10 Tips for Layering Your Outfit


As the autumn and winter months approach us, it’s time to start thinking about this season’s wardrobe. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, wearing different layers of clothes becomes a necessity to stay warm. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish whilst doing so. Here is our top 10 tips on how to layer your outfit. 

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Layering your look is essential during the autumn and winter months. When it’s cold outside and warm inside, wearing the perfect outfit that’ll keep you both hot and cool is hard to nail. But, if you think about layering your outfit this is a whole new ball game.

Layering certainly isn’t the hardest part of men’s winter fashion to get the hang of as you’re effectively just putting different items of clothing over another. Despite this, if you don’t know how to layer your clothes properly then your outfit can very quickly go from looking stylish to, well a bit of a mismatch. But don’t worry, if you follow the tips and tricks in this style guide you’ll be layering your outfits in the most stylish way possible.

1. Layering Clothes

In winter you’ll often be moving between hot and cold environments meaning this is why layering is so important. Being able to remove an outer layer without compromising the style of your outfit is the best thing about layering. However, it’s also one of the hardest things to get right. It means that all of your clothes have got to look great as an ensemble, as well as standalone items. So rule number one is basically making sure each separate piece looks good alone as well as with other pieces.

tweed blazer denim jacket shirt layering mens street style
How do you layer your outfit?


2. Layer thin to thick

This is not an absolute rule, but usually, your under layer should be your thinnest garment and the outer the thickest. This means it’s easier to regulate your temperature and it gives the outfit a regular sense of depth. For instance, if it’s particularly cold when you go out you will have lots of layers to keep you warm. However, if it then becomes warmer when you’re out, or you go inside, you can remove layers and cool down without compromising the style of your outfit.

T-shirts are great as a base layer to any outfit as they’re thin, light material and can be worn alone when you take off the rest of the layers. Throw on a hoodie over the top of your tee for your second layer and finish off with a denim jacket or overcoat. Hoodies are a nice middle layer as they are versatile to be worn on their own, as well as with a jacket or coat over them.

T-shirts, jumpers and a jacket are basic layering pieces


3. Layering Colours

When it comes to layering clothes, one of the biggest issues you’re going to encounter is the colour situation. When you’re wearing lots of different items of clothing, the risk of colours clashing becomes a lot larger. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the colours you’re wearing compliment each other and don’t ruin the look of your outfit

You want to keep the colours tonal, so greys, whites and blacks work well together. Different hues and tones of each colour will also look good, so if you’re going for a blue scheme then mix and match light blues and navy’s to create some kind of depth to the outfit. Colours are important and are probably the part that will make or break the look so think carefully about them.

4. Layering Patterns

When it comes to layering outfits, the choice of pattern is just as important as the colour. If you wear clothes with too many patterns or clothes that have clashing patterns then your outfit isn’t going to work. The simplest way to avoid this issue is to wear clothes in simple block colours. Although this can sound boring, if done correctly you can create a subtle minimalist style.

However, wearing some patterns can also be a really nice way to make an outfit more exciting. If you’re wearing layers with more than one pattern then be sure to avoid jarring patterns – allow one to be the base of the ensemble and all others graduate from that. The most complex patterns should be on the top layer. Also, be sure to not wear clothes with the same pattern. So, if you’re wearing a shirt with stripes, don’t then wear a tie with the same pattern of stripes on it. This will clutter your outfit and make it seem odd. Try and alternate patterns, so wear stripes with check for instance.

Layering can be done with a few different patterns


5. Layering Sweatshirts

Another rule to layering takes a dose of inspiration from Yeezy himself. Known for his heavy use of outwear worn over hoodies and bombers, his ways of doubling up are just as easy to recreate. Sweatshirts for that matter can be a tricky one to layer, especially with your basics. However, with a tonal colour palette and minimal detail, this look is great if you’re dressing for comfort.

6. Layering Shirts

Although you may be able to get away with just wearing a shirt in summer, when the colder months get here you’re going to start layering other clothes on top of your shirt to stay warm. It’s safe to say a shirt is one of the easiest pieces in your wardrobe to double up. Whether you throw on your favourite knit or a blazer, the layering method will have you geared up and ready for any occasion.

A key favourite will always have to be layering with a jumper. Simple, timeless and a look which is impossible to get wrong – layering with your winter-warmer can allow you to experiment with textures and colours, so take advantage. While you can feel restricted to throw on another layer for the outdoors with this look, don’t be put off. To avoid feeling too snug, we recommend opting for the key winter essential such as a parka. Depending on what colour palette you are going for with the rest of your look, opting for a parka can be a long-lasting layering investment.

Kanye layers his hoodies with oversized jackets


7. Layering Formal Outfits

If you’re working in an office with a professional dress code this winter then you’re going to need to know how to layer a formal outfit correctly. Fortunately, layering a formal outfit is pretty straightforward. For instance, to layer a formal outfit such as a suit, you should just wear it in the same way that you would normally. Begin with a dress shirt and tie and then add a suit jacket and overcoat to finish it off.

For an alternative, switch your tie with a cable knit jumper. While this look works great for more tonal or coordinating colour palettes, always remember to take your blazer into consideration. This means, avoid skinny-fit blazers and opt for a slim-fit reducing a snug and restricted feel. The jumper shouldn’t be too bright or patterned and should compliment the suit and shirt well.

mens overcoat suit jumper layered outfit
A jumper under a suit will give you that extra warmth


8. Winter Going Out Outfits

Going out during the winter can be an extremely frustrating experience when it comes to outfits. You want to look stylish but also remain warm. Everyone knows the pain of wearing a coat to the club, only to then pay for the cloakroom when you get too hot inside and proceeding to forget to pick it up at the end of the night. It’s, therefore, important to have a few outfits up your sleeve for when you’re going out and want to stay comfortable and fashionable and warm.

If you need an outfit for going out in the winter but don’t want to wear a coat to a venue then a good alternative is to firstly layer with a roll neck jumper. A light denim jacket or a shirt is then perfect for insulating your body over the top whilst also being breathable and lightweight. This look creates a defined, clean image, while still opting for something a little different to the basic jumper and shirt – plus you it allows you layer up with additional pieces.

A roll neck is a good evening base layer


9. Autumn Outfit Ideas

Autumn is a tricky time of year to dress up for. It’s that time of year when it’s not quite cold enough to wear all your proper winter clothes, but it’s too cold and wet to wear any of your summer outfits. It is a terrible limbo, a purgatory of fashion where it’s extremely hard to find any outfits that will satisfy the weather. Therefore, layering properly is one of the most important things to get right when dressing up in autumn fashion. You need to be prepared at all times for the weather to be cold, but also for it to suddenly turn a little warmer. For this, we’ve nailed down the look which allows you to experiment and still look effortlessly stylised.

Based around the idea of being transitional, this layer build is sure to get you through the unpredictable temperatures of Autumn. Opting for a light coach jacket takes the weight off the layering over the denim jacket. For the extra layer of warmth, instead of going for a sweatshirt or jumper, elevate your neck under the layers and opt for a roll neck.

coach jacket denim jacket roll neck layering mens street style
An ideal autumn layer, the roll neck


10. Layering Clothes with 3 or More Pieces

If layering with just a jacket, jumper and shirt isn’t enough for you, you’ll be glad to know layering clothes with three items or more is just as acceptable. It’s a perfect way to experiment with your own style and the pieces in your wardrobe. Additionally, it’s a great way to battle the winter weather while also dressing well and feeling comfortable.

Shirts, overshirts, jumpers, light jacket, heavier jackets, you name it, as long as you don’t over heat or feel look like Joey in season three of Friends in ALL of Chandlers clothes, you’ll be fine. Keeping the colours complimentary and you’re good to go.

Guide to Layering your Outfit

  • Layering is key for autumn winter, it’ll have you ready for anything the weather throws at you.
  • The colours should stay tonal and compliment each other well. Nothing too bright or random and you’ll have a good look.
  • If you’re going for a pattern make sure it doesn’t completely clash with any other outfit piece.
  • You can layer for any occasion, just remember what pieces work best for the situation.
puff jacket overcoat layer mens street style
Know how to layer your outfit for autumn winter

On That Note

Once you have the colours, pieces and fabric thicknesses sussed out, layering will come to you like a second nature. Know what should go over what and what colours work best with others. So as the cooler, random weather months hit us, layering is a good styling aspect to grasp as it’ll save you from a lot of sweaty or freezing style mistakes.


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As the autumn and winter months approach us, it’s time to start thinking about this season’s wardrobe. As the days get shorter and the...
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