How to Wear the Dickies 874 Work Pant

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The Dickies 874 work pants debuted back in the Sixties when the pursuit for America’s best labour-suited trousers was well and truly underway. Having been first created several decades ago, the Dickies 874 is globally recognised as one of the best workwear suited trousers in the world. Wondering how to style yours? Read on for some tips.

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As a brand that has been around since the 1920s, Dickies had grown to one of the biggest workwear clothing manufacturers in the US, and eventually the world, in a matter of decades. With the resources they’d accumulated along with technical fabric advancements, Dickies’ 874 work pants far exceeded the competition with a superior composition of a polyester and cotton blend. This borderline indestructible material couldn’t have been suited better to supporting a workforce in a post-war industrious USA.

While they’ve maintained their place among the blue-collar workforce, Dickies has seen a new lease of life in recent years with a growing cult following among a young, fashion-conscious crowd. With an abundance of colours available, there’s a pair of 874 men’s Dickies pants suited to almost every situation – making them incredibly versatile, not to mention durable.

Dickies Style

While the brand’s direction has taken a slight turn in recent years after being adopted by the fashion community, the Dickies aesthetic is still very much centred around its blue-collared foundations. Having developed as a company with roots deep in workwear, they maintain this loyalty to the customers that made the brand who they are today.

Complementing this, however, they’ve added several design-led pieces to the collection, incorporating trends and popular prints alongside their classic overalls and durable trousers. This has opened a whole new audience for the brand without neglecting their existing followers. Interestingly, their 874s remain the brand’s most popular pants style; marrying practicality and style – read on for more information on how to wear them!

khakie dickies poncho anorak street style
Styling dickies


How to Wear the Dickies 874 Work Pants

To this day, the 874 dickies pants for men are among the brand’s best-selling products, and it’s no wonder why. The original 874 work pants come with all the practicalities you would expect from this brand with wrinkle resistance and stain release, making them ideal for a day to day pair of trousers that’ll stand the test of time.

With a seemingly endless number of colours available, it’s safe to say that any man should be easily able to incorporate a pair into their wardrobe. Simply put, the dickies 874 work pants can be styled the same way as you’d style chinos, so there’s not many rules or restrictions in terms of what you can and can’t wear.

Dickies will always stay true to its identity and vast heritage with its classic’s such as the bib overalls and the Original 874 chinos, but it’s also evolving with the times to meet the needs of its customers. This message is furthered as Dickies claim that of all their products, the 874s are the only product they’ve always got surplus stock of.

white trousers dickies drawstring black sweatshirt
Dickies Beige Work Pants


How to Wear Dickies 874 Black Work Pants

Dickies black work pants are, arguably, the most versatile of the lot. Although perfectly suited to being paired with a simple white T-shirt and some trainers, they can just as easily be dressed up with a shirt and some loafers – attesting to their versatile nature. Check out a couple of outfit ideas below, both formal and casual, that’ll work well with men’s black Dickies pants.

Ideal for a casual setting, the outfit below is a clean, minimal take on an otherwise relaxed ensemble. Mixing a perfectly fitted plain T-shirt with the iconic Dickies trousers is an age-old combination. Adding in an overshirt for layering and a classic borg lined denim jacket over the top will keep you warm in the cooler months whilst adding a touch of colour to the look. A pair of Converse should be a man’s wardrobe staple – pink or black, we don’t mind.

Style Pink Converse in the Winter


Contrasting to the look above, the Dickies work pants can also be styled up to be suited for a marginally more formal scenario. To hit the ‘smart casual’ dress code firmly on the head, add a high quality 100% cotton T-shirt from Champion as well as a timeless grey tweed blazer to layer on top. Throw on a pair of black leather loafers from Hudson to finish the look with a perfect touch of cool!

How to Wear Dickies Navy 874 Work Pants

Another expectedly popular choice for Dickies 874’s is a traditional navy. Just as versatile as the black numbers, they give a nod to their blue collared roots in a classic navy colour, while remaining contemporary with their wider fit and the current penchant for workwear centric pieces.

The effortless look below is a perfect example of Dickies’ work pants suitability to cool autumn weather. Styling the trousers with an oversized grey sweater and some high-tops is a quick and easy way to get out the door in less than a minute, and we’ve all been in that situation before…

Dickies Navy Work Pants
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How to Wear Dickies Beige 874 Work Pants

Finally, the Dickies beige work pants are a great alternative to their black and navy counterparts, especially during the summer months. With the same iconic fit, their wider fit on the thighs lends itself well to warmers days. Check out a couple of outfits, both smart and casual, for some inspiration below.

Perfect for summer, mixing a pair of beige Dickies 874 work pants with a contrasting shirt is the perfect combination for a stylish sunny look. We’ve added a pair of contemporary white leather trainers to maintain the laid-back aesthetic. Finish the look with some iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Styling Beige Dickies


When looking for a more formal appearance with Dickies 874’s, it’s best to stick to clean, block colours as opposed to opting for something printed. Finish the look with some smart Dr Martens ‘rugged’ shoes in brown to avoid looking over-polished and you’re all set for anything from a night out on the tiles with friends to a fancy dinner with the in-laws – oh joy!

Get The Look: Dickies Work Pants

While Dickies 874s are incredibly versatile and easy to style, a little guidance is always a good thing. With this in mind, we’ve selected two stylish looks, and how to replicate them.

For the first look, we’ve mixed a pair of Dickies khaki pants with a simple Breton striped T-shirt. We’ve finished off the look with a classic pair of Vans and a grey marl beanie for an effortless, street-ready appearance.

A Casual Dickies Look


 A Quick History of Dickies

Founded in 1918 by C. Don Williamson, Dickies initially started out as the ‘U.S. Overall Company’, only changing their name in 1922 when Williamson joined with his father and cousin to buy out the company, renaming it ‘The Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company’. After this, they quickly developed from a small manufacturer of bib overalls to the largest manufacturer of work clothes in the world.

By the time the 1950s had come around, Dickies was expanding into new markets – predominantly in Europe and the Middle East – in a trade liberated, post-war market. Texan oilmen began to introduce Dickies workwear to Middle Eastern oil field workers. This clever move saw exponential growth for the brand in the years following.

In the late eighties, Dickies set up shop in Somerset. They brought tough, durable and affordable workwear to the British labour force. This base allowed them to increase their presence in the UK and European markets. This, in turn, led to Dickies becoming the biggest producer of workwear in the UK.

Dickies Poster

As the nineties rolled around and the styles of the time saw an increased move towards casual dressing, Dickies was quickly adopted as the brand of choice among rebellious youth circles, which was soon replicated across the channel in Europe.

Today, Dickies carries an extensive range of workwear. This includes overalls, shirts, jackets, fleeces, bodywarmers and, of course, their iconic work trousers. Furthermore, a wide selection of high-performance products comprising of weather protection, high visibility garments, and flame retardant workwear is also available.

Starting from 2016, Dickies Streetwear has rebranded as Dickies Life. This change is brought about by a realisation at Dickies that the brand is about much more than the word ‘streetwear’ could ever hope to encompass. Dickies have always been about more than just the clothes, and Dickies Life is a recognition of the styles and subcultures that surround the brand.

Dickies Brand

How to Wear Dickies 874 Work Pants

  • Although black 874s are perfectly suited to be paired with a simple white T-shirt and some trainers, they can just as easily be dressed up with a shirt and some loafers.
  • Style a pair of navy 874s trousers with an oversized grey sweater, a simple black beanie, and some high-tops for a quick and easy way to get out the door in less than a minute.
  • Mix a pair of beige 874s work pants with a contrasting shirt for a perfect combination and stylish sunny getup. Add a pair of white leather trainers to maintain the laid-back aesthetic.
mens white chinos smart casual

On That Note

That’s your lot! While the stripped back nature of the Dickies 874’s makes them incredibly versatile, it’s exactly this versatility and lack of boundaries that can make building an outfit a little more difficult than you’d expect at times. It’s this adaptability, however, that makes Dickies work trousers the perfect, economical purchase for the man looking to buff out his wardrobe.

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