How To Dress Premium On A Budget

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Dressing premium on a budget isn’t as tricky as you’d think, it can be easy and this style guide will show you how. 

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When you look back at only just a few seasons ago, minimalism was something you could never imagine. As emotionally scarring it may be, taking a peek into the noughties ravages your eyes with a series of denim mismatches, baggy khakis and logo fuelled attack on your existence. We’re looking at you, Timberlake.

This new era of modern minimalism is bringing an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. But now that premium clothing is all about the structure and not the brand, how do you dress premium on a budget?

Keep It Simple

We’re constantly bombarded, thanks to the wonderful Internet connection you’re using to read this, to an eternal stream of information that can essentially clutter our minds. Cleaning up a messy wardrobe and capsuling it into something more refined brings a new layer of creativity to the way we dress. We can no longer rely on cluttered designs that, let’s face it, we’d only ever wear once and then leave to gain dust and then refuse to sell on eBay. Once you nail minimalism, anything’s possible, and it’s all possible on the cheap.

You’d be surprised how much effort goes into looking effortless. But keeping it simple is keeping it easy and breezy. Take this guy here; he’s a walking confluence of seasonal companions. The leather jacket is timeless and understatedly masculine, this one from yours truly, The Idle Man is spot on – paired with a featherweight tee with a subtle print or keep it plain to flow into the trusty companion of hardwearing jeans and boots. Al of these classics can be bought anywhere and for less than you’d think.

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Keep It Semi-Formal 

You can always substitute the traditional shirt for a fine-knit roll neck jumper, smoothing over the silhouette and brushing out the noise with tailored trousers and takes a simple off-duty twist to the look with a pair of white trainers. You can’t find anything more minimal than white trainers and this pair from Le Coq Sportif fit the bill perfectly. The detail-less overcoat injects that minor touch of low-key colour, on an even more low-key budget. Quality is a thing to always consider with basics, but cheaper alternatives are always out there, and the most easily accessible.

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Keep It Formal 

No fuss, not problem. Streamlining your formalwear into neat and crisp pieces can bring new life into stuffy suiting. Lightweight fabrics with minor detailing are the way to go, but just because it’s formalwear doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. For the under layer of the outfit – the shirt – go for ones with smaller collars and concealed buttons. Jackets and blazers should play with texture more than anything. Speckled fabrics or unfinished styles (think frayed seams) and woollen trousers form an uncomplicated look that can easily be dressed up with a tie if necessary.

Formalwear is meant to be the part of your wardrobe that you really should invest the money in, but not all of us can. You don’t have to spend quadruple digits to dress premium, and what could be better than that?

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