How to Do Tonal Dressing for Spring

tonal dressing for spring

Tonal dressing is a love or hate style, and done correctly can create a bold, unique look. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into these controversial waters, read our simple guide to find out how to do tonal dressing for spring. 

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Tonal dressing may at first seem daunting. The idea of wearing one colour seems to go against all the rules we’ve been taught about clothes, and yet if done right, tonal dressing can look both bold and sophisticated.

If you want to try it out but don’t know where to start, just think of the colour that suits you best, or that you wear the most, and start from there. The last thing you want is to wear a full outfit in a colour that doesn’t suit you.


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Because of its versatility and prevalence in most wardrobes blue is a good choice if you’re trying out tonal dressing for the first time. There are so many shades of blue available, and of course blue denim is an easy way to incorporate the colour into your outfit. Try a light pair of blue jeans paired with a darker shirt and jacket to create a look that’s a more subtle approach to tonal dressing.

tonal dressing
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White is often neglected and seen as a piece for layering or as a complementary colour, but a complete white out look is just as vibrant and bold as any other tonal look. It can be more difficult to pull off this look, as a simple spill at lunch time can ruin everything, but if you’re careful the all white look can create a crisp, fresh feel, perfect for a visual impact.

tonal dressing
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Even the word grey sound drab, and the idea of wearing a whole outfit full of it might seem a little extreme, but wearing a greyscale ensemble can create an elegant and refined look with a touch of coolness.

It’s important however when it comes to grey to make sure the shades are different in each item. Light grey trousers with a light grey top and shoes could make you look a little washed out, so try adding some variety with darker shades and textures.

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Tonal dressing is a love or hate style, and done correctly can create a bold, unique look. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into...
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