How To Wear Monochrome 5 Ways

Wanting to go for a monochromatic look but not sure how to pull it off? No worries, our quick guide on how to wear monochrome has all the looks you need to get inspired. Read more for all black outfits for men that are in keeping with the monochrome trend. 

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What is monochrome, you ask? Wearing clothing all in the same hue – better known as monochrome fashion – can create some really cool and stylish looks. For the sake of this guide we’re showing you black monochrome outfits because they’re easy to style and always look put-together.

It’s easy for any guy to create monochrome looks that hit the mark. The simplistic nature of monochrome allows you to make easy style choices. You can create so many different looks with an effortlessly masculine edge.

When styling monochrome remember to keep the visual interest going by varying the textures within your look. Consider leather-look options, patchwork on t-shirts, or two-tones with sweatshirts. We present to your our guide on how to style this striking look in three unique styles – sporty, alternative and smart.




Try out an eye-catching yet understated look with a pair of joggers and a well fitted T-shirt. You could go simple with a white top and black joggers, or go a little more intricate with a patterned black and white top and black or white joggers.

Keep the contrast bold if you’ve wearing joggers, as they’re typically a more relaxed design and a striking look is going to keep the outfit interesting. If the weather gets cold just throw on a simple hoodie and you’re all set.

For footwear keep keep things simple if you’ve got a lot going on on top. A classic pair of slip on Vans, or white plimsolls will keep everything wrapped up nicely. If you want to keep the colours neutral, but feel that simple plimsolls aren’t for you, try a thicker soled trainer for a 90’s edge that will keep things vibrant.

If you want to accessorise keep it simple with a black and white cap and a zip rucksack. Both will merge into the monochrome vibe as well as the sporty look, so you won’t look out of place when wearing them.




One way to get an alternative edge to your monochrome look is to keep things simple and focus on different textures. Wondering what to wear with black jeans? A leather jacket is iconic piece that can instantly add an interesting twist to an otherwise plain outfit.

Throw on a white T-shirt and match it with you pair of black skinny jeans. To complete the look you can slip on a pair of leather boots to subtly match with your leather jacket and draw the outfit together.

If that’s too simple for you, and you want something a little rougher looking you can go for items with patterns and bulkier designs, as well as accessorising with bolder pieces.

Grab a pair of black skinnies as your foundation. A fitted checked shirt in black and white is an eye-catching piece, and although it can be dressed up into something formal, it’s just as easy to give it a casual edge. Some black boots are the perfect shoes to wear with black jeans. You can also accessorise with some simple silver rings to add some more depth to the look.




Black and white is classic combination, and if you steer clear of clashing colours you will ensure that you’re keeping your outfit simple and smart. If you wear a black suit there’s not really much that can go wrong, as the suit is something that has been around for ages. We can all dictate the general rules – white shirt, black trousers and jacket, and the finishing touch of a tie in, in this case especially, black.

There is also a way to achieve something sharp, but with a less restrictive feel. Black tailored shorts are both comfortable, relaxed, but less casual than their jean counterparts. Matching a pair with a white oxford shirt and black loafers will complete the monochrome look in a less striking, and softer way.

You can also go for some cuffed grey chinos or a grey suit. Wondering what to wear with grey chinos? What shirt to wear with a grey suit? Simply pair them with a grey monochrome top. Finish it off with a pair of lace up brogues. The overall look will effortlessly merge comfort and style together.



How To Wear Monochrome

  • Going for a monochromatic look is a surefire way to look stylish and put together.
  • Go for black joggers, trainers, and a casual T-shirt to create a monochrome look with a sporty vibe.
  • For an alternative monochrome style, wear black slim-fit jeans and layer up with a black hoodie and denim jacket.
  • To get a formal monochrome look, match together suit separates and a smart shirt in the same hue.

On That Note

We just showed you a few ways that you can get in on the monochrome trend. At first all black and white fashion might feel a little restricting. However, it really gives you more freedom in terms of texture and silhouette. You might even end up dressing in monochrome more than you thought you would. The overall look is something that’s simple, modern, classic, and sophisticated all at once.


Wanting to go for a monochromatic look but not sure how to pull it off? No worries, our quick guide on how to wear...
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