How to Perfectly Style Lightweight Outerwear

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Every wardrobe needs at least one lightweight jacket. I mean, with the unpredictable British weather – why wouldn’t you have one? While they are an essential for transitioning between seasons, they aren’t always the easiest to style. Here is our the definitive guide on how to wear and style the lightweight jacket.

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The lightweight outerwear piece is a wardrobe essential. With many different variations available to you you’re spoilt for choice! Perfect for this season they can heighten any look, and layered well they can keep you warm in the coldest of winters. Lightweight outerwear is perfect for when we do get those odd days in winter that are warmer than the rest (there isn’t many I know), and styled right you can have a bang on trend look that will last you years.

So unless you never set foot outdoors, it’s unavoidable to not wear a jacket, or an overcoat. For that, we’ve all experienced the challenge in the morning of layering your outfit and meeting between the lines of comfort and not looking like you’ve thrown on 20 layers. But don’t worry, because we have mastered the impossible. Scrap that list of jackets that are going to send you back a few quid, and check out our guide on lightweight jackets for this season – and exclusively how to wear them.



If you’re more casually inclined then why not try this cracking coat from Rains. A Danish brand that specialises in designing and creating some incredible rainwear that’s both extremely stylish and practical. Available in a range of muted colourways, Rains is a fairly neutral piece for your wardrobe. Easy to style with your essentials, Rains Parka jackets are the ultimate lightweight, especially for the transitional months. Like with most lightweight outerwear pieces, they tend to be the statement piece to your look, so go for a simple outfit underneath.

So, like the typical British climate, and your journey to work is looking a little gloomy, throw on your Rains with a shirt. For this autumn’s picks, we recommend going for  Rains Parka jacket. When paired with the denim work shirt, its the perfect combination to keep dry yet stylised. Lastly, pair the jacket and shirt with selvedge denim for a full country-vibe look – a big must-have for this season.

rains mens rain coat
Man wearing a beige Rains jacket



The classic bomber jacket is a phase that doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. The bomber jacket has become an essential for any modern men’s  wardrobe. From lightweight nylon to leather, the bomber jacket is your go-to staple for all of your transitional dressing needs.

When opting for bomber we recommend building a look which is mod and beneficially comfortable. With the simplicity of design, especially with its collarless collar, the bomber has been highly favoured by our Editors when opting for a sports-lux look.

If you are wanting to dress down your bomber, play around with collars and opt for a hoodie. With the benefit of the collarless collar of the bomber, the hoodie sits perfectly without looking too out of place. To finish the outfit, opt for a wide leg chino and a pair of trainers. This overall look is a favourite for us from Yeezy and it’s perfect when you are about to tackle the morning cold.

how to wear a bomber jacket men
Man wearing a bomber jacket


Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries bombers are a favourite for us here at The Idle Man. They have been seen all over the streets in the past year and are definitely making their mark within the bomber jacket craze. With it’s classic pilot jacket build and featuring Alpha Industries red tag on the arm, we know these bombers won’t be a short-term trend. So if you need a jacket to keep you warm but not tie you down, then look no further.

It’s the key to keeping warm, without the weight of a heavy jacket. When opting for an  Alpha Industries MA1 VF 59 bomber, pair the jacket with a longline tee. As the shape the of the Alpha Industries bomber is puffier than other brands, opting for a longline tee elevates your torso. Keep the underneath layer slim fit consistent, so opt for a black slim jean. Lastly, casual-down your outfit further with a pair of trainers.

alpha industries bomber jacket street style mens
A man wearing an Alpha Industries bomber jacket
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Coach Jacket

If you are in need of the lightweight jacket which provides that extra bit of sharp edge, then opt for a coach jacket. It’s a personal favourite for us at Idle HQ, with brands such as The Hundreds and Stussy  highly favourable for the style.

Originally for sportswear in the 1990s, the coach jacket has emerged into a symbolistic item for streetwear. It’s the step down from the classic varsity, with a tailored edge. As a matter of fact, the jacket has shaped into a staple item which is simple to dress up and dress down, from the visits to the bar to overcast day out. I guess we can all agree then, it’s the best of both worlds jacket.

coach jacket street style


The Hundreds

A brand that is constantly changing the game of streetwear, The Hundreds always bring innovative design to their coach jackets. Stamped with the iconic ‘bomb’ logo and name on the back, The Hundreds coach jacket is perfect if you are wanting to elevate your streetwear wardrobe.

When including The Hundreds Bar Logo coach jacket, make sure you opt for a simple T-shirt, or The Hundreds Valor Long Sleeve Shirt. While the unspoken rule is to keep your collars consistent, you cannot go wrong with both stand-up collars of the shirt and jacket. While the layering detail of the shirt and jacket can be quite fitted, opt for a black slim jean and lastly a pair of coordinating trainers. This is an effortless premium look which can keep you warm through the changing seasons.


If you are wanting to take a dip into the trends this season, don’t cross the coach off completely. A must have essential not just for winter but for summer too, the coach jacket in black is great for all seasons. Easy to layer with for a winter warmer, opt for Dickies black coach jacket with a black sweatshirt and a white shirt. Make sure to keep the look simple with a black slim jean. To elevate the city-winter look further, opt for Asics trainers.

oh anthonio street style coach jacket mens
Blogger Oh Anthonio wearing a coach jacket



The Harrington jacket is a symbol of British outwear if ever there was one. Being widely popular amongst the skinhead stereotype of the 1960s, the Harrington jacket is valued for its vintage feel. For a lightweight jacket, it’s the perfect balance between detailing and simple construction. Famously known for its tartan lining, it’s a staple piece year after year.

So if you are actually in need of a jacket, or maybe a throw over for a 1990s fancy dress you’re attending – we know this versatile jacket can keep you covered for both.

The Idle Man

Our very own Harrington jackets are the classic essential for your transitional wardrobe. With its tartan lining, we like to keep things simple. Pair the jacket with a white oxford shirt to create the perfect clash between collars, elevating your smart-casual look. To finish the look, pair the shirt and jacket with a skinny Dickies chino and lastly a skinhead stereotype favourite; a pair of classic Dr Marten. This look will keep you covered for the countryside walks you’ll be making this autumn.

mens street style harrington jacket
A man wearing a harrington jacket with skinny jeans
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest 


Mac Jacket

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can always rely on a mac jacket. Light, durable and waterproof, the mac jacket is a jacket for all year round. Whether you opt for mac jacket with a collar or with a hood, it’s the lightweight jacket you can create almost any look.


If you are needing a light jacket which can take you from day to night – then opt for the Farah double breasted mac. Like the coach jackets, the Farah Wexford mac provides defined edge to your casual wardrobe. Just as easy to layer with a jumper or a shirt there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t make it an addition to your wardrobe!

While finding the perfect jacket for drinks out at the bar or a pint down the pub can be a struggle, the Farah Wexford mac is sure to keep you looking sharp and effortless. Pair with a grey shirt and black slim fit smart trousers and lastly a smart brogue or derby. This look is guaranteed to keep you warm in the climate of the evening and can be recycled throughout the year.

mens street style mac coat
Man wearing a beige mac


Festival Outerwear

When it comes to festivals you need to prepare for the worst. Every year at least one day of Glastonbury sees the farm turn into a swampy mess after a night of torrential rain. That said, it can also be really sunny, but there really is no way of telling exactly how the wether will turn out on the day. You need to be prepared and make sure you have a lightweight coat or jacket that you can easily store away when the sun comes out, and easy to throw on when it starts to rain. Look to a brand like The North Face which provides lightweight jackets that you know will do the trick.

mens raincoat festival
Man wearing a rain jacket at a festival


How To Style Lightweight Outerwear

  • When opting for a lightweight jacket, always play around with your layering. Instead of opting for one layer opt for two.
  • Lightweight jackets are perfect for transitional dressing between seasons.
  • If you are in need of a jacket for a night-out or a trip for your Friday night drinks, always opt for a lightweight jacket. You don’t want to be looking like your dressed for the snow.
  • Lightweight jackets will never lose their credibility, they are essentially seasonless. Never be put off mixing the jackets listed with current trend staple items.
mens street style rain coat
Man wearing a raincoat and carrying a skateboard

On That Note

Because we are in our transitional months between seasons, that doesn’t always mean you need to go out in your thickest jumper. Lightweight jackets are nothing more but an essential to your wardrobe. Whether you go for tailored, two-in-one or your basic parka – the lightweight jacket is sure to take you throw those between seasons. So if the next time you step out your door and the post-summer weather is kicking, be sure to follow this guide.


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Every wardrobe needs at least one lightweight jacket. I mean, with the unpredictable British weather – why wouldn’t you have one? While they are...
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