Key Trends for Autumn/Winter 17 – Western Jackets


It’s time to relive the 1970s, as the western jacket is back. It’s a staple essential that’ll get you through the last few months of the year and is guaranteed to keep you looking stylish from day to night. From denim to suede, the western jacket will now become your go-to. For that, we have nailed down the best of the best and exclusively, and shown you how to wear them.

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While we approach the last few months of 2017, it’s time to style up our wardrobe and begin the transition to AW17 trends. While the list of trends this year have been endless, from Cuban-collar shirts to wide leg trousers, it seems that we’ve relived every decade of the past century. With menswear is rapidly ever-changing and slowly catching up to the momentum of womenswear, it seems like there’s so much choice to what we can take from catwalk to our wardrobe. However, that doesn’t mean staple items are gone within a miss.

Guaranteed to take you through the seasons is the Western Jacket. Creeping into our trend list in the past 3 seasons, it’s now time to get investing. So if you’re into mixing textures, heavy duty or working the double denim, the Western Jacket and Western Outwear will be your next ultimate purchase.

Mens Western Jacket Trend

Originally claiming it’s spot to fame in 1970s, the Western jacket can be considered somewhat timeless. It’s revolutionised through years, in different fabrics, linings and designs, moulding into a jacket made for any style-conscious male. Wanting to go for the modernised suede look? There’s a Western jacket for that. Or even, leather? Yep, you guessed it – there’s also a Western jacket for that too.

Western suede jackets are perfect for the colder autumn months


Mens Western Denim Jacket

Double Denim is back again (hooray), especially when it comes to your outerwear. We’ve seen it creep through the seasons, from catwalk to bloggers – essentially becoming the safest way to experiment your with your textures and for that, colour. From mixing your indigos to the classic blue and black, double denim is guaranteed to keep you looking cool and collected.

Although the art of layering denim isn’t exactly always the most comfortable – that hasn’t affected the love we have for the effortless look. For that, when featuring double denim into your outfit, Western Jacket is your go-to item. Easy to layer with your Autumn/Winter essentials, the Western Denim Jacket is your versatile addition for your wardrobe.

A casual denim western jacket will get you through the day


How to Wear the Western Denim Jacket

A classic go-to look is to change up your Western Denim Jacket with a pair of your favourite black slim jeans and the safest way to wear double denim is to mix up the colour palette. A look which can give you the endless possibilities to layering is the Western Denim Jacket paired with black jeans. This can take you from the late summer months to early autumn as the weather gets colder. Finish the look with a pair of white trainers, allowing all the attention to colour and detail onto your jacket.

If you are wanting to experiment with double denim further, then enhance your double denim look with matching tones. Popular within Levi’s aesthetic, go for more a nostalgic look with matching denim jeans. As the Levi’s Denim Western Jacket is a symbolistic item for the brand, it’s guaranteed to become to a classic for your wardrobe – rather than a trend-worthy investment. Finish with a T-shirt or jumper and some classic old school Vans and this outfit will guarantee to get your jacket noticed.

Mix up your double denim with different colours and tones

Mens Western Suede Jacket

From bombers to heavy duty jackets, suede has definitely made its statement for 2017. It’s the step-up from leather and the perfect way to elevate your outwear wardrobe. Popular in monochrome and neutral tones, wearing suede is guaranteed to add that premium touch to any outfit. Again like double denim, suede allows you to experiment with textures, essentially extending your horizons of playing around with your outfit builds. Although it’s probably not the most practical for those rainy days, don’t be put off.

How to Wear Western Suede Jacket

When going for a monochrome look, pair your Western Suede Jacket with a black t-shirt and a black slim jean. If it does get a bit colder, opt for a black hoodie underneath. Then finish with a shoe of choice, depending on the occasion. When it’s the quick trip to the pub, opt for a trainer. Or if you wanting to clean-cut your look further, go for classic Dr Martens shoes.

If you wanting jump on the AW17 trend further, opt for a Western Suede Jacket in neutral, earth tones. We recommend The Idle Man tanned western jacket with detachable collar. Going for a tan or brown shade is the most popular amongst our bloggers, as it’s subtle yet evidently stylish. When going for these tones, keep your outfit simple so your key focus is the suede fabric. Build the look with a black tee, black smart trousers and a neutral coloured shoe – one which doesn’t pull attention away from the jacket.

A men’s brown suede jacket can be worn both day and night


Mens Western Shearling & Borg Jackets

A favourite for the cold months of 2017 is the Shearling lined or borg collared Western Jackets as these are the ultimate winter warm-up. From denim to suede there is a Shearling Western Jacket for any style you’re wanting to achieve. Essentially the warmer alternative within the Western Jacket mix, shearling is a lining alot to be desired. Heavy-duty, classic and probably a big investment for your wardrobe, Western Shearling Jacket is definitely worth your money. A major trend highlight for AW17 across all ends of the industry, your Western Shearling Jacket is here to stay to get us through the minus temperatures.

How to Wear Western Shearling & Borg Jackets

When we say the Western shearling Jacket is the best of both worlds, we aren’t wrong. With the rise in demand, you can warm up any look with this staple piece. When going for a tan Western shearling jacket, play around with other subtle tones such as beige, creams and royal navy’s. Finish the look with a dark wash slim jean and a black smart shoe, either a classic or a Derby. Make sure you keep the smart vibe consistent, especially with the chic look of shearling. So, overall, this is a look can work for when you want to channel a classic British look for the coming months.

If you want to smarten up your Western Shearling Jacket during the colder months, then experiment with denim. Smarten the jacket up by layering under a white Oxford shirt or if you want to double up, opt for another denim. With similar collars, laying the jacket with the shirt creates consistency within your outfit. To finish the look, go for a tanned or black chino. If you do go for chinos, we’d recommend Dickies chinos as they have a heavy-duty construction and complimenting structure of the jacket.

Keep it casual with a minimal colour palette

Western Jacket Trend

  • Western Jackets are definitely here to stay so its a good time to invest in one. Leather, suede or denim you have a wide selection to choose from.
  • The Western Jacket is a go-to piece and is perfect for layering, making it suitable for both colder and warmer days.
  • Remember Western Jackets will always have a tailored construction. When going for trousers or jeans, opt for a slim or straight fit.
  • The jacket can be worn casually for day to day wear while also being dressed up for the slightly more formal occasions.
The western jacket is versatile and a go-to piece

On that Note

Men’s suede jackets are one of the essential pieces you can opt for during the AW17 season. From autumn scenic walks to that anticipated date night, the Western Jacket is an essential which can style up any outfit. With its minor detailing and masculine construction, it’s a statement item which we will definitely be seeing more of. With an element of vintage, this jacket trend is by far one of our favourites at The Idle Man.


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It’s time to relive the 1970s, as the western jacket is back. It’s a staple essential that’ll get you through the last few months...
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