Mauricio Garza Chats to The Idle Man

We chat to artist and designer Mauricio Garza about blogging, his projects, and fashion.

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This week we chat to artist, Mauricio Garza. Currently in his senior year of Academy of Art University studying industrial design, Mauricio has managed to make a name for himself in the art world with his unique and wide spread talent. When he’s not creating vector arts and playing around with motion graphics, he’s designing and creating stunning and sleek products and furniture.

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What 3 projects that you have been involved in are you most proud of?

I finished my website ( I’m still working on the mobile version, but the desktop site is up and running. I wanted to create a site where I could upload my personal work – my doodles and little animations.

Last year a friend of mine started a menswear clothing brand and I got to collaborate with him to design the first collection. It is going to be released soon this year and I’m pretty stoked about it. All the collection is going to be available online, but for now you can check the brand’s Instagram (@shotgun.menswear).

Last but not least, I was featured in my school’s Winter Show last year where I showcased my furniture class project, which I worked this whole last semester. The collection consisted of three pieces: a lounge chair, a coffee table, and a mirror.



What has blogging taught you about fashion – how has your career influenced your style?

I’m an industrial design major (graphic design aficionado) focusing on furniture. I did product design for a while but it wasn’t right for me. The field of arts and design pushes you to keep up with the world’s latest trends to develop those and propose new, and at the same time, as a designer, it is important to develop a unique style that shows who you are and what you do.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to jump between the lines of a bad boy and something a little more feminine – ripped tight black jeans and a denim jacket, with a pink phone case. I’ve been considering getting my nails done. Color-wise, I like to stay within neutral tones but I do go neon or pastel every once in a while. I love black. I really like sunglasses and it doesn’t matter how many pairs I get; I always seem to go back to my Clubmasters. I have very few accessories, all of them golden – a thin and small hoop, a ring in my middle finger, and a small Casio watch.


What is your go to outfit?

Black denim jeans, white or gray t-shirt, and a denim jacket. Vans or Converse.

Where do you get style inspiration from?

My surroundings. The city I live in; San Francisco. My friends and lovers. A good read. Billy Brown from Buffalo ’66.  Perfume Genius’ courage (and nails). Olly Alexander.


What advice would you have to someone who is having difficulty developing their own style?

My advice would be to keep your eyes wide open. Read, go to the movies, subscribe to a magazine. Try on different things, pay attention to how your body reacts to different cuts. Details, details, details – that’s why I love Scotch and Soda. Learn how to take critique, no matter how harsh it is. Listen to your teachers, they know better than anyone else in your field. Take pleasure in all your transformations, they always lead to the discovery of something new and exciting about yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and fail. 



What are your fashion dos and don’ts?

I really don’t like blue denim on blue denim (though some might look badass). Also, I can’t stand a white belt – white on white, in general. Stay away from yellow. Do not wash your white Converse, let them tell a story.

Do fold your jeans to show some ankle and your t-shirts’ sleeves. Grow a mustache. Man bun, man bun, man bun!

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We chat to artist and designer Mauricio Garza about blogging, his projects, and fashion. Read more style interviews with influential men in fashion This week we...
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