How to Dress for a Smart Christmas Party

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Need to know what to wear to the work Christmas party? Whatever your office dress code, the festive period is an excellent opportunity to go all out and dress smart. This simple guide will show you how to dress to impress this year without fail. 

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What to Wear to a Formal Christmas Party

If you work in a more casual office environment then you won’t be used to wearing a suit every day to work. A Christmas party can, therefore, be a great chance to experiment with a more professional outfit that you don’t usually get to wear. As long as you don’t go in your dad’s old grey suit, you can style some formal outfits that really pop.

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Smart Casual Dress for a Work Christmas Party

If you’re asking yourself ‘what should I wear to my Christmas party’? then look no further. This festival bash is the perfect opportunity to wear a more comfortable and varied outfit. Although this doesn’t mean you have to wear that jumper your nan bought you last year, it’s a great chance to personalise your smart style. Try balancing the more formal aspects of your look with some more relaxed pieces. Wearing light and festive colours are a great way to achieve this style without going over the top.

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Christmas Party Formal Wear

On the other hand, wearing a more formal and dressy outfit is also an excellent way to impress at a party this winter. As long as you check the dress code before arriving, a black tie outfit could be the most smart and classy look to pull off.

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Sprucing up a Casual Look

There will inevitably be a few work places where going for the smart approach may make you look like you’re trying too hard. If you know that most of the crowd is going to be casual, then you might want to replace smarter shoes with chukka boots or smart trainers, and the blazer for a jumper and casual jacket.

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Men’s Xmas Outfits

If you’re still unsure on what to wear to your company Christmas party, then sticking to a low-key smart casual outfit is the safest option. This dress code will cover all the bases and still allow you to personalise your style. Here are a couple of outfits to help inspire your Christmas party style.

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Office Christmas Party Attire


When going to a formal Christmas party, a good shirt is a great base layer for pretty much any outfit you wear. Shirts are useful due to their versatility. Depending on the level of formality you’re going for, you can adjust the colours and patterns to suit your look. For instance, a crisp white dress shirt will work perfectly in a black tie scenario, whereas a bright check shirt will be better for more festive smart casual ensemble.



Funnily enough, most Christmas parties are during the coldest months of the year. Therefore, other than looking stylish, it’s important to wear an outfit that keeps you warm. The easiest way to achieve this, is by layering your clothes with things like jumpers. A good bit of knitwear combines perfectly with shirts, and can be worn in many different ways. Whether you’re going festive with a Christmas jumper, or keeping it low-key, this is a must have for any party.



When it comes to trousers, you should stick with either jeans, chinos, or suit pants. Although jeans are typically a more casual item of clothing, if the event isn’t particularly traditional then you can get away with it. Also, black denim can still appear extremely stylish without becoming too relaxed. However, if the party has got a more formal dress code then stick with some dark chinos or suit trousers.


Coats and Jackets

Much like a jumper, wearing a jacket or coat to a Christmas party is as much of a necessity as it is a style option. As this will most likely be the outer most layer of your style, it’s important to make sure it looks good and matches the tone of what you’re wearing. For instance, if you have a more formal ensemble, then wearing a monochrome overcoat will work perfectly. On the other hand, for a more casual outfit, try wearing a bomber or Harrington jacket.


Looking Festive

If you feel there’s going to be more of a festive theme beyond merely getting pissed, then you might want to consider giving your outfit a festive theme. We don’t mean wearing a santa costume, but you could experiment with the richer tones of Christmas by wearing shades of green and red. Light green and dark blue, for example, is a winning combination. You could keep to this combo with deep navy jeans and a light green jumper or top.

Contrary to popular belief, there are also some decent Christmas jumpers out there. Avoid the reindeer stitch up your mum bought you a few years back and play to a good contrasting fair isle pattern. Since Christmas jumpers often have fairly loud patterns, it’s best to wear neutral, muted colours elsewhere.

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Things to Avoid

Anything that lights up or has bells on is almost always uncomfortable and only likely to hold someone’s interest for a few seconds. Any christmas jumpers that are too ridiculous may seem like a funny idea in the first place, but unless everyone else is in on the joke, it might end up looking silly.

How to Dress Smart for the Work Christmas Party

  • For a properly formal look, wear a black tie outfit. Check the dress code before wearing this or you’ll look out of place.
  • Try wearing some colourful jumpers and less formal shoes for a smart casual look that can work in many different party situations. This is probably the most versatile style.
  • Get some jeans and a flannel shirt if you’re going for a casual vibe.
  • Layering is important during the Christmas period. Get yourself a coat that matches the aesthetic of your outfit and keeps you warm.

On That Note

Ultimately you know your office best. Perhaps you’re already known for your ‘out there’ attitude to dressing, or maybe making a diversion from standard office wear will result in a frosty or risible response, so if in doubt just follow the advice here and you’ll do well.


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