Why You Should Be Wearing Blue This Season

How to Wear Blue - PHOTO CREDIT: RRQ Asia

Struggling to know how to wear blue? Then check out this simple style guide for all you need to know of this bang on trend colour.

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The infinitely popular tailoring colour blue is relevant every season and one of the easiest colours for men to wear with its vast variety of tones. Whether it is shades of sky, cobalt, navy or aqua, blue is a colour that men should feel comfortable in, with its masculine undertones and easily worn hue, which any guy can pull off.

That being said, it’s not as straightforward as simply throwing something blue on if you want to make an impression. The right tone and combination is important, as – unless you aspire to a career in children’s television – mixing bright, primary tones is probably not the way forward. Luckily, The Idle Man is here to help with a few cheeky pointers for the style-conscious men out there. This guide will talk you through some blue items you should consider and why.


The blue blazer can not be overlooked by the modern man. Easily dressed up or down, it is adaptable to almost any situation you might find yourself in. Tag in a crisp white shirt for a formal occasion, or throw on the timeless white tee underneath for something smart-casual. This is a must-own garment and ideal any man who wants to show off a mix of both contemporary and classic. A blue blazer is your fail-safe for multiple scenarios.

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Now, here comes the tricky part. What shade of blue is right for you? We suggest sparing a moment to consider how and when you will wear your new buy. Sticking with a navy blazer can be a bit safe, and often enough it’s easier to stick with what you know, but if you’re feeling bold then why not consider a patterned blue blazer this season? Separate yourself from the crowd with an original look.

And for those of you looking to really make a statement, or in search of something for a special occasion, then try out cobalt, aqua or sky blue. Either of these three alternatives offers a contemporary, attention grabbing look.

How to Wear Blue
How to Wear Blue

Word of warning, stick to neutral shades with the rest of your outfit in this instance, so that your blazer can really stand out.

Roll Necks

Having shaken off its stuffy connotations, the roll neck is now worthy of a spot in any modern man’s wardrobe. Capable of dressing down your formal attire, or putting the smart into your smart-casual, the roll neck is a refined and practical piece which will add a sense of chic to any cold-weather look.

If you’re more of a casual dresser, try wearing a roll neck with a chunkier wool design. However, if you want something smarter and more mature, opting for a lightweight cotton style should suit. Roll necks are available in a variety of weights and fabrics, so shop around and see what is right for your look.

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Again, classic navy is the obvious option in terms of tone. It is more appropriate for the office, although a stunning aqua or electric blue roll neck could help spice up your working week. Of course, keep it professional and find the right balance between appropriate office apparel and unfortunate office gossip potential. On the other hand, when it comes to casual, go with your gut – bold shades, patterns, it’s all fair game.


If you’re shuddering at the thought of wearing aqua, legwear is ideal for those that are not as eager to embrace some of the bolder and more vibrant blues. Varying shades of blue can brighten your existing legwear collection without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone.

Without a doubt, with the amount of washes available on the current market, jeans are the easiest way of adding something new to your image. If you’re growing tired of your trusted indigo jeans, try out a light blue or stonewashed style. Just keep in mind that the lighter your jeans, the more casual they look and as such should be avoided for traditionally formal attire.

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Speaking of which, for the sharper dressers out there (you know who you are), a textured or checked pair of navy trousers would be a wise addition to your formal wear collection. On the other hand, if you want to make more of an impression, a pair of sky blue chinos wouldn’t go a miss. Even turquoise if you’re open to it. It’s a minefield of beige and navy chinos out there, so try something a little different.

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Whether you’re wearing trousers, chinos or jeans, the size and fit is just as important as the colour your choose. Slim through the leg and tapered at the ankle is a good rule of thumb. For those of you who already own a selection of blue legwear (as I’m sure most of you do), if you’re not happy with the cut, pay your local tailor a visit – you won’t be disappointed. Badly fitting trousers are one of the most common fashion mistakes men make – do not be one of those guys.


You only get one shot to make a good first impression. It’s the first item that people notice about you, so it’s essential that you get your outerwear right. The fisherman jacket, cropped mac, unlined parka, padded field jacket and heavyweight bomber all come in multiple shades of blue. Think about the rest of your current wardrobe and as soon as you find the style you want buy it and wear it with everything you own. Easy.

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As we slowly crawl our way out of winter, something slightly more rugged and practical should be considered. A down-filled padded jacket or wool overcoat would do the trick, as either are versatile enough to team up with everything from your suit on your way to work in the week, to the jeans and trainers you’ll be wearing to the game at the weekend.

Navy is timeless and you can’t go wrong with it, especially as it is remarkably underused for outerwear in comparison to other neutral colours. Then again, an electric blue piece of outerwear would certainly inject some life into what is often an otherwise dull and dreary winter wardrobe. Take a risk with your outerwear – you’ll be glad you did.

How to Wear Blue
How to Wear Blue


Details make the difference. This is something every style-conscious man well knows and accessories are the all important finishing touch to any outfit. Hats, scarves and gloves are all good ideas during winter, as they all serve a practical purpose and are what you should be prioritising, as opposed to something superfluous which will overcomplicate your image.

Something small could make a big difference when it comes to accessories. Try an electric blue scarf sprawled over your charcoal suit, tweaking the classic commuter look with a contemporary twist. Add an aqua tie to an otherwise ordinary work shirt, a navy blue beanie to wear with your brown leather jacket, or even a petrol blue pair of gloves to go with the woolly jumper your Nan made you for Christmas which you still haven’t worn yet.

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And On That Note

The bottom line is, blue will never go out of style. Unaffected by the weather or season, blue is undisputedly a sensible and safe choice that can easily be integrated into the modern man’s wardrobe.