The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Suit

If you’ve been perusing the Manual over the last few days, you’ll no doubt have seen our first range of suit-focussed features, which include our guide to how to buy your first suit, and what shoes to wear with a suit, to tie in with the launch of our new Idle Man tailoring collection. Today, we continue with the tailoring tips and what we consider the dos and don’ts of wearing a suit, to guarantee you look super slick every time you slip on that jacket and trousers and not like a sloppy mess as is so often the case when guys rock a suit.


Photo: Jason R Jopseph



  • Buy yourself two pairs of trousers if you plan on wearing your suit to work everyday as they’ll often wear our before the jacket does
  • Make sure your jacket tapers at the waist to help accentuate your shoulders – regardless of how big they are
  • Ensure you jacket sleeves sit at the top of your wrists to allow for a quarter to half an inch of shirt cuff to show
  • Get your trousers taken up if they gather at the point where they meet your shoes. Ideally, trousers should break on top of your footwear or sit just above it
  • Always opt for a classic cut, rather than a contemporary, in navy blue or charcoal grey when buying your first suit as its versatility will mean you’re able to get plenty of wear from it


  • Ever do up the bottom button on a two or three-button suit only on a one button suit in which case that’s acceptable
  • Think knowing a good tailor is unnecessary as the odd tweak here and there can make a £100 suit look like it cost £1000
  • Try and be too flashy with your footwear – stick with a pair of classic Oxfords or penny loafers – as the wrong choice can instantly destroy the impact of a well-cut and composed suit
  • Get your suit dry cleaned too often as the chemicals used in dry cleaning will eventually cause your suit to wear out and go shiny
  • Leave the brand label on your jacket sleeve regardless of where you bought it, it’s not a good look



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