The key to perfecting Ryan Gosling’s Style

Ryan Gosling Mens Style Suit Shirt Trousers

Ryan Gosling is the type of man who looks great with anything or nothing on. It’s a special kind of talent, what can you do about it? Well, luckily for you, we have put together everything you need to know to get Ryan Gosling’s style.

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Ryan Gosling Style

Ryan Gosling is incredibly dreamy, effortlessly elegant and fiercely masculine all at the same time, as is evident in Ryan Gosling’s GQ shoot. This first look features a black leather jacket, striped T-shirt and black jeans. He pulls off the cool and relaxed look all too well, and so can you.



Ryan Gosling Hairstyle

Ryan’s signature hairstyle is a simple yet timeless side part styled with a messy or perfectly styled top depending on the occasion. If you’re looking for a radical change you’ll definitely make one hell of a statement with this bleach blonde hairstyle.

For the classic Gosling look, you can always compliment your side parting with a well-groomed beard. First off, use a beard moisturiser that will leave your hair soft and healthy. Then, use a shave brush to help get a nice lather of shaving cream on your face. The end result will leave you looking polished like Ryan Gosling.

ryan gosling pinstripe suit mens fashion


Ryan Gosling Glasses

The Gosling charm doesn’t end at his facial hair. For centuries glasses have been a symbol of mystery and intellectual sexiness. Gosling’s now infamous prescription glasses are by Barton Perreira which are a popular choice for other actors, too. When it comes to shades, Persol and RayBan seem to be a favourite.

ryan gosling sunglasses blue suit striped shirt mens fashion


We totally understand that different glasses suit different face types, and if you’re going to invest in a pair you want them to suit you. Unfortunately, just because they suit Ryan, it doesn’t mean they’ll suit you, too. Take a look at our top sunglasses picks for more of a style variation.


Ryan Gosling Fashion

Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

The Notebook introduced Ryan Gosling to film lovers across the world, and what an introduction that was. Ironically, he was cast because director Nick Cassavetes thought he wasn’t handsome or cool, just a regular guy – yeah, right. Ryan Gosling’s style from The Notebook is relaxed and sometimes gives off hobo-chic vibes, but that’s ok- it works any casual occasion. To dress up this look, layer the t-shirt with an unbuttoned white shirt.

Ryan Gosling The Notebook Mens Style White T-shirt
Ryan Gosling In The Notebook


Ryan Gosling In A Suit

Ryan Gosling’s suits are cause for inspiration. Don’t limit your formalwear choices to the old, boring navy and grey. It’s been done a million times. Granted, Ryan Gosling can be a bit eccentric with his electric blue suit, it’s not something anyone can pull off. Remember to have fun with it. Make sure your suit is well tailored and fits your true size.

Ryan Gosling Blue Suit White Shirt Mens Style Formal
Gosling Wears A Blue Suit On The Red Carpet


If you haven’t seen Crazy, Stupid Love you are crazy (and stupid). It’s also loved for the scene of Ryan Gosling with no shirt. The film is the ultimate Ryan Gosling interactive style Bible; consider it a masterclass in Ryan Gosling-ness. From wallets to shoes, Gosling takes you on a guide to dressing like a gentleman. The gentleman style doesn’t get more classic than the relaxed suit. Ryan Gosling’s blazer is a timeless piece- a must have in your wardrobe.

Ryan Gosling formal attire ryan gosling black tuxedo mens street style
Ryan Gosling In Crazy, Stupid Love


Ryan Gosling Clothes

It’s not hard to reproduce Ryan Gosling’s style, all you need is a few key items to get the look he has mastered so well. Gosling has a few staple pieces, mainly bomber jackets, black, white, or striped t-shirts and Henley shirts. Below we have a classic example of an everyday look which can easily be replicated. All you need is a light jacket or an over shirt, a white t-shirt, some black jeans and you’re good to go.

ryan gosling mens fashion dog tooth coat white t shirt
PHOTO CREDIT: The Hollywood Reporter


How to Properly Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

In order to graduate from Ryan Gosling’s Style University, you need to learn how to fold up shirt sleeves like a pro. Benefits include: showing off your arms and giving that effortlessly cool, bad ass, James Dean vibe. Shirts are one of the most versatile components of a men’s clothing collection. They can be paired with virtually anything within the limits of good taste. Keeping it simple and casual is key.

mens fashion ryan gosling striped shirt sunglasses bag


How to Roll Up Sleeves on a Dress Shirt

Rolling up shirt sleeves takes a fair bit of work and precision, and it’s a little harder when it comes to dress shirts. So, here’s a simple guide with some tips on how to adjust length and fit. The easiest and most popular is the Classic Sleeve Roll.


  1. Use the cuffs as a measuring point, unbutton and fold it once.
  2. Continue to repeat the first step, pull the fabric taut to make sure it is smooth and straight.
  3. Keep on rolling until you go past the elbow.

Ryan Gosling Shoes

When it comes to shoes, the same rules apply as for hairstyles, glasses and basic tees: find what you like, stick to it and stock up. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ryan Gosling had a section of his house dedicated to boot.

Ryan Gosling Boots

You think Ryan Gosling’s style obsession was limited to hipster spectacles, white tees and folded up sleeves? Think again. Here’s another little fact about Gosling: He’s in a synth-jazz band with his mate Zach Shields called Dead Man’s Bones. We all know that musicians love to wear boots. The man loves his boots so much; the dirtier and more banged up the better.

Ryan Gosling Wears His Brown Boots
PHOTO CREDIT: Celebuzz | hubertwhite


Ryan Gosling Black Boots

Gosling also seems to have a special thing for black boots. Realistically, Ryan Gosling wears boots so often that someone should make a documentary about it – you’ve heard it here first. Whether he’s leaving the gym, landing in LAX, or taking his dog George for a walk, his black boots seem to be his loyal companions. When it comes to black boots, you can do no wrong with a pair of classic Dr. Martens.

ryan gosling dr martens black jeans grey bomber white t shirt mens fashion


How to Get Ryan Gosling’s Style

  • Opt for casual pieces but in well-fitted designs. Make sure you’re dressing to complement your body.
  • Pieces like plain T-shirts, light coloured shirts and slim fit chinos are easily interchangeable and go with a range of looks.
  • Keep colour minimal and go for a subtle pop of it in your outfit. A striped t-shirt is very Gosling.
  • Accessories like sunglasses should be classic, timeless and sleek. 
Ryan Gosling Polo Top Shirt Khaki Car Mens Style

On That Note

Congratulations, you’re now an expert in the art of Ryan Gosling Style. You have mastered the theory, but it’s time to put that into practice. It’s time to take some risks with your wardrobe as well as your overall appearance. This is your chance to discover what suits your best features and develop your trademark style inspired by the wonderful Gosling.

Now you can take your wallet for a ride and add all the missing pieces to the Ryan Gosling style puzzle. In the remote chance your wallet has velcro straps, please take a look at our wallets as well.


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