How to Build a Wardrobe to Last University

Unsure on how to build a wardrobe to last university? This guide shows you the key pieces you should buy that will last the three or four years you’re there for.

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Before you know it, September comes back around and this time you’re off to uni, the first thought is ‘Freshers Week’. How to look cool but not appearing like you’re trying too hard in the first few weeks is key. A few timeless classics and subtle customising are what it takes to maintain a cool wardrobe through your next three years.

The Backpack

First things first, you’ll need to have that all-important new bag sorted. It’s not that cool to carry your books under your arm…(we aren’t in some American college film). The Comutor Classic 12 Hour number is the perfect go-to bag. This style is very practical and durable, with a laptop sleeve compartment and simple features, it’s perfect for your lectures and looks great with any outfit. Taking care not to stretch your wallet, our vintage backpack offers a more unique style.

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The Staple Trousers

We know you don’t want to stand out from the crowd too much around campus, so we’ve got a more subtle style covered. Make sure you have a trusty pair of trousers that you can throw on with any outfit. For example, try the Dickies workpants for a more tapered fit or the Skinny Jeans from The Idle Man. They look great turned up with some plimsolls for a day in the library or on a night out.

Trousers for uni collage
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The Right Trainers

Choosing a pair of shoes that will last you through freshers week to your final exam doesn’t need to be tedious. However, we all know that the shoes we wear have become our identity and this tends to mean that you’ll have to stretch the wallet a bit more to own the freshest treads.

Your friends will be checking out your footwear, so we’ve got it sorted. From Vans Authentic Plimsolls, to our range of Le Coq Sportif trainers which are durable and comfy for those walks to uni and house parties. Opt for a darker shade so they aren’t ruined after one night in a rammed club with students trampling all over your new kicks.

trainers for uni Collage
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With the essentials complete, you can vary outfits by choosing different t-shirts to go with more simple trousers and shoes. This is where you can customise and have different looks without creating a big dent in your student loan to maintain a cool wardrobe.

Going from class to the club, a classic sports logo t-shirt will have you sorted. Ellesse Bazanna T-shirts are making a comeback from the 90’s and will have you ready for any house night. For a more modest plain tee, Only & Sons offer a great collection of striped tees that will go from day to night in any casual dress code.

T-shirts for uni Collage
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When it comes to outerwear, keep it simple and classic. A staple jacket will take you through any moment in your student life. Try The Idle Man for a cool new bomber that doesn’t empty your bank account or, if you’ve got a slightly bigger budget, opt for a Schott NYC peacoat. Keep your outerwear classic and simple to avoid it slipping out of fashion next year.

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So, the key to having a wardrobe fit for three years at uni is to keep it simple and timeless with your own subtle customising to give it a contemporary feel.


Unsure on how to build a wardrobe to last university? This guide shows you the key pieces you should buy that will last the...
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