How To Get A Whole New Premium Summer Wardrobe For £500

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It’s that time of the year again: holiday time. It’s what you look forward to all year, what your hard earned cash is spent on, and what your Instagram feed is full of. So, why waste the good weather and splash some cash on a whole new premium wardrobe and rack in those Insta likes.

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If you’re looking to completely revamp your summer wardrobe or want to replace some much loved pieces from last years summer holiday, we have the perfect products for you. You may think that summer is an easy month to dress for, which yes, it is, but everyone needs a place to start, so building on the basics will lead to outfits that will turn heads (in a good way). Whether you’re staying at home, jetting off to the beach or going away to explore a new city, here at The Idle Man we have selected all the essentials you’ll need, so sit back and relax, we’ve got you sorted.


To kick start the men’s summer wardrobe, of course T-shirts are a must. You can never own too many T-shirts, so make these more summery than your basic tee. Keep the colours neutral with splashes of light blues or pinks if you’re feeling particularly colourful. Striped T-shirts also work a treat and give off an instant summer vibe with a nautical feel. Both vertical and horizontal stripes are a must, but make sure the stripe direction suits your body shape. The lightweight, coolness of a T-shirt is ideal for the hot sweaty months ahead.

boyd in basic t shirt
The Idle Man Basic T-shirt



As a summer wardrobe essential, the right pair of shorts will suit every outfit, day or night. A pair of tailored chino shorts in either a blue or tan will last you all summer, so we would recommend spending around £30 – £60 on a pair. Keeping this key wardrobe piece smart in it’s own right will allow the shorts to be paired with a staple, casual T-shirt for wear in the days, can also be dressed up and partnered with a button up shirt for a smart dinner on the beach.

As seen in our summer lookbook, the chino short can be a very versatile piece, especially due to the simple and classic design. The chino short nails the men’s smart casual dress code that is always tricky to dress for. Finding summer clothes for men that will be suitable for all occasions has just been made easier – by layering with a open shirt, the shorts don’t just have to be worn in the day.

boyd in shorts
The Idle Man Shorts



Every man’s summer fashion wardrobe should have two types of shirts: a short sleeve, casual shirt and a longer sleeved evening shirt. Even if you only ever own these two types of shirts you can wear them at least six different ways. You may think this is not possible, but when you know, you know. First we have the short sleeved shirt. Make this one the patterned one and keep it loose fitting and coloured with either a floral or similar print. This can be worn alone and buttoned up over a plain T-shirt or just fully open to show off those abs you’ve been working on all winter.

Boyd in overshirt
The Idle Man Overshirts


Next, the long sleeved shirt is mainly for wear in the evenings and again, this can be worn alone or with a T-shirt underneath. However we wouldn’t recommend wearing it undone with nothing underneath unless you want to channel your inner Mamma Mia vibes. Instead, wear it completely buttoned up or have one or two buttons undone to show off a little bit of chest.

Colour can vary as it will depend on what colour suits you best. Whites are always the first answer but you can mix it up with a blue or pink shirt to add to your summer colour palette. For both of these shirts, The Idle Man would suggest spending £30-£150 on each shirt if you are after that premium look, however there are plenty of shirts out there that are available if you are looking for a budget wardrobe.


When looking for summer wardrobe essentials, swimwear is a key piece. Make them bold and bright and, if you’re feeling brave, go for patterns or pictures that catch people’s attention. Swimwear, most of the time, has no limits (well, within reason). In this case, make this one of the boldest statements in your summer wardrobe. If you want to stand out and catch some well deserved attention then go for bright (ish) colours or patterns. As your swim trunks will be a centre piece to your new summer wardrobe, and with premium being the key word here, we would recommend splashing £15-£50 on a pair that you fall in love with, giving you that confidence to Baywatch along the beach.

mens cool swim trunks summer
Men’s swim trunks are as cool as you make them



The shoe situation for your summer wardrobe can be split into two sections. Footwear for the beach and footwear for the street. First, as it’s summery, flipflops or sandals are a summer wardrobe essential, and if you didn’t know that then we’re not sure where you’ve been hiding all your life. Investing in a good, key pair of flip flops will add comfort and ease to your outfit. The ability to just throw them on to head to the shops or, if you’re lucky, to the beach, give you that instant summer feeling. Sandals come into the same category as flip flops (in this case, anyway), so if you are not a natural flipflop walker then a pair of Birkenstock’s may be the sandal for you. The classic design makes them a staple piece that adds a stylish touch to your outfit.

mens streetstyle birkenstock summer white shirt
Instant casual vibes with a pair of Birkenstock’s


Boat shoes are the next best summer shoe, they are lighter than brogues and softer than loafers. Boat shoes can also be worn in the day, evening or night, so they are the ultimate men’s summer style staple. The choice is endless, and is majorly dependent on personal preference, with canvas and leather options, find a pair that you work with best. The same goes for the colour choice: for summer we would recommend a brown/tan colour, as it’s light and gives off a summer vibe, and the colour will help to emphasise your summer tan.

As shoes are a very important part of your outfit, it is one of life’s major necessities to invest in what you wear on your feet. Many benefits follow this and as your feet don’t tend to grow after you hit 20, your shoes can (hopefully) last a lifetime. We would therefore recommend spending £80-£150 on both your boat shoes and flip flops in total, so it is up to you what pair you decide to save or splurge on.


Last, but at no means least, sunglasses are a major men’s summer fashion essential. Sunglasses are probably the first thing you think of when it comes to summer, the idea of looking effortlessly cool just by chucking on a pair of Ray-Bans. Whether black, brown or something a bit more daring is a bit of you, sunglasses complete the look. Choosing the right pair can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure on what sunglasses suit your face shape or what colour suits you best. As a pair of sunglasses will be worn most days during the summer, they are another one of life’s investment pieces, so spending £70-£200 on a pair will be worth it when you find yourself in them everyday, even if it’s not as sunny as you want.

sunglasses men summer the idle man
Sunglasses are a men’s essential


Whole New Premium Summer Wardrobe For £500

  • Keep the T-shirts basic so they can be mixed and matched with the whole wardrobe.
  • Shorts should be kept smart in order for them to be dressed up and down with ease.
  • You should definitely own at least two shirts: one short sleeved and one long sleeved.
  • Swimwear is a summer essential and can be bold, bright and slightly in your face.
  • Flip flops and boat shoes will complete the summer wardrobe and are suitable for all occasions.
  • Sunglasses should be a high investment piece as they are more than likely to be worn day in day out.
Summer is calling and so is your style

 On That Note

Now that your summer wardrobe has been created, adding to these statement pieces wont be difficult. The ability to mix and match all of these products to suit your style, the occasion and the weather will save you shopping time, giving you more opportunities to show of your stylish looks. Plus, being able to get this premium summer wardrobe all for under £500 is an added bonus.


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It’s that time of the year again: holiday time. It’s what you look forward to all year, what your hard earned cash is spent...
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