Key Mens Trends for Autumn/Winter 2016


In need of sprucing up your wardrobe this season? Or stuck on appropriate winter fashion for the cold? Then get to know the trends for Autumn/Winter 2016 with this exclusive guide, only with The Idle Man.

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It’s that time of year again when we’re figuring out what the next biggest trends are going to be, so that you can always look your best, and be bang on trend at the same time. I know what many of you will be thinking, ‘we haven’t even got through summer yet’, and you’d be right, but it never hurts to be ahead of the game.

Personally, the autumn and winter months are my favourite, they allow you to really experiment with your wardrobe and try new things without being too hot and sweaty. So, whether you want to try and tackle neutral tones or a statement coat this season, you can always rely on us over here at Idle HQ to guide you through it all.

Trends for Autumn: Jackets

Practical Outerwear

As men, we always like to have that element of practicality to our wardrobes, whether it be functional pockets, or somewhere safe to store your phone and wallet. So, this autumn/winter, why not try and go for a practical piece of outerwear to keep you warm, stylish and practical all at the same time.

The best way to achieve this is to get investing into a parka jacket. For us this season, they have caught our eyes on and off catwalks, from street style to our very own brands Spiewak and Fat Moose. Commonly designed with a fur hoodie, heavy duty fabric and additional areas for storage – it’s your wardrobe essential you never knew you needed.

carhartt parka mens street style
Carhartt WIP Parka


What to Wear This Winter

We love the idea of partnering the parka with heavy duty and utility staple pieces. With the versatile choice of shoes that can go with a parka, it’s essentially a must-have for your wardrobe. Taking inspiration from the looks below, when in need for a quick outfit build, simply throw on a work chino or a slim black jean, with a durable smart shoe.

the idle man mens street style parka jackets


Statement Coats

With it being winter, you’ll always need a decent coat to see you through the season, but, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Statement coats were everywhere at the shows and over here at Idle HQ, we loved them. Brands such as Farah, Wood Wood and our very own The Idle Man showcased some great statement coats for next season. From overcoats to leather, opting for staple outwear is your easy route to sprucing up your outfit – especially for Friday night drinks.

You are probably asking, what makes a ‘statement’ jacket? The answer is Scandinavian-inspired designs, modern cuts and this season earth-tones and  greyscales are what makes a jacket a staple. For this season, opting for  overcoats, bombers or branded anoraks are you’re easy go-to for dominating the trend.

overcoat jumper oxford shirt mens street style


What to Wear This Winter

The beauty of statement jackets is that it gives you the opportunity to play around with your layering. While the jacket is simple itself, don’t feel held back from experimenting with layering, and opting for a shirt and a jumper to complete your look.

At Idle HQ we love the street looks above. They’ve proven that a minimal statement jacket doesn’t have to be boring, especially for this season. Whether you go for a sports-lux inspired look, or something a little more defined and modern, opting for a staple coat for your winter fashion will have you covered.

mens street style the idle man overcoat


Shearling Jackets

Shearling is a classic and timeless fabric that looks great no matter how you wear it. For this autumn/winter, grab yourself a shearling jacket to see you through the colder months, both in practical warmth and style. Coach’s designs for the season have trickled down into our favourite brands such as Schott, who showcased some cracking shearling jackets, in both black and brown leather.

mens street style shearling jacket the idle man


What to Wear for this Winter

Wearing shearling doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile jackets you can own. Warm yet effortlessly stylish, mix trends with your shearling by opting for a roll neck. Or for a more classic, ‘biker’ vibe, throw on a check shirt.

the idle man mens street style shearling jacket


Trends for Autumn: Knitwear

Roll Neck Jumpers

Another reoccurring classic that we kept seeing at the shows was the roll neck jumper. The roll neck jumper has had a revival over the past few years to become something that every man can wear in style, so forget the Milk Tray man and start thinking more David Gandy.

Again, neutral tones have played a massive role for most brands this season for autumn winter collection. Vito, Selected Homme and our very own The Idle Man have all been showcasing neutral hues and classic shapes intertwined with more modern pieces. Perfect to wear with a statement jacket, simple pair of chinos or smartened with a suit, investing into a roll neck will become the winter warmer you never knew you needed.

the idle man aw16 lookbook mens street style overcoat rollneck


What to Wear for this Winter

If a roll neck is a new territory for you, don’t be put off dominating this trend for the season. It’s the winter warmer you never knew you needed and is substantially easy to wear with almost anything.

Taking a page out of the looks below, opting for a roll neck can be the perfect go-to with a classic Barbour jacket or a denim shirt. Play around with your textures of this seasons autumn winter collection, especially when opting for the high neck knits.  With a range of colours for the season of the roll neck, you’re not spoilt for choice when discovering a look that fits your persona.

mens street style western jacket layering double denim
PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man, Pinterest


Trends for Autumn: Colours

Earth and Neutral Colours

Earthy and neutral tones, as you have seen, played a massive role in autumn/winter 2016, with brands such as Y.M.C taking a dip of inspiration. From chunky knits and sweatshirts to full-length coats and suits, it seems like everything has been dipped into natural colours. With our fixation on the contemporary art of Scandinavian style, it’s about time the neutral colour palette is a stylish quick-route to dressing well.

Neutral and earth tones work great for layering, or if you’re going for a tonal look. This autumn/winter try something beige or stone coloured mixed in with a little bit of green and orange, as these will work perfectly no matter what the weather may bring.

the idle man ymc shearling jacket mens street style


What to Wear This Winter

When opting for neutral colours and earth-tones, always try to integrate them with your basics, such as black denim, blue denim, white t-shirts and greys. Even when you opt for your go-to pair of jeans and a t-shirt, dipping into Earth-tones is sure to spruce up your look, especially when channelling your inner Scandi.

mens street style camel layering denim


Trends for Autumn: Trousers

Wide Legged Trousers

The wide legged trouser is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier over here at Idle HQ. No longer are we interested in the drain pipe silhouette that has dominated menswear for some time now. With more room to breath, you can easily slot a pair of wide legged trousers into your everyday wardrobe.

Brands like Dickies have always been the step ahead when dominating what’s trending. Famously known for achieving the wide leg chino with the 874 Original pant, the catwalk to highstreet look has never been so easy to achieve. Also available in our very own line, you can’t say that we don’t treat you.

mens dickies trousers camel 874 pant the idle man


On the Street

When opting for the wide leg, always take in consider what silhouette you are wanting to create with your look. We recommend keeping your outfit boxy and oversized, elevating a streetwear look. Work shirts, boxy t-shirts and western jackets are always your best choice guaranteed to keep you looking cool and collected.

wide leg trousers the idle man mens street style


Key Winter Fashion Trends

  • Practical outerwear
  • Statement coats
  • Shearling
  • Roll Neck Jumpers
  • Earth Tones and neutral colours
  • Wide legged trousers

Key Trends for Autumn/Winter 2016

  • Take advantage of layering and mix trends.
  • Earth-tones and neutral colours are effortlessly stylish.
  • Experiment with your silhouette when layering.
  • These autumn fashion trends are sure to keep you covered right to spring.


the idle man scandi Scandinavian street style mens


On That Note

When following this guide, we guarantee that this autumn/winter season doesn’t have to be a hassle of keeping warm and looking simultaneously stylish. While neutral and muted colours on our radar for the season, dressing well isn’t going to leave you standing out – especially for the wrong reasons. As Shearling is making it’s revival and the roll neck season is in full swing, take advantage and spruce up your wardrobe.

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