How to Nail Men’s Riviera Style this Summer


Are you looking for a casual but classy look to wear this summer? If so, then look no further than the men’s Riviera style. The Riviera style merges sophistication and casualness together into a stylish blend which light and cool for the warmer weather. Read on for everything you need to know.

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The Riviera Trend

Ever since the first wave of well-to-do holidaymakers started flocking to southern parts of France and Italy in the late ’20s to early ’30s, an understated and elegant style began to emerge that was ideal for the endless boating, promenading and lounging they indulged in. This look is what has since become known as the Riviera trend. There may be a number of staple Riviera pieces already in your wardrobe: Breton stripe T-shirts, chinos, boat shoes, moccasins; but merging these pieces together can create a truly stylish look.

There are a lot of trends that swing about which are hard for people to come on board with. This isn’t one of them. The Riviera trend is really easy to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe as well as being easy to style and even easier to pull off. From striped T-shirts to white chinos and loafers without socks (or with invisible socks), read on to learn how to capture the trend’s highlights.

Riviera Trend Tops

Shirts are usually a great part of the Riviera look (as long as it isn’t too hot to wear one). The key to picking the right one is to stick to a light colour palette – black is out, as the look is fundamentally calm, so dark, bold colours would be too intense. Stick to a pastel colour scheme, with light blue, beige and white being your fundamentals.

Now, onto the style of shirt. A basic Oxford shirt is a classic piece that’s perfect for fulfilling the look. Keep the material thin, roll up the sleeves a little (or pick a short sleeve design), and yes, you can even unbutton the top few buttons.

You can also try out a basic polo shirt, which is like the trademark shirt of the Riviera look. Remember the rules on how to wear one properly to ensure that you look your best, and remember to tuck it into your trousers if it’s a longline design.

breton striped t-shirt white chinos mens street style
How to wear white chinos: the Riviera trend

Riviera Trend Bottoms

For the warm weather, shorts are the obvious option, so make sure that you’re picking the right ones. Never pick baggy ones, ones that go past the knee, or ones that finish too high (they’re shorts, not boxers). A slim fit pair that reaches just above your knee will give a clean, stylish look and you’ll be able to easily pair them with your choice of top.

If shorts aren’t your thing, or it’s just not warm enough for them, then chinos are a good option. These light, formal trousers are essential for the Riviera look. They also go perfectly with a tucked in shirt or polo shirt, so you can either dress them up or down, making them a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Choose a pair in a light, versatile colour like beige, and you’ll have yourself a pair of trousers that will go with anything.

Riviera Trend Shoes

Boots are out for this look, as anything too heavy will spoil the relaxed feel. Instead, try lace-up brogues, loafers and boat shoes. Loafers are perfect as they’ll go with both shorts and chinos, and come in a number of styles. Try a tasselled pair in a light brown colour for a relaxed, informal look.

If it’s really warm outside, consider wearing your loafers without any socks. Ok, you can still wear socks, but they should be invisible ones. You can buy these invisible socks from most places which means that you can have cooler ankles without your feet getting sweaty – it’s a win, win.

Another great option for the Riviera trend is the classic white trainer. Whether you go for some Vans or Converse, white trainers are a timeless item that will take you through every season no matter what trend or year. We do think, however, that you should always keep your white trainers clean. This isn’t that hard to do, and it’ll make sure your outfit stays fresh rather than a bit grubby.

How to Nail Men’s Riviera Style this Summer

  • The Riviera style is about dressing light and cool for summer. This means wearing striped T-shirts, shorts, boat shoes, chinos etc.
  • T-shirts, polo shirts or even button-down shirts are perfected for this style. Try to stick to muted down colours so nothing looks too brash.
  • Shorts are great for this trend. Make sure they are not too short or too long, though. You can also wear chinos if you want a warmer alternative to a pair of shorts.
  • Boat shoes and loafers are classics for encompassing the Riviera trend. Try wearing invisible socks to make this outfit work even more for the summer.
mens style the idle man fashion riviera
Boat shoes and shorts are a great combination for summer

On That Note

The Riviera trend is one that all men can come on board with this summer. The trend is effortless to wear and easy to pull off, making it a must-have look in every man’s wardrobe. Breton striped T-shirts are a huge part of the Riviera trend, so if you have one, make sure you pair it with some chinos shorts and loafers as well (without the socks, obviously). A pair of chino shorts will always work best for this look, but if you’re out in the evening when the temperature might drop, make sure you have some full-length chinos to take over. Feeling stylish and cool has never been easier than with this trend, so it’s well worth investing in a few pieces to have this summer.


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Are you looking for a casual but classy look to wear this summer? If so, then look no further than the men’s Riviera style....
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