How to Achieve David Beckham’s Style


It’s no surprise that David Beckham has led the masses with his impeccable yet never over the top style. Getting everything from formal wear to day to day looks just right, we’re here to show you how to emulate some of that effortless style, regardless of your budget. So, what to dress like David Beckham? Just read on. 

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David Beckham Style

Since his initial days as a trainee at Manchester United, Beckham has become something of a style icon, having appeared in fashion campaigns and launching two lines of clothing. David Beckham’s clothing, both his lines, and style are impeccable, and luckily it’s not too hard to imitate.

David Beckham Suit

Let’s start with the most formal of looks, and something that Beckham has perfected over the years – the suit. Opting for clean cuts, subtle shades and classic combinations, Beckham never pushes the boat out too far with his suits, which means he’s never made an awkward colour clash with his outfits, or worn something that’s been too tight or overly loose. Get the fit and the colours right and the rest will follow.

If you’re starting out in the world of tailoring then it’s best to stick to the most versatile and classic of all suits – a simple black one. They suit everyone and can be paired with a range of coloured shirts, although white is obviously the best choice for a traditional look.

david beckham suit look


A black suit is a great place to start, but if you’re looking for something a little bit lighter, yet still just as versatile, then a navy blue suit is a great choice. Beckham’s blue suits tend to be dark navy, clean cut pieces that he accessorises in a minimal way, adding subtle touches like a coloured pocket square to complete the look.

david beckham blue suit


Of course, black and blue suits aren’t the only things Beckham wears, and although he sticks to versatile looks he doesn’t totally shy away from other colours. Although brown may not seem like the most exciting of colours, it can actually brighten up a look and keep you from looking too subdued.

Beckham likes to subtly mix and match his suits, and as long as you’re working the similar tones it’s easy to do. A dark brown suit jacket paired with black trousers and a white shirt won’t create a clash of colours and will help you stand out while looking sharp.

David Beckham Suit


David Beckham Casual Style

David Beckhams’s clothing styles focus on clean fits, versatile colours and classic finishes, but this isn’t just when it comes to his formal wear. Casual wear is something that doesn’t need to be over the top, and Beckham stays looking good because of he sticks to the classic outfits and accessories them to bring his own personality to the look.

David Beckham Leather Jacket

There’s nothing quite as laidback as a leather jacket, and Beckham knows how to get the look just right. They’re are so many different styles to go for, from bombers to biker jackets, but they all have the same kind finish gives them a rugged edge and casual feel. Beckham likes to make his leather jackets the centre of his outfit and keeps the rest of his look fairly simple.

A black T-shirt and some slim fit jeans can be enough to match with the jacket, while not drawing too much attention away from it. This is one of the reasons he pulls off the style so well and doesn’t end up looking like a wannabe biker.

David Beckham leather jacket

David Beckham Denim Jacket

David Beckham and denim jackets go together perfectly because he focuses on a neutral, versatile tones and a good fit above anything else. He also knows when to dress up and when to keep things simple, and if he’s working with a double denim look he makes sure to keep the rest of outfit minimalistic.

David Beckham denim jacket


David Beckham T-shirts

Everyone’s got T-shirts. They’re nothing new and they’re not a particularly exciting part of menswear. However, they’re necessary staples and can be worked into a tonne of looks. Again, Beckham doesn’t go over the top with his T-shirts, and the reason they work so well on him is because he gets the fit perfect.

The sleeves are loose enough so he can move easily but slim enough that they don’t look baggy. He also sticks to simple necklines and ensures the tops are long enough to just meet his hipbone.

david beckham t-shirt


David Beckham Shirts

Although Beckham’s style tends to focus on simple colours and cuts he doesn’t keep things plain all the time. Subtle prints and layered looks help to bring some added interest to the well-fitted shirts he wears and adds a hint of colour to his overall outfit. Something as basic as a polka dot shirt in a clean blue can be enough to add some extra dimension to an outfit and can be accessorised without looking too overloaded.

David Beckham shirt


Denim shirts are practical, they’re classic and they go with a lot. Sure, the double denim style got a little out of hand at one time, but we managed to find a way to make that work, and a denim shirt can now be seen as a staple piece of menswear. Beckham doesn’t shy away from eye-catching light denim, but he finds a way to dress it so that it doesn’t look overpowering.

One easy way to do this is to simply layer it over something like a plain T-shirt to help tone down the colour. It’s then best to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Go for jeans that are a darker shade than the denim shirt, and don’t overdo it with the accessories.

David Beckham Denim Shirt


David Beckham Coats

Beckham tends to keep his outerwear slim fit and flattering, opting for classic cuts that frame the body and that can easily be matched with a range of wardrobe choices. A trench coat is always a good option and as long as you get one that fits your form properly, and can be worn in casual looks as well as more formal ones.

david beckham coat


David Beckham Shoes

It’s been said that shoes can make or break an outfit, and honestly, although it might not be as dramatic as that it’s still important to focus on your footwear. Beckham doesn’t go cheap with his shoes, but there’s no need to spend quite as much as he does, and you can get less expensive alternatives that are still going to give the same sleek finish.

David Beckham Trainers

White trainers can go with a lot, and, despite their casual style, they can match surprisingly well with laid back outfits as well as smarter ones. Beckham’s been seen wearing them with everything from jumpers and chinos, sportswear and even a full suit. As long as you keep them spotless and fairly slim fit, then trainers can fit well with a lot of pieces.

David Beckham White Trainers Suit

David Beckham Boots

David Beckham really likes brown boots. A lot. He’s got a few different pairs and he just seems chuffed to have them. You can’t really blame the guy either. Brown and blue is a classic combination so if you’ve got a pair of brown boots you can guarantee they’ll fit with any pair of jeans you match them with. They also give off a soft, rugged edge no matter what style you get them in, so they’re great for toning down a variety of outfits.

david beckham boots


David Beckham Hats

Despite his outfits being fairly tailored, Beckham’s hats veer more towards the casual side of things. Beanies are a favourite, and caps, sometimes plain and sometimes patterned, make a regular occurrence in his wardrobe. Yeah, David Beckham is 41 and he can still pull off a baseball cap. 

David Beckham hats
David Beckham Clothing Style


David Beckham Clothing Line

David Beckham and H&M have been a long recognised duo, with this most memorable collab including Kevin Hart in the ad back in 2015, allowing us to see the humorous side of Beckham’s life. From pants to fitted long sleeve t-shirts, David covered all angles for the working man with his H&M menswear, giving them a clean, slick silhouette.

David Beckham Hair

Like many great style icons, David Beckham has never been afraid to change things up in the hair department. Some of his hairstyles have been more, um, indefensible than others, but Beckham has frequently experimented with great success. In recent years, David Beckham has gone for slightly more understated hairstyles, currently opting for a slicked back look.

david beckham hair


Instead of undercut sides, his hair is cut long and styled flat against the head. Instead of being combed back, the hair is combed straight down. This is a great looking classic hairstyle with a modern twist, and is easy to do well, as a little messiness can look good. Beckham also favours a full but short beard to finish off this look.

How to Achieve David Beckham’s Style

David Beckham’s fashion style is universally stylish. He knows what suits him and his body shape and works around that. Classic staples with a trend lead piece thrown in the mix for good measure makes up Beckham’s wardrobe.

David Beckham fashion
David Beckham Clothes

On That Note

David Beckham’s clothes all have the same unified, classic style that makes them perfectly versatile and effortlessly flattering. Whether you’re after his casual, smart casual or formal style, they’re easy to replicate it without spending a fortune and will provide you with a timeless, flattering look.


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