out piece.

Team your jacket with tan chinos to smarten the look up, and monochrome trainers to keep with the neutral style. You can add a bit of sass and print to your look by finishing off your look with a printed sweatshirt.

chinos and coach jacket


Get The Look: Men’s Streetwear

Mens streetwear is an easy trend to get right and even easier to get wrong. Simple t-shirts, hoodies, and trainers are your go to items for the summer months. Coach jackets are perfect for SS ’17 as they’re light enough to finish your outfit without making you too hot. Remember, your accessories are also a key part to finishing off your outfit with ease. Now you’re ready to get on the street.


On That Note

Picking the right mens streetwear clothing brands is also a key thing to remember. Brands like the Dickies, Wood Wood and Carhartt are the staples you should stick with. The concrete junglist trend really isn’t that hard to pull off, especially if you stick to the main key elements and add your own character to every look. Stick to trainers, remember to accessorise and you can never go wrong with rolling up your trousers hems. This trend will take you through Spring Summer 16, no problem.