How to Get the Fight Club Style

How to Get the Fight Club Style
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Ever wanted to know how to get the Fight Club style? This how to guide we show you how to nail it properly.

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What an iconic cult classic this film has now become. Well today we are going to break the first rule of Fight Club by showing you how to get the Fight Club style.

If you are unfamiliar to Fight Club, go watch it, but I hope you’re not as we pick up the certain styles that you might have missed at the time.

How to Get the Fight Club Style
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First off, it takes confidence to wear what Tyler Durden does and that is exactly the ideology the film promotes. “All the ways you wish you could be, that’s me. I look like you wanna look, I f*ck like you wanna f*ck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not.” Which to you is either a film quote or what your Tyler Durden tells you when you try to break free.

Deep down we all have a little Tyler Durden talking to us and that lookalike is probably wearing some style of clothes that you wouldn’t dream of wearing. This is the prime example of man makes the clothes and not the other way around.

How to Get the Fight Club Style
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Who will disagree with a man who wears a red leather jacket with an abstract shirt anyway? It’s all about confidence. How confident are you to try and pull off any of these Fight Club inspired outfits?

How to Get the Fight Club Style
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How to Get the Fight Club Style
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The polar opposite to that Tyler Durden was his host body, Tyler Durden (that’s Ed Norton if you’re not following). He is representative of the typical, suit wearing, 9 to 5 guy with apartment and rooms complete with Ikea furniture. The type to casually where a plain white shirt with the two top buttons undone to fully expose a crew neck white tee. Ultimately, a glass half empty type, so, you can see why the other Tyler had to break out.

How to Get the Fight Club Style
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How to Get the Fight Club Style
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Hopefully, we have distinguished two things here. Fight Club was a lot more subliminally genius than people give it credit for and that dress styles can really make a man. But just remember, all things need to be done in moderation as there is confidence in what you where and there is just insanity.

Tip for the future: Next time you pick an outfit rate it on a scale of Brad Pitt-Tyler Durden and Ed Norton-Tyler Durden and from there you’ll be able to figure out your confidence levels.

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