3 Quick Tips on How to Dress Like You’re Straight Out the 90’s

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The 90’s have recently had a revival, from Nike Airs to dungarees, and thanks to it’s individuality, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. If you were a 90’s kid, you’re probably feeling all nostalgic about this amazing era. Here’s our guide on how to get the 90’s style. Why not recreate your childhood?

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If you grew up in the 90s, then you may be eager to recreate, or even celebrate the fashion from your youth, from the over sized jumpers and sweatshirts to the extravagantly coloured jumpsuits. So here’s a top guide on how to recreate iconic looks,straight out of the 90s for all occasions, from formal events all the way down to nipping to the shops.

The nineties was a time in which fashion was not set in stone. Different musical styles and influences left their mark. This decade is most identified through the search of individuality through dress.


Iconic shows and music from the 90s, tended to set the trends in the generation. Shows such as Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and artists such as Oasis and the entire Brit-pop movement. They brought a variety of trends to the scene and helped influence fashion.

Bands such as the Stone Roses and Oasis, wore parka jackets, sunglasses and skinny jeans, making them go to products for everyone, much like the influence that artists these days have.

oasis sunglasses parka coat

With the influence of Brit-pop, brands such as Gap, Fred Perry, Levi and Tommy Hilfiger became very popular amongst young adults and teenagers. They were known for posting the iconic logo’s very prominently on everything they sold.

As you have probably guessed however, these clothes aren’t really for formal occasions, never have been never will. Although, in the current decade, they are more for a night out on the town, where you will often see people wearing t-shirts with logos on.

Although, if like me, you are more of a shirt kinda person on a night out, you should look at brands such as Fred Perry, Ted Baker, Levi and finally Tommy Hilfiger. Plus if your still looking for that 90’s edge, all of these brands offer the classic chequered shirt, that was in high demand during this decade, along with polo shirts that never go out of style.

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Sportswear is a huge influence on the urban brands, as it was in 90s fashion as a whole. From Air Jordan trainers, to the Adidas stripe tracksuit top, which by the end of the 90s until the start of the 00’s was literally everywhere. From the early 90s boom in surf/hip-hop labels such as Stüssy, Mossimo and No Fear, which you could wear everyday, no matter how stained or creased they became, or failing this at least a comfy outfit for lounging around in.

Despite a lot of the 90s fashion trends being about the Brit-pop movement that was happening during the decade, outside of the genre, other influences were having their input in the fashion of the time. For example, the emergence of Rap music in the UK, through artists such as 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G, again pushed its way into fashion.

This saw the introduction of baseball caps, brightly coloured tracksuits and basketball shoes into international fashion. Well known brands such as Adidas and Nike began producing brightly coloured tracksuits, that were common place at raves and on the street respectively.

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Unfortunately, not everyone dressed like the infamous Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears full denim combo, although it would have made red carpet agents of the time more interesting.

If you’re going to a full black tie affair, such as a red carpet event or a funeral, but still want to look fresh out of the 90’s, the creative black-tie movement in this era meant that you didn’t need to wear a tux. Which, before this decade was very taboo, and would have been seen as an insult. However times have changed.

Pinstripe suits are a great way to stand out, particularly in an office, where it’s easy to blend in with the suited and booted crowd. This print was common place in the 90’s, as the decade was all about simply expressing yourself through fashion.

mens pinstripe suit

The vertical pinstripe design also helps elongate the body, creating the effect of height, helping short, stocky men seem taller and slimmer.

The style of brightly coloured suits and bow ties has become more trendy after the new millennium, though. Far more men wore tuxedos than suits for formal events in the ‘90s.

90’s Trends to Avoid

The ’90s gave us some awesome things like super-sizing at McDonalds, and a vast collection of boy bands. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, and here are a few 90’s fashion trends that you should avoid.

Bucket hats. Yes I had one. Yes I looked ridiculous. We all did. These made a comeback slightly in the past couple of years thanks to Chris Brown. However, thankfully they’ve been restricted to Summer and festivals, where I guess wearing anything is kind of acceptable.

Another trend I think needs to remain in the 90’s, is the phase every teenage fella had: wearing a short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve one. Again yes i did it. Again i regret it, and once again I have no idea why. However, thankfully this trend is yet to appear in this current decade and I hope for everyones sake it doesn’t. Let’s just leave it with Sheldon Cooper.


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The 90’s have recently had a revival, from Nike Airs to dungarees, and thanks to it’s individuality, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere....
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