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We chat to fashion blogger and menswear connoisseur Eff Ulloa for styling tips and more.

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Beginning his career as a Instagram blogger, posting inspirational menswear images for his two million fashion forward followers, Eff soon transitioned to inspiring people with his own style as a fashion blogger. With weekly, and sometimes daily, posts on his outfits, events, fashion trends and interviews with influential characters in men’s fashion, such as Nick Wooster, Eff’s blog is everything a style conscious man needs in his life. We caught up with him to hear his tips on fashion, style and more.

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What 3 projects that you have been involved in are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my series “a day with…” which features menswear icons such as Mariano DiVaio, Nick Wooster, and the duo best known as Art Comes First.

I am also so proud to be amongst the few menswear influencers that bring the men’s fashion runways live and straight to people’s phones via Snapchat and Periscope.

Another project that I am very proud of is my involvement in the editorial called “American Denim” which featured Guess girl’s Simone Holtznagel, who was also a third runner up in Australia’s Next Top Model. This editorial was featured around the world and I like to think it was due to my involvement in it. I was the producer of this shoot but not only did I produce the shoot I also lead the creative direction, casted the models, and styled the whole shoot. Although I have many other proud projects, for now these are the ones that came to mind.

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What has blogging taught you about fashion – how has your career influenced your style?

Blogging has simply taught me that fashion is about how you grab ideas from around the world and make them your own. Having your own personal style is key in fashion. My career as an educator has influenced my style in a way that it makes me think about fashion.

I am more keen on staying true to my sense of style than focusing on what others may think of my fashion choices. As an educator I focus on educating and educating only.

How would you describe your personal style?

The way I would describe my personal style is some what hard, but I can say that I am very versatile and not afraid to push some boundaries. I am influenced a lot by sophisticated high fashion and lean towards minimalistic style. However, I also catch myself being fond of mainstream trends. Let’s say my personal style is simple and minimal, nothing fancy. 😉

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What is your go to outfit?

Simple question! A long sleeve white tee (long fit), ripped blue jeans, and some common project chelsea’s or low top sneakers.

What advice would you have to someone who is having difficulty developing their own style?

The advice I would give that person is to try and find that one person they admire for their sense of fashion and try to put outfits together based on this person. However, to make it their personal style they must put pieces together that feel good to them, regardless of what others say. It’s sad sometimes when I see people with amazing style get influenced by others, which then greatly affect how they dress.

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Where do you get style inspiration from?

Northern Europe is definitely where my style is inspired from. British minimal trend is very prominent in my mind when putting outfits together. Believe it or not Kanye West is one I look for when looking for some inspiration.

What are your fashion dos and don’ts?

Do’s: Always evolve as fashion evolves – think outside the box (the box is boring, trust me!). Be confident on your fashion choices and how you look at yourself.

Dont’s: Never try and match everything (Example: red shirt with a red pair of shoes) I don’t understand who created this rule that one must match items of clothing but I think its one of the worst things out there. Also, do not be stuck with your shirt and tie and call it fashion/style. Fashion is more than a guy in a suit wearing some ridiculous coloured tie – EVOLVE! 😉

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We chat to fashion blogger and menswear connoisseur Eff Ulloa for styling tips and more. Read more style interviews with influential men within fashion.  Beginning...
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