The Idle Man Selects: Festival Essentials

Festival season is finally upon us and with that comes the inevitable list of apprehensions ahead of a weekend of binging on warm lager, not washing and potentially engaging in a spot of inebriated intercourse. Although it’s not our job to advise you on how many wet wipes you’ll need, or the quantity of condoms you should pack, we are here to suggest the kind of clobber you’d ought to be rocking. Since looking the part at a festival is key, we’ve carefully selected some of our best bits to ensure you’re more than equipped, whatever the weather chucks.

Sweatshirts | Jackets

We know it’s summertime and all, but since this is the UK we’ve got to be prepared for the worse case scenario. Even if it’s a hundred degrees during the day, it’s more than likely it won’t be at night, so we’ve chosen two simple sweatshirts from Farah Vintage and Native Youth that you can easily throw on when the evening chills start to kick in.

Equally, we can’t guarantee that it’ll be bright blue skies and sunshine all weekend, so we’ve flung in a couple of really slick raincoats from RAINS to keep you dry in the eventuality of a downpour.

Clockwise from top left:
Native Youth Sweatshirt With Ghost Pocket
Farah Vintage Sweatshirt With Logo
RAINS Jacket
RAINS Breaker Jacket

Polo Shirts | T-Shirts | Shirts

Regardless if you’re T-Shirt kind of guy or you prefer your tops with collars, there’s something for everyone with this assortment of allover print, plain and striped, short-sleeved options to ensure you stand out in the festival crowd.

Clockwise from top left:
Farah Vintage Short Sleeve Shirt
Religion Short Sleeve Floral Shirt
Native Youth T-Shirt With Stripe
Supremebeing T-Shirt With Birch Print


Owning a decent pair of shorts is essential for every man, and if it happens to be scorching at your chosen festival, then you’re going to be grateful that you bought a pair. If you’re after something versatile and understated then the Farah Vintage Chino Shorts and Bellfield Phlox Chino shorts are both classic choices. However, if you’d prefer a more contemporary option, then Farah Vintage’s Shorts With Aztec Print and Native Youth’s Chino Shorts With Print are definitely the ones for you.


Clockwise from top left:
Farah Vintage Shorts With Aztec Print
Bellfield Phlox Chino Shorts
Native Youth Chino Shorts With Print
Farah Vintage Chino Shorts


No festival outfit is complete without an accessory of some description, so we’ve put together an eclectic concoction of items you wouldn’t want to be seen without this summer, ranging from reversible bucket hats to 5 panel caps and sunglasses to backpacks.


Clockwise from top left:
Jeepers Peepers Winston Wayfarer Sunglasses
Mi-Pac Nordic Backpack
Icon Brand 5 Panel Cap With Digital Print Peak
Farah Vintage Reversible Bucket Hat


We’re strong believers in the principle that the glass is always half full, so, with that in mind we doubt you’ll be needing wellies this summer, which is probably just as well, as we don’t stock them. However, we have picked this brilliant bunch of kicks to satisfy all tastes, and most importantly to keep you as comfy as possible when spending lengthy periods on your feet.


Clockwise from top left:
Fish ‘n’ Chips by Base London Slip-On Plimsolls
Bellfield Brachan Plimsolls
Fish ‘n’ Chips by Base London Plimsolls
Religion Hi-Top Trainers

For even more festival essentials check out the ‘Festival Fever’ section.

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