How To Wear Converse


They are one of the world’s most iconic sneaker brands. Famous for their vintage court shoe design, people have been styling them for nearly a hundred years. Here’s how to wear Converse.

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As one of the most prolific trainer brands around, we all have our own memories and experiences with Converse. Whether it was tearing them to shreds in a skate park, or keeping them pristine for your night out, this versatile brand has always been with us.

Whether you’re going for a smart casual style or a scruffy grunge vibe, Converse shoes will work. Over there near hundred year history, the company has barely changed the design of their shoes, and why would you? You can’t improve on perfection, but you can wear it. Here’s how.

Black and White High Top Converse

If you’re looking for a pair of versatile sneakers that will go with lots of outfits then these are the shoes for you. The rich history of Converse is epitomised in this classic high-top shoe. The black and white trim has been a staple of the Converse brand for years and is what makes them so great.

Black and white Converse are a great shoe to team with a plethora of looks. Whether you’re wearing them to the office or keeping it casual with a more toned down look, a pair of black and white Converse will work with you no matter what the occasion.

We’ve gone for a more street inspired look with these trainers by teaming them with a pair of black wide fit trousers with the cuffs turned up. Team a printed or plain T-shirt in black with them and throw over a black coat of your choice to keep the warmth in.

black and white all star converse street style men


White High Top Converse

If you’re after a slick white pair of shoes to carry you through the year, then some white high top Converse are for you. You can muddy them up or keep them neat, either are great to complete your final look. They’re also adaptable into any outfit thanks to their versatile shade.

Surprisingly, a pair of white Converse can look quite smart, so don’t be afraid of teaming them with a smart casual look this season. Going for a monochromatic look, you can team your white Converse with a pair of black or even dark grey trousers. Turn up the bottoms of them to really show off your Converse and pair this look with a plain white T-shirt.

This look will see you from the office to a night out afterwards no bother. Accessorising shouldn’t be overlooked either; take a simple beanie or plain black watch to heighten your look just that little bit more.

how to wear white converse white t-shirt green chinos mens street style


All-White Converse

White Low-Top Converse

If you’re looking for a casual summer sneaker, then a pair of all white Converse are the ones for you. Not only does the classic look go with everything, they are also light and breathable enough to stop your feet from getting hot. Pair them with some shorts for a nice understated outfit.

White trainers are best when you wear them in a more casual and bright outfit. This makes them perfect for any spring or summer looks that you might have planned. Combining some low-top white Converse with a pair of blue jeans is a great way to create a fresh and balanced style. The white from you shoes contrasts with the dark blue of your jeans and creates harmony.

Next, find yourself a loose fitting black sweatshirt. A pullover is perfect for layering your outfit as it is easy to wear and keeps you warm when you need it. Finally, add a casual brown jacket over the top to add some more colour to your style. Whether you’re wandering around the shops in town or down the pub with some mates, this outfit will see you through your everyday routine.

mens cropped trouser converse white t-shirt hat


Black Converse

Black High Top Converse

The versatile nature of this shoe is what makes them so great. If you’re looking for some casual trainers to wear through the winter season then you can’t go wrong with a pair of all black Converse. Although you should probably avoid walking through any wet or snowy conditions, if you just need a pair of dark and stylish shoes, look no further.

When wearing all black Converse a more wintry, monochrome outfit can be the best option. You have to be careful when wearing an all black look to not appear too formal or you’ll end up looking like you’re going to a funeral. Instead, keep things casual with some skinny jeans and your Converse trainers.

Skinny jeans work perfectly with these trainers as the cuff manages to sit nicely on top without flaring too much. Next, if it’s cold outside you should add a black parka jacket to keep warm. Not only will this create a sense of uniformity with the bottom half of your outfit, it’s also an extremely stylish way to keep warm during the colder months. If you want to you can add some colour underneath your coat, but keep it simple, such as a white T-shirt.

If you want to accessorise then get yourself a scarf or beanie hat. These are a perfect opportunity to bring some extra detail to a look that is otherwise rather dark and monochrome.

Converse Chuck II Black hi top idle man editorial


Converse with Shorts

Although you may not associate wearing high-top shoes with shorts, if you wear it correctly, it can actually be an extremely adventurous look to take on. Although you can easily wear low-top Converse with shorts for the safer option, experimenting with high-tops is much more exciting.

The key with this daring look is to keep things casual and simple. As soon as you begin to add too many crazy colours or patterns your outfit will become too cluttered and loud. Try wearing some all black high-tops with a pair of stone washed denim shorts. The contrast between the light and dark will create a nice balance within you look. To keep it casual add a plain black T-shirt, which will also link nicely with the colour of your footwear.

Finally, spruce it up a bit with a red and black checkered shirt and a selection of accessories. Adding a good pair of sunnies and a hat are a perfect way to draw attention away from your Converse and add some extra detail to a great casual look.

all black converse and denim shorts men street style


Celebrities Wearing Converse

From smart casual, to hip hop and grunge, Converse are adaptable to any style. In testament to the popularity of Converse, many stylish celebrities wear them on a regular basis. Here are a few iconic Converse looks.

Wiz Khalifa manages to create the ultimate contemporary rock look. By combining an old school leather biker jacket with a grungy black hoodie and jeans he calls upon a rich history of rock style. However, he brings it into the present with his black and white Converse and accessories. To add some extra detail he also teams his look with a print T-shirt.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sole Collector


Chris Pine manages to do the opposite and create a very clean and smart look with his Converse. By pairing a casual grey oxford shirt with a pair of navy jeans he gets an effortless smart casual look. The white Converse is a perfect bit of detail to finish this relaxed outfit.

chris pine white converse outfit


Who better to model your Converse on then the God of grunge himself, Kurt Cobain. If you look past the drug abuse then you realise this guy actually had an extremely cool style. The grunge style is all about looking like you’ve put no effort into your outfit, even if you actually have. Cobain masters this look with a classic striped T-shirt with a pair of distressed denim jeans.

PHOTO CREDIT: Huffington Post


How to Wear Converse

  • Get a smart casual look with classic black and white Converse.
  • For a more summery outfit try wearing white trainers.
  • Wear shorts and high-top sneakers, it’s a bold and brave style.
  • Clean and maintain your shoes. Canvas can be tricky to keep clean, so be careful.

converse men street style


On That Note

Converse has stood the test of time and is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and iconic trainers that a man can own. No one’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of these versatile shoes. Whether you’re trying to get the ultimate smart casual look, or just need some comfy footwear to get around in, Converse will have your back. Play around with different outfits and see what works for you.