How To Get A Whole New Summer Wardrobe For Just £250

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The transition from spring to summer can be a difficult one when it comes to dressing – you essentially have to have a whole wardrobe overhaul. We’re on hand to help you do this, in the easiest way possible, all for under £250. Don’t think it’s be possible? Think again. This is a budget wardrobe full of men’s essentials that look great and will hit men’s summer style on the head.

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Fancy upgrading your wardrobe this summer? You might’ve thought those shorts from last year would work for you again this year, but really? Nothing makes you feel better than a fresh new wardrobe, and as we transition into the depths of summer, there’s no better time than now to get yourself some brand new items. On a budget? We’ve got that covered too.

This guide won’t take you anywhere above £200. That’s right – a whole new summer wardrobe for no more than £250. Shopping on a budget has never looked so good, and you’ll be left with some proper summer wardrobe essentials.

Boat Shoes

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a pair of boat shoes on your feet. Boat shoes are perfect for the summer because they are a light option, especially when compared to brogues or loafers. Typically made in canvas or a thin leather, boat shoes can be worn in conjunction with a whole array of outfits. While canvas styles are probably best suited for the day, leather ones can be paired with a more formal outfit.

When it comes to picking a boat shoe, it really is down to personal preference. We however suggest going for a versatile brown pair. These, as opposed to black, can be paired with more outfits and can be down-dressed or alternatively made slightly more formal – they are a smart casual men’s essential. Black will always have more formal connotations, and isn’t exactly the most summer-friendly option when it comes to colours.

One thing you should always do is invest in your shoes. One true fact is that once you get over the age of roughly 20, your feet will never grow again, so any shoe you buy from there on out can be guaranteed to last a lifetime (as long as you look after them, that is). So we suggest spending around £70-100 on a pair, as these will last you until next summer and beyond.

brown boat shoes mens summer
Brown boat shoes are one of the most timeless and versatile options



When it comes to summer, a shirt may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to figure out your outfit for the warm weather. You’re probably thinking of a stiff Oxford shirt, which would do nothing for a sweaty complexion when the temperature soars above 20 degrees – but what we have in mind is a lightweight Hawaiian shirt (or of a similar guise).

Nothing is more summer appropriate than a Hawaiian or floral shirt, and they’ve had a resurgence in recent seasons on the catwalks at the men’s shows, with them popping up from London Fashion Week Men’s to Paris Fashion Week. They are now key wardrobe pieces for men’s summer fashion, and are an easy and cheap way to update your wardrobe for the warmer months.

Originally made popular when Romeo and Juliet hit screens back in the Nineties, Hawaiian shirts have certainly made a comeback, alongside the popularity of the Nineties in menswear. Long gone are the days when only your dad would wear one, and now it seems absurd not to have one ready for the sunnier days.

When it comes to wearing one, it’s a pretty simple process. Leave everything else simple and let the shirt do the talking. Stick to a pair of neutral trousers that won’t clash with the print, which typically are quite bold. Price-wise, we suggest spending no more than £50 on a Hawaiian shirt, although obviously do go over if there is one you particularly want.


It goes without saying that shorts are an absolute must when it comes to summer clothes for men. Would you really want to be wearing those jeans you’ve warn throughout the winter and spring all the way into summer? No, is the answer. So, grab yourself a pair of shorts for the hot months.

We recommend sticking to neutral colours when it comes to shorts. Not only are these often cheaper options, but they’re also easier to team with other pieces. That said, if you’re shopping on a budget, it’s less obvious that you only have one or two pairs of shorts, whereas if you wore a boldly patterned pair, they are more memorable, and people might start talking if you wear these on every day of your holiday.

With regards to how much you should be spending on shorts, we recommend sticking below £45. Shorts are never actually that expensive, so you can probably even grab yourself two pairs.

pink t-shirt navy shorts mens street style
Shorts are a must-have item for summer



Sunglasses are the finishing touch to men’s summer style. Packing for holiday? Chances are you’ll have a pair ready to throw into the suitcase. If not, then here’s our top picks for sunglasses.

Obviously you can push the boat out and grab yourself a pair of Ray Bans, but if you’re on a budget, chances are these won’t be an essential for you. Instead you can get yourself a pair that are equally as nice, at a cheaper price point, and we’d say spend no more than £20 on them. We are big fans of rounder shapes, but really when it comes to sunglasses it’s all about what suits your face shape and less about what trends you should be following.


Summer is the time to get experimental with your headwear (after all, hats were originally made for two functions: to keep you warm, or keep you cool and shield your eyes from the sun). While you could go for a fedora or the like, caps have made a resurgence in popularity, in particular with the Dad cap coming back to the fore of men’s fashion. Even on the catwalk, caps have become a spring/summer menswear staple, and you can get them as cheaply as a pair of sunglasses, so what’re you waiting for?

How to Get a Whole New Summer Wardrobe for Just £250

  • There’s no need to break the bank this summer, as you can get all the essentials you need without going overboard.
  • Invest in a pair of good boat shoes that will last for the next few years. They’re light and perfect for the hotter months.
  • Shorts are a must and can be bought for around £35. If you need more than one pair, go for two neutral colours.
  • Hawaiian shirts will be the most valuable update to your wardrobe this summer and most come in at under £50.
  • Sunglasses are one of the main essentials for when the sun shines. Just make sure they suit your face more than follow trends.
breton stripe long sleeve shirt navy shorts boat shoes mens street style
A summer outfit

On That Note

Updating your wardrobe for the summer doesn’t have to be an expensive task, and you can easily do it for under £250 as long as you are wise with your picks and selective with how much you can spend. That said, this won’t hinder your chances of looking good either. Follow all of the above and you’ll nail men’s summer fashion this year.


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The transition from spring to summer can be a difficult one when it comes to dressing – you essentially have to have a whole...
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