How to Wear a Watch

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With an almost endless variety of ways to pull off a classic or modern watch it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re going for a staple leather strap design or a clean metal one, there are different ways you can showcase your time-telling beauty, and we’re here to help you out with a few suggestions. Read on, get inspired, and don’t hide away this versatile, statement accessory.

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How to Wear a Watch

Watches are often seen as a status symbol, so there’s a reason why people are willing to spend over £8000 on a Swiss watch. We won’t get into the merits of a watch this pricey, but it’s safe to say that although the quality is undebatable, you don’t need to work your way into debt just to get something decent. If you’re looking for a watch that’s worth the investment then versatility is key, and it’s important to focus on more muted, classic colours rather than bolder, statement ones.

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What Hand Do You Wear a Watch On?

The traditional hand to wear a watch on is the left. Here at The Idle Man we like to defy convention. No one tells us what to do! The reason they’re worn on the left is most likely down to the fact that the majority of people are right-handed. This means people move their left hand less and aren’t as likely to damage the sensitive inner workings of the watch. You can get left handed watches, but it’s best to avoid those odd contraptions.

Where to Wear a Watch

You should wear a watch anywhere. What matters is the kind of event you find yourself in. Your bright orange Casio might be alright casually but it might not work so well with a tux, and if you’re dressing for a smart occasion you’ll want something that suits your outfit. Overall though there’s no right or wrong place to wear a watch, and as long as you’re working with a watch that fits you properly and sits correctly on your wrist, then there’s no reason not to wear one all the time.

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Formal Watches

Accessories will always make your outfit look more impressive, and adding a smart watch to formal look is the perfect way to give it a subtle boost. A suit and watch is a classic combination, so getting it right is vital. Something simple and traditional like a black or brown leather watch strap will work great with a black tie look, but you can add your own twist to the look by changing up the watch face and detailing.

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You don’t have to go with a leather watch strap all the time though, and a clean metallic watch can give off an elegant finish that’s great for formal looks. Keep the face simple and uncluttered to keep the overall finish from looking too casual, and above all, make sure it fits securely around your wrist. If you’re going for a light coloured suit, like a tan or blue, a gold watch will work with the richer tones, while a silver watch will work better with a darker coloured suit, like a black or navy one.

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Casual Watches

If you’re getting a casual watch you should pick up something that’s durable, versatile, and that works with your style. If you’re the type of guy who wears a lot of colour, or keeps things neutral but splashes out with his accessories, then a more ‘out there’ piece with a bright plastic or canvas strap can work great. However, if you’re more into the subtle looks then it’s better to take a page out of the formal style lookbook and opt for more versatile colours like brown or black to stay in keeping with our outfits.

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If you’re looking for something with a modern, yet still versatile, edge then a sleek digital design is always a good option. You can keep the overall look classic and simple by matching the rest of your outfit with the colour scheme, or go for a more striking contrast depending on your personal style. The modern style of the watch will keep things casual, but the darker, more versatile colour will keep it from looking too out of place with different outfits.

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How to Wear a Watch

  • A watch is best to wear it on your least dominant hand.
  • Formal watches are a great addition to any smart outfit.
  • Retro brands like Casio are a great option that you can wear day in, day out.
  • Lots of watches are waterproof but it’s best to check beforehand
  • A watch is a great way to avoid being late.
  • Watches with interchangeable straps gives you versatility.

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On That Note

Men’s watches are a simple way to make your outfit look instantly smarter. Whether you’re looking for something for a formal occasion or something a little bit more casual, there’s always going to be a watch for you. There’s no proper way to wear a watch, but there are ways to help fit it in more seamlessly with your overall look.


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