How to Travel in Style and Comfort this Summer

Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, so if there’s a way to ensure the whole experience is more enjoyable, we’re all for it. Sure, seeing off a few pints in Wetherspoons before your flight is one way, but on this occasion, we’re thinking more along the lines of crucial sartorial decisions you can make.

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Travel Attire

Whether you’re going on a long-haul flight, a short flight within Europe, or even on a road trip or train journey, there is simply nothing worse than sitting still for a period of time in uncomfortable clothing. We pity the man who boards a plane wearing jeans – this can’t be comfy, can it? No matter where you’re travelling to over the remaining weeks of summer, we’ve got a couple of wardrobe suggestions to guarantee you’re always looking stylish and – most importantly – feeling comfortable so that your journey can be that little bit better.

What to Wear on the Journey

The journey is always the worst part of travelling (unless, somehow, you’re travelling first class on an Emirates flight). So, in order to keep yourself sane, you’re going to need to be dressed in comfy clothing so that you feel as at ease as possible. We always see these first-class housewives travelling long journeys in all-white outfits. This is the first thing you shouldn’t do. Who wants to spend hours worrying about getting something on their all white outfit? Not us. Instead, we prefer to wear darker colours so that we can relax and not have to worry about spilling anything down us and looking messy for the rest of the journey.

Next, pick something comfy. Usually, this does not mean a pair of jeans. We’re thinking more along the lines of some tailored joggers (not the kind you lounge around your house in) and a well-fitting, plain T-shirt. Together, you can create a laid-back but well put-together outfit that won’t make you look like you haven’t made an effort at all. Partner all of this with some clean trainers that won’t rub after walking around for a while.

What to Wear on Your Travels

Naturally, knowing what to wear on your travels depends entirely on where it is you are travelling to. The right attire for a sunbathing holiday will be different to the right attire for a hot city break, so it’s imperative that you get the vibe right in order to pack efficiently. We’ll take you through the most popular holiday destinations to narrow down the travel clothing that you need to pack and wear.

Last-Minute City Break

If exploring a new city is more your bag than lying comatose on a sun lounger, then you’ll need an ensemble which allows you to see the sights as soon as you land. Light, comfortable layers are essential here, and so is a versatile pair of sunglasses.

Walking around a city can be tough work, so you need to make sure you have a comfy and sturdy pair of shoes on. We suggest you stick to a classic pair of trainers to get you from A-B. We don’t know where exactly you’re going, so we can predict the weather. We can, however, recommend that you wear layers for whatever it is you’re doing. There is nothing worse than getting too hot or too cold when walking around a city, so to avoid this, make sure you have enough layers to cover your back. Opt for a T-shirt, a jumper and if the weather permits, a lightweight raincoat.

You’ll most likely find that you have a fair bit to carry around on your city break, so taking a bag is essential. Whether you go for a full-on backpack or simply a shoulder bag is up to you – just consider what you might be carrying. Water bottles, cameras, any chargers, wallets, snacks etc. are all big contenders for a city break bag, so bear them in mind.

the idle man sunglasses
The Idle Man Sunglasses

Laid-back Long Haul

When you’re faced with a 10+ hour flight, looking sharp is probably fairly low down on your priority list. While we’re not suggesting you rock up in a three-piece suit, a failsafe button-down shirt or a decent bit of knitwear will guarantee you’re still looking presentable on the other side.

When you travel a long-haul flight, you need to consider what the weather will be like on the other side. If it’s going to be boiling, you won’t want to be dressed in an all-black ensemble. Equally, if it’s going to be cold and/or rainy, you won’t want to be dressed in shorts and a pair of flip flops when you get off the plane. A great idea for layering in this situation would be by wearing a shirt open over a T-shirt. By doing this, you are giving yourself that extra layer which you can easily take off if need be. This look also gives off massive laid-back summer vibes, so you’ll be dressed for the part once you’re off the plane. Wear clothes that are comfy and weather appropriate, and have sunglasses and suncream easily accessible if it’ll be really hot once you’re off that flight.

Sun, Sand and Sound Systems

With myriad music festivals cropping up across Europe each summer, there’s bound to be a line-up that will suit even the most niche musical preferences. If you’ve been fortunate enough to bag yourself a ticket, then get in the party mood from the get-go with this rave-ready ensemble.

Getting off the plane at a summer festival is the start of the festival (not counting the traditional Spoons at the airport before you leave). This means you will already want to be in some comfy shorts and a T-shirt for travel. We suggest going for a pair of jersey shorts which will keep you warm as well as cool once you’re in the heat. Equally, you could take a light jumper with you to wear on the plane if it gets chilly, which you could then put in your bag once you land. Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses to hand, too, so that you can channel those cool holiday vibes as soon as possible.

How to wear stripes in summer

How to Travel in Style and Comfort this Summer

  • Travel attire can be stressful to pick out, but as long as you stick to something dark and comfortable, you should be fine.
  • You should always dress comfy for the journey, whether it’s a long-haul flight or a road trip with your friends.
  • When you’re on your travels, dress in weather appropriate clothing for travelling around in. Remember to layer up and take a bag big enough for your exploring essentials.
  • Think about what the weather will be like when you get off of the plane. If it’ll be hot, wear cool clothing and vice versa.
  • When going on a plane for a summer festival, make sure you have your sunglasses in hand to get straight into the right vibe.
Wearing stripes in summer

On That Note

It may not sound like mission impossible, but a lot of people can misjudge what to wear on their travels, so they don’t always look good and feel comfortable at the same time. We think you just need to stick to basics. You can’t beat a plain, well-fitted T-shirt, a pair of tailored joggers and some comfy white trainers. Always make sure you check out what the weather is saying at the other end of your travels so you arrive some-what appropriately dressed, too.


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Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, so if there’s a way to ensure the whole experience is more enjoyable, we’re all...
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