Top 5 Hudson Shoes and How to Style Them

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In the short time, it’s been around, Hudson has made a name for itself as a high-quality brand that knows its shoes and its customers. In this quick and easy guide, we’ll show you how to wear footwear styles from Hudson. You’ll be an expert in the blink of an eye.

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Since 1990, Hudson has been churning out plenty of quality shoes, ranging from contemporary styles to classic silhouettes. Hudson shoes have become reliable companions to many happy feet. However, shoes like this need to be paired with the right clothes. Don’t worry, we’re going to show you the key Hudson models to match any outfit and occasion.

Hudson Shoes

Attracting legions of fans from the very beginning, Hudson men’s shoes have become a permanent feature in many different wardrobes. In spite of being a relatively new brand, the classic design of Hudson shoes and their wide range of men’s leather boots and formal shoes allowed the brand to become a favourite for many. Hudson has become one of the leading brands for affordable footwear and in 2004 they released their most successful collection yet: H by Hudson. If you’re looking for unique yet timeless men’s casual shoes, H by Hudson boots are what you need.

Hudson Chelsea Boot


Men’s Suede Chelsea Casual Boots: Casual

If you’re looking to bring a little bit more texture to your outfit, the Hudson Tamper boot also comes in a suede variety. Perfect for the autumn months, keeping tonal is a major look for the season. For this, we recommend pairing a khaki roll neck with a tanned overcoat. This look can be finished with a pair of straight fitted jeans. Any extra details? That’s simply down to your own persona, especially as the suede boots are completely versatile to any look.



Men’s Leather Chelsea Boots: Casual

If tanned and suede is a bit too adventurous for you, don’t be quick to jump back to the monochrome look. Instead, opt for Hudson black leather Chelsea boot. From the leg up, add subtle doses of colour, which isn’t too out of your comfort zone. Our Editors recommend dark indigo selvedge denim. Work the look with upwards with a hoodie and a simple tee. If you wish to layer up more for the winter season, opt for an overcoat to create a defined look in coordination with the boot.



Men’s Leather Chelsea Boots: Smart

Chelsea boots are a key piece for any wardrobe, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Apart from working incredibly well for day to day between the cooler months, they are exceptionally transitional for the night.

While the colour brown and tan work well for the evening, we always prefer to create a sharp look and opt for the classic black. Whether you prefer leather or suede, building a look which doesn’t leave the boots looking out of place is just as easy. Again, build your look around tones. Instead of a simple shirt and blazer, layer with a knitted jumper and a simple scarf. Build the look further with a black slim jean rather than a trouser for maximum comfort and a snug fit around the boot.  If the weather is still a bit too chilly, opt back to the overcoat.



Hudson Ankle Boot

Inspired by the military wardrobe, lace up leather ankle boots are a must in every man’s closet. These boots are extremely versatile and are a great choice for casual and smarter occasions alike. If you’re looking for the right pair of boots this winter, look no further. You can rely on the high ankle to keep you warm. With a slightly worn out finish, these boots will give you that effortlessly cool biker vibe.


Men’s Forge Boots: Casual

If you are a fan of the Chelsea boot and the Oxford shoe, then the Forge boot is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. An essential ankle boot for creating some of the most timeless looks, the Forge Boot is an easy transition for any season.

The shoe itself is a classic. For that, we like to opt for a look which is exactly the same. From the feet up, opt for light blue tapered jean. Then, branch out and double up with a blue denim shirt. While this is completely versatile with your own choice of a jacket, it’s also a great way to experiment and show a little personality.



Men’s Forge Boots: Smart Casual

While we wouldn’t opt the forge boot with your best suit, you can definitely spruce your look for any daytime occasions. Taking a dose of inspiration for a more British preppy image, opt for a grey stand up collar shirt. Then, layer with a knitted jumper and a pilot flight jacket. Lastly, finish your look with a dark indigo pair of selvedge denim jeans.

This semi-smart look is timeless and works perfectly well for the winter seasons. Additionally, shearling this season is a must-have, so take advantage.



Hudson Chukka Boot

Like the Forge boot, the Chukka boot is another classic shoe for any man. Easy to pair with some of your smartest key pieces, the simple leather design is just as easy to style around your own persona (and ideally easy to step into during the morning rush).

Men’s Casual Chukka Boot: Casual

While the shoe is a clean finish with minimal detailing, make sure you opt for something a little smart and with character. Unluckily as it seems, opting for a slim-fit jean and t-shirt works exceptionally well, especially if you want to experiment with layers. So for detailing in shape and texture, opt for a cardigan of choice. Then, to battle the cold, layer with a cardigan and a peacoat. While an overcoat can work equally as well, a peacoat can define your look for a more clean-cut silhouette.



Hudson Loafer

Loafers are a key piece in menswear. With different styles to choose from, they’re the most comfortable pair of shoes out there. If you don’t already own a pair, loafers will rock your world in the most pleasant of ways. It’ll feel like you’re walking barefoot and your feet won’t be able to resist their soft hug anymore.


Men’s Leather Loafer: Smart-Casual

Loafers are built for your most suited and booted looks, especially for spring. To conquer the look without the loafers looking too out place, take a dose of inspiration from the influence of British summertime. Whichever shoe colour you choose from such as Hudson’s leather classic black,  brown and burgundy – this look is easy to style around.

Creating a look from the feet up, opt for the pair of white smart trousers (or jeans for additional comfort). Then, throw on a light blue oxford shirt and a tweed blazer. While also keeping you warm in the late spring breeze, this look is sure to brighten up any occasion.



Men’s Suede Loafer: Formal

If you prefer to opt for a suede loafer, rebuild this look. However, while suede can be difficult to smarten up opt for a double breasted or a patterned blazer rather than the single tweed.



Hudson Brogue

It’s time to say farewell to the strictly formal days of Oxford shoes. Brogues are still the go-to footwear for formal events, no doubt about that. However, men’s brogue shoes can also be dressed down by matching them with a pair of raw jeans and a crisp shirt. Let’s have a look at what styling possibilities a solid pair of Hudson brogues has to offer.

Men’s Leather Brogue: Casual

While the leather brogue is also an essential choice to any suit, it doesn’t hurt to casual it down with a day to day look. If you are seeking for comfort, pair the brogues with selvedge denim. This is the combination of two classic pieces, which put together work really well for most casual and smart casual looks.

Depending on what and who you are dressing for, pair the jeans with a classic cable knit jumper. Or, if the occasion is based on first impressions, opt for a grandad collar shirt.



How to Wear Hudson Shoes

  • While specialising in smart footwear, Hudson shoes can adapt for most casual looks.
  • Chelsea and Chukka boots are casual classics, built to last winter after winter.
  • Brogues and Forge shoes however are more adaptable for your smarter wardrobe.
  • Opt for more tonal outfit builds when creating a look for day and night.
  • Hudson men’s shoes are a timeless brand name to have in your footwear collection.



On That Note

With all these different styles, Hudson shoes will give you the freedom of styling and comfort you’ve always been looking for. No matter the occasion, there will be a pair of shoes for you. If you’re looking to make some additions to your arsenal of shoes, the Hudson range is a great place to start. You won’t be disappointed.


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In the short time, it’s been around, Hudson has made a name for itself as a high-quality brand that knows its shoes and its customers. In...
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