How To Choose and Wear High Tops

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High top trainers have walked off the basketball court and right into the world of fashion. Whether you’re looking for a way to style your favourite pair of Vans, or you want to invest in a pair of high-end Balenciaga’s, our guide to choosing and styling high tops has got you covered.

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Choosing the High Tops

High top trainers can either be worn in an understated fashion. or as a statement piece. It all depends on which style you choose, so choose wisely.


If you go for anything other than grey, black or blue, then you are inevitably going to be making a statement. Opting for something brightly coloured is going to catch everyone’s eye and have them automatically saying ‘nice shoes!’ (whether they mean it or not is another matter). That’s not to say that wearing bright high-tops is difficult; they are a great, effortless way to inject some personality into a simple outfit.

That being said, if you are about to purchase your first pair of high tops, then it’s best to start out with a more neutral colour. Black, blue and grey are all safe options that can easily be thrown on with pretty much any pair of jeans, leaving you free to go wild and wear whatever takes your fancy on your top half.

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How to Wear High Top Vans


On a side note, white trainers will make a statement the first few times you wear them; the sort of statement someone’s teeth make after they’ve used too many whitening products. Once you’ve got them covered in mud, they’re essentially a dark shoe that can be worn with anything.


Not too long ago, high tops were synonymous with basketball and skateboarding; this sporting shoe has now been picked up by top footwear brands and turned into a wearable, everyday piece.

If you want to keep things casual and classic, then Converse is without a doubt your go-to brand. Their canvas ‘All-Star’ date back to the 1920’s, when they were endorsed by basketball player Chuck Taylor, and are now a popular choice due to their comfort and versatility. Vans are heavily associated with the skateboarding generation, but when worn with a smart-casual outfit, they can easily be pulled off.

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How to Wear High Top Sneakers

The golden rule when it comes to high tops, is to keep it simple. You can forget about your chinos and suit trousers, and you can sure as hell put your tracksuit bottoms down; jeans are the best way to go. If you’ve got white trainers, then you’re best off with a light wash denim, and a darker or black denim works for all other colours.

There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to high tops, from the high street and high fashion, to block colours to prints, here are our top picks of the best high tops in store.

Smart Casual

An easy way to achieve the smart casual look is to pair a crisp shirt, or classic roll neck, with your high tops. Finish off the look with some simple chinos and or slim fit jeans. Choosing a plain shirt from an established brand will ensure that you remain stylish, and won’t detract from your fancy footwear.

mens high top trainers smart casual look


Street Style

For a look that you can wear on a daily basis, you can’t go wrong with a basic t-shirt and hoodie. Whilst high tops and skinny jeans might be teetering on the edge of skater style, if you choose a subtly branded t-shirt, then you can remind everyone that fashion is your main priority; not skateboarding.

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If you’re planning on wearing your high tops out in warm weather, you don’t have to go for a traditionally light and summery look. Break the mould by embracing darker tones in loose fits, working a plain pair of high tops together with a simple black T-shirt and denim shorts.

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If you’re feeling a little braver and have decided to rock a brightly coloured shoe, then the simplicity of your outfit is more important than ever. You can’t go wrong with black jeans and a white t-shirt, or, if you want to create more of a contrast, opt for an all black look, with your shoes being the only source of colour.

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How To Choose and Wear High Tops

  • When you’re looking at how to wear high top shoes it’s best to let your shoes do the talking, and keep the rest of your outfit simple.
  • Choose from labels like Vans and Converse for a classic finish.
  • Opt for simple black or white trainers to match with casual, everyday styles.
  • Try statement coloured sneakers and match them with an all black outfit for a bold contrast.
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On That Note

You should now be fully prepared to go out and grab yourself some high tops, or at least give the old Converse at the back of your wardrobe a new lease of life. As long as you stick with a simple outfit, you can’t go wrong. Unless your idea of a simple outfit is a suit; that could go very wrong.


Written By Kathryn Jamshidi

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High top trainers have walked off the basketball court and right into the world of fashion. Whether you’re looking for a way to style...
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