How to Dress like Kit Harington

kit harington blue jumper mens style

Game of Thrones is probably one of the most talked about series ever (quite rightly), and while Winterfell might not be up there with the likes of Paris or Milan, The King of the North definitely deserves a bit of recognition in the style stakes. No, we’re not suggesting you throw an Ikea rug over your shoulders, but look to the man himself, Kit Harington, for some sartorial pointers.

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It’s rather hard to discuss Kit Harington without devolving into Game of Thrones fan talk, deconstructing plot lines, questioning characters’ true motives and guessing the grisly fates of baddies we love to hate; so full of twists, turns and betrayal as the story is.

Harington’s baby-faced hero Jon Snow from Game of Thrones has proved to be a beacon of morality and hope in the bleak and violent world of Westeros. Moreover, his knack with a sword and his complex underdog-from-privilege background combined with a shaggy beard and unkempt head of curls does plenty to add to the actor’s legion of fans – male and female.

Effortless Style

In real life and without the war armour on, Harington’s style is played-down casual. He favours skinny jeans, sometimes with a turn up to give an ankle boot some airtime. It’s a winner, but if you want to go more casual still, try a pair of classic Converse.

Known for his laid-back approach to style, he is the poster boy for the casual look. Here, he is wearing a simple tee with a denim jacket and joggers – nothing crazy or too out there, just a simplistic style that any man can wear. Some track pants will be spot on to emulate this look – just throw on a simple tee and a black or blue denim jacket and you’ll be channelling Kit in no time.

kit harington stripe tshirt denim jacket
Jon Snow Game of Thrones actor, Kit Harington


Striped T-shirt

A striped top or a plain but fine knit adds to Harington’s unstudied look. Usually paired a jacket, this look is very on-trend and a good option for a smart casual style. Look for leather bikers, denim jackets, bombers and zip-up Harrington styles (how appropriate).

Try wearing this striped top from, Armor Lux, £34, with a pair of slim-legged black jeans. Go for a skinny pair if you want, but it’s always best to stick with a pair that doesn’t cut the blood flow off such as a pair of slim fit jeans (our favourite fit). Team with a classic, simple watch and a pair of black boots for a smarter yet still casual look.

Smart Attire

When it comes to the red carpet, Harington often retains his casual style, leaving the tie at home and keeping a shirt button or two undone. However, we thought we’d demonstrate how he can wear a tie regardless. If you want to keep the casual feel in mind you can always wear a jumper with a pair of smart trousers and leave the tie at home.

To get the full Kit look, opt for a blazer with a subtle print or slightly alternative texture to add a bit of interest to a smart look. Pair it with a simple and classic white shirt, such as an Oxford shirt, and throw on a pair of shades for that nonchalant celebrity look. This creates the perfect smart look for all those formal events that need to be attended.

Kit Harington white shirt navy suit sunglasses mens style
Kit Harington War Horse Actor and Jon Snow Actor


Kit Harington Hair

There really is no denying – Kit has great hair. He ranks as one of the lucky ones with his naturally curly locks, so we don’t blame him for growing it out and styling it in all its glory. If you don’t have curly hair, try adding some sea-salt spray to your hair whilst it’s wet. This will encourage slight curls to form in your hair which will give it more texture and volume. Otherwise, you can add sea salt spray to your curly hair which can enhance the curls further.

Using the right shampoo for your hair type will boost how your hair looks naturally. For example, if you have thick, frizzy hair, find yourself a shampoo that caters for frizz. Try to wash your hair no more than three times a week as over-washing it will cause more damage than good. Check out some of our top picks below.

Kit Harington Hair
PHOTO CREDIT: Watchers on the Wall


How to Dress Like Kit Harington

  • Kit Harington’s style epitomises effortless cool. Rather than throwing a wolf skin over his shoulders à la Jon Snow, you’re more likely to catch him in a simple denim jacket. 
  • T-shirts make up the bulk of his casual wardrobe. Go for a thin, Breton striped T-shirt to really channel Kit’s look. 
  • When it comes to footwear, Kit Harington seems to be a big fan of desert boots and Chelsea boots – it’s no wonder, as they’re the perfect option to easily take you from any casual style to smart style.
  • Kit doesn’t just live in simple T-shirts, though. Being one of the most talked about actors of the moment, sometimes something a little smarter is required. Pair a detailed blazer with chinos and the aforementioned Chelsea boots and you’ve got it nailed.
  • Invest in hair products. Hair products that cost a little more are usually the ones that will make a visible difference to your hair.
kit harington suede jacket mens style
Smart Casual Style

On That Note

“You know nothing Jon Snow” might have been the catchphrase that defined Kit Harington in Game of Thrones, but in real life, he certainly knows a thing or two about dressing. Although The Wall might not be the place for him to show off his styling prowess, Kit Harington still deserves a bit of recognition in the sartorial style stakes. Sure, there’s an army of people that enjoy Kit Harington shirtless, but in terms of clothes, he’s the champion of casual dressing, and somehow manages to make even the simplest T-shirt and jeans combination infectiously cool – perhaps it’s the iconic mop of hair that’s just the cherry on top. So, if you’re looking for a guru to show you the way in everyday dressing, look no further. Maybe leave the wolf skin at home, though.


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Game of Thrones is probably one of the most talked about series ever (quite rightly), and while Winterfell might not be up there with...
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