5 Best Dressed Men Of The Week: 28th August 2017

Here at The Idle Man we’re always on the look out for new styles, new faces and new ideas that circulate in the world of fashion. Each week we’ll save you the hassle of scouring the internet for the best dressed guys, as we’ve rounded up our top five of the week.

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As September approaches and it gets to the time of year where you don’t actually know if its summer or autumn, or if it’s jacket weather or coat weather, well dressed celebs are the only ones that’ll help guide us through the essential do’s and don’ts. This week we’ve seen the VMA’s grace our screens, which brought a lot of inspiration, as well as the 74th Venice Film festival – plus we can’t forget the hype of the ‘fight of the century’ which is still on the tip of our tongues. So to sum up the week, here are our favourite looks.

Jack Guinness

Jack Guinness is known for throwing extravagant parties and inviting the coolest of cool celebrity guests to socialise with him – which comes to no surprise when you see who’s actually in his close circle of friends. This week, he’s topped it by hosting a private dinner with his pals in Mayfair restaurant Sexy Fish, where he wore a mustard colour suede jacket paired with a white T-shirt and jeans. As always the model pulls off an effortless look with ease which leaves him time to entertain his guests and enjoy the night.

PHOTO CREDIT: @jackguinness


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Insta posts often aren’t very planned (just like ours most of the time), and although we can’t see the entire outfit, it looks like Biebs has once again pulled off an outfit that not many of us could. He’s wearing what looks like denim striped dungarees, and the singer actually looks good in them (rather than looking like he’s just walked off a farm). His effortless style has always been something to copy and this outfit shows he’s just as normal and down to earth as the rest of us (kind of).

PHOTO CREDIT: @justinbieber


Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff may not be the first on your list when it comes to high fashion, but this year the American musician and singer song writer has hit the nail on the head. Double denim either works or it doesn’t and Jack has definitely got it right. Wearing denim that’s got slightly different blue tones to it actually helps with pulling the whole look together. His choice of a plain white tee and boots doesn’t over power the outfit and creates a well put together smart casual look.

PHOTO CREDIT: Entertainment Tonight


Conor McGregor

The fight on Sunday morning had everyone involved, even girlfriends and parents that would have no interest in boxing, so with it living up to expectations when Mayweather beat McGregor in the 10th round it was definitely one to remember. Similarly to the pre fight build up and selection of outfits, the post fight looks were equally as good. McGregor may have lost the fight but his suit for the post-match conference was definitely a winner. The boxer is not afraid to make a statement, and this patterned suit is by far the biggest knock out of them all, so much so that he’s made it onto the best dressed post twice!




To finish off our best looks of the week, what better way to do it than with firstly, one of the most simplest yet stylish outfits, and secondly, one worn by a favourite like Drake. The rapper spent Wednesday night out with friends in London at Park Chinois restaurant and stepped out all ready for the night ahead. He kept his look super casual with an all black attire and white trainers. If anyone can look good with minimal effort, of course it will be Drake.




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Here at The Idle Man we’re always on the look out for new styles, new faces and new ideas that circulate in the world...
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