How to Buy Men’s Jeans Online

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It can be a risky task, but in this easy guide we’ll show you tips and tricks on how to buy men’s jeans online. 

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When it comes to shopping online there can often be a pretty big air of uncertainty, especially when it comes to jeans. With dodgy returns policies, different fittings and sizings from brand to brand and a tendency to not trust the online images, men definitely have a bigger fear of buying jeans off the web than women do. Well, it’s time to tackle this irrational fear and get you trusting online retailers (we’re really not that bad you know).

We’ve broken this down into five steps but, in all, it’s all about doing a little bit of research on yourself first. A lot of you are probably wondering why you should be buying your jeans online anyway, which is really quite simple.

One, online retailers tend to have a larger selection of jeans available (as they have less space restraints than bricks and mortar retailers have) and two, you can find much better deals online by using discount codes, introductory offers and a wider range of sales. Anyway, enough on the why, let’s jump into the how.

Get Free Returns

The first thing you need to know is if the e-tailer provides free returns? This is just so if you make a mistake, the jeans don’t fit or the fitting wasn’t quite what you expected, you can send them back with no hidden re-stocking or postage fees imposed on you. You can get a good 90% of jeans on The Idle Man delivered and returned for free if you’re in the UK as our limit is only £30. That means all of the below are open to you.

how to buy jeans online
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Check Your Size

This may sound obvious but it’s usually what’s holding people back from making that all important denim investment. If you’ve got multiple jeans, check your size in all of them, decide what ones fit you the best and then stick to that sizing. It’s hugely common for a man to not actually know his waist and leg size so make sure you cover the basics first.

Photo Credit: Stylecaster
Photo Credit: Stylecaster

Know Your Fitting

Going for a wider leg than usual? Want to know what a tapered fitting will be like? Check out denim guides on fitting and washes and you should feel confident on what jeans are for you. The best brands will have a detailed fitting guides for you to read, check Nudie’s for a masterclass in fitting guides.

The retailer themselves should also have a size guide for you, ours can be found on every product on the right hand side. Once you know what fitting you’re looking for and what size you are, you should be good to go. It’s then just a matter of what colour and wash you’re after.


Order More

If you’re still not sure what fitting you want or you’ve heard a brand can come up quite small or large, then order more than one pair of jeans. This is why point one is so important. If you’ve got free returns then the big wad of cash you at first spend will only be temporary.

Not sure if you’re ready to move on from indigo to a pale blue? Get both and see if it feels right. Feeling like you want to try the wider fittings but you’re just not sure if your calves are up to it? Get your usual fitting and the wider option and see what it looks like. Then, once you’ve tried them all on and you know what your decision is, just send the jeans you don’t want back to the retailer. Simple.

Photo Credit: Interview Magazine
Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

Read Reviews

Our last point is probably the most important and relevant to all the other steps in this guide. If the site is good, they will have an independent reviewing service, we use Trust Pilot. This will let you know if there’s any hidden costs with returns, whether their sizes tend to come up small or large and whether they’re even a real retailer.

It’s important you put these basic worries to bed first. Once you know you can trust them as a retailer, you can concentrate on getting the right jeans for you and not worry about your order never showing up and the site shutting down a week later. We’d also suggest looking for reviews on individual products, you may have to read around on other sites for this.

A lot of the stigma with buying online is easily removed once you just make your first order. Without a doubt you can find a much larger selection and offering online so it’s definitely worth jumping on the band wagon. Just remember to do your research, know your body shape and make sure you’re not going to get stung by any hidden costs.


It can be a risky task, but in this easy guide we’ll show you tips and tricks on how to buy men’s jeans online. ...
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