How to Wear a Denim Jacket 3 Ways

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No man’s wardrobe would be complete without a classic denim jacket. This is our guide on the three ways to wear a denim jacket, so that comfort and style are always achieved. Whether you decide to wear it as a rugged mid-layer during the depths of the winter or as a lightweight top layer in the spring, there’s no denying both the versatile practicality of the denim jacket.

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How to Wear a Denim Jacket


It’s the style you’ll probably find yourself using most often, wearing a denim jacket casually is one of the easiest ways to look good. Picking a neutral colour and design is a good idea as it’s more likely to go with a range of outfits. Pair it with black joggers and a plain T-Shirt for a stylish but unfussy look.

Combining with a pair of chinos is an easy way to get the most out of your jacket. It’s hard to think that anyone wouldn’t be able to emulate this outfit, most of you will have a pair of chinos and a plain white tee handy – combine them with a denim jacket and you’ve created a relaxed image.

blue denim jacket and chinos


Smart Casual

It’s a phrase that can stress out anyone who has no clue what they should be wearing, smart casual should never be difficult when you have a denim jacket to hand. If you’re considering a smarter look you might want to think about going for a darker shade, as it can add a sense of sophistication to your outfit.

Despite its seemingly relaxed style, the denim jacket straddles the line between smart and casual perfectly. Wearing a shirt and tie underneath is a simple way to smarten up your outfit without having to put in too much effort.

Double Denim

This combination has got a bad reputation, mainly down to it’s checkered past with celebrities wearing it badly. Fortunately, it’s time to reclaim double denim, so don’t be afraid of this style and make the most of a look that’s ridiculously easy to put together. The outfit below shows how good double denim can appear when it’s done right. The selvedge jeans look smart with the jacket. Pair with some brown shoes and you’ve got an outfit that is easy and impressive.

mens dark denim jacket and white T-shirt


What to Wear with a Denim Jacket for Men


Depending on the situation, the type of shirt you should combine with a denim jacket can change. If you’re going for a formal look then a white dress shirt can work nicely. On the other hand, if you’re keeping it cool and casual in summer, wearing a plain T-shirt underneath is easy to pull off.


Although double denim can work with the same shade, it’s also a nice opportunity to bring some contrast and balance to your outfit. If you’re wearing a blue jacket, why not pair it with some black jeans? If you want a more casual look then joggers are a nice alternative. Chinos work for a more formal style as well.

man in chinos and denim jacket mens
A man wearing chinos and denim jacket



Their versatility is what makes denim jackets such a great piece of men’s fashion. Depending on the style of outfit you’re going for, you can combine it with any number of shoe styles. For a classic casual look, the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor high top is a perfect companion. Try some desert boots or leather shoes for a more formal ensemble.



Wearing a hat might not be for everyone, but accessories like these are one of the best ways to make your outfit more impressive. It shows you’ve put some thought into what you’re wearing and you care about how you look, which is always a good thing.

Denim Jacket

Moving on 70 years and one of Hollywood’s greatest icons, James Dean, amongst others, donned one and propelled it into mainstream culture and fashion. Nowadays it’s a staple for men across the world, here at The Idle Man, we couldn’t imagine our wardrobes without one.

The humble denim jacket is a classic piece of menswear. Steeped in history and practicality it was strewn across the backs of workmen and trendsetters alike. It was in 1880 when the Denim god himself, Levi Strauss, created the first for engineers, railroad men and miners to wear as a durable and breathable piece of outerwear. The horizontal seems could be removed to allow the wearer extra room when working, it’s as practical as it is stylish.

mens dark navy levi's denim jacket


Street Style

We’re also going to consider a few looks that we’ve found out and about in the streets of the UK. It’s one of the easiest ways to get an idea of what would work for you, with so many different jackets out there, it definitely helps to see people wearing them in real life.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you might love someone’s outfit and it could be a great combination, but don’t be distraught if it doesn’t quite work when you wear something similar. What makes a certain outfit work on one person better than it does another is entirely down to people’s opinion, it can totally depend on your build and even just down to different hair colours. It’s great to get inspiration from others but always maintain your own style and be confident with it.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket

For a more casual denim jacket look, team it with some chinos or joggers and a nice pair of trainers or desert boots. On the other hand, to get a formal style, wear some professional trousers with leather shoes. Finally, don’t be afraid to try double denim, try the same shade if you’re feeling confident, or wear two tones for a nice contrasting balance.

blue double denim mens street style
Brad Pitts loves his white shirts

On That Note

The denim jacket is undoubtedly a classic piece of men’s outerwear fashion. Famous for its versatile nature, you can wear one all year round and in any number of outfit combinations. We have focused on three possible ways that you can wear this iconic jacket. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks, the possibilities are endless.


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